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Bonsai is a platform to help freelancers build, send, and manage their proposals, contracts, and invoices. Sign up with Google Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Microsoft Or. Bonsai also gives you the ability to see when a client has interacted with your invoice. These notifications can be beneficial when dealing with clients who are prone to miss payment deadlines, since you’ll know for sure whether they’ve received or opened your invoice. You can try out Bonsai risk-free by signing up for a trial plan. INVOICE # 1268 Fillable Invoice Template TO Sample Client Sample Client sample [email protected] 110 DUE-ON sep 22, 2020 UNITS 20 R ATE $65.00 $30.00 TOTAL $1,300.00 $180.00 $1,480.00 $1,480.00 (USD) The client can pay via wire transfer or mailed check. The client will not pay the processing fees for an online payment.

Whoa, now. All those spreadsheets and PDFs are stressing me out. Time for a new invoicing app?

The good and bad news is, you’ve got a lot of invoicing apps to choose from. In this article, we want to streamline your search. We’ll showcase some of our favorite invoicing apps and emphasize the features that make each one unique, all while giving you access to reviews.

We’ve compiled 13 invoicing tools for entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners, and agencies. As always, this is NOT sponsored content. For full disclosure, we’ve marked former AppSumo partners with an *asterisk. Unfortunately, all deals are sold out.

May the best invoice app win! (Or at least catch your attention.)


Quick Overview:

Deskera’s Billing & Invoicing Software lets you design and send professional invoices faster than ever to your customers by the click of a button. You can also share an invoice within minutes on your phone through Deskera App.

“Helpful in tracking expenses. Managing sales and orders has become quite easier since I started using this software. It creates invoices and gives me a review on the finances too which helped me tremendously in the adjustment of my spending pattern. The buy module especially helps place orders easily and billing too.” –

Aahana Gautam (Trust Pilot)

Things to consider:

Super comprehensive. A time-strapped business is not likely to be able to utilize all the features on day 1.

  • Website:
  • Great if you are: Small businesses

Reviews: App Store: 4.5 stars Google Play: 4.5 stars Trustpilot: 4.5 stars Get App: 4.5 stars


Quick overview:

Agiled is a business management app for small businesses,freelancers, and agencies. It is effortless to create invoices in Agiled. Agile’s invoicing comes with a lot of professional invoice templates, payment reminders, online payments, and white labeling features. You can also create recurring invoices to charge your customers automatically.

Things to consider:

Agiled is a complete business management app which means you can create proposals, contracts, manage projects, track time, manage clients and leads, and provide support to your customers without leaving your Agiled account.

  • Website:
  • Great if you are: small business, agency or a freelancer


Quick overview:

Bonsai is a business toolkit for freelancers. Invoicing is one of their many tools which also include contracts, proposals, tasks, and a time tracker. Their invoicing offers easy updates, reminders, and notifications about when a client has opened or paid your invoice. When you’re running a one-person business, those notifications can help you stay on top of tedious tasks.

Matthew Brown, CEO of Bonsai, explains how they dissected the pain of freelancing and created a great solution:

A lot of the most talented designers, developers, writers, translators, that we knew who were freelancing – were not often the most successful. They often didn’t make the most money or didn’t have the most stable business. So that’s kinda crazy, right?

If you’re in the NBA and you’re a great basketball player, you should be one of the top paid people in the league. Why is that not the case with freelancers? It just kinda hit us like a truck: Freelancing is not just about designing, developing, writing, or whatever your craft is.

A huge part of it is running a business. And there are so many parts to that. You have to be a lawyer, you have to be an accountant, you have to be the angry person that calls up the client and threatens them if they don’t pay. So we started thinking about ways that we could take all those things that weren’t core to the craft (designing, developing, writing) and put them into software and into workflow.”

Bonsai software

– Matthew Brown, CEO of Bonsai

Things to consider:

Bonsai has strong reviews (see below). But one recurring complaint is that users wish the invoicing app offered more integrations with software like Quickbooks and Venmo.

  • Great if you: freelance or do creative work
  • Reviews:G2:4.7 stars (11) Capterra:5 stars (1) Trustpilot: N/A


Quick overview:

Fiskl is a mobile-first invoicing and income management app for small businesses. You can scan receipts to record business purchases, (obviously) send invoices, and easily track mileage.

Fiskl also offers time tracking, a calendar for tracking upcoming events and responsibilities, and tools for client management. They also simplify international invoicing (including across currencies).

And for one Sumo-ling, it’s their favorite AppSumo deal ever (this review even got me trying it out for my own needs):

Things to consider:

If you manage your finances primarily from your phone, this invoicing app was designed for you.

  • Great if you: are always running around town and need to manage a business on the go
  • Reviews:AppSumo:4.5 tacos (36) G2: 4.5 stars (11) Capterra: 5 stars (21) Trustpilot: 6.9 (9)


Quick overview:

Created by freelancers, FreeAgent caters to small- and one-person businesses. This invoicing software also helps you track time, expenses, and projects. FreeAgent is based in Edinburgh, which makes it especially accessible to UK freelancers and business owners who deal with the dreaded VAT. Many reviewers celebrate FreeAgent for its customer support and user-friendly app.

FreeAgent was created by small business consultants, that again, we’re witnessing the pain of what it’s really like to run a small business. Ed Molyneux, CEO of FreeAgent explains:

“It was really born from our experiences of starting up small businesses, helping contractors and consultants and dealing with the frustrations with working with accountants and having to pay tax bills on time and so on. So we decided to build the product for ourselves – essentially it was going to take care of all that for us.”

– Ed Molyneux, CEO of FreeAgent

Things to consider:

They have an enchilada theme across their website (not as cool as tacos, but they definitely deserve some bonus points for the added flavor).

  • Great if you: are looking for a low-cost, all in one invoicing, project and financial management tool
  • Reviews:G2: 4.1 stars (18) Capterra: 4.5 stars (115) Trustpilot: 9.1 (431)


Quick overview:

Xero’s dashboard allows you to track all your accounting needs including advanced reports like account transactions, aged payables and receivables, balance sheet, income statement, sales tax report, advanced chart of accounts, and fixed assets. They also offer interface options: a classic invoicing and new invoicing UI.

Xero also lets you collaborate with your accountant or bookkeeper within the app in real-time. Juggle inventory, sales tax, and multi-currency invoicing.

They also have a lot of great videos and tutorials embedded in their software (screenshot above).

Things to consider:

Xero is truly a big player and may be more advanced than your average freelancer or consultant will need. Upon setup, you can import data to Xero from Quickbooks (sneaky!).

Bonsai Invoice

I also like that you can automate invoice reminders so you don’t even have to click a button to remind those delinquent payers.

  • Great if you: deal with big-time inventory, sales tax and need a more full-featured invoicing application
  • Reviews:G2:4.3 stars (259) Capterra:4.5 stars (1,768) Trustpilot: 7.2 (929)



Quick overview:

Kashoo is a small business invoicing and accounting software with great customer service and affordability. The software provides tools like: project tracking, invoicing, bill tracking, additional users, and integrations (including Quickbooks). Many reviews about Kashoo involve users celebrating the customer-centric, responsive nature of the tool.

Things to consider:

Kashoo is intentionally simple. In conclusion, it seems to position itself toward usability for business owners who are not accountants.

  • Great if you: like excellent customer support with your app and need something uber-simple
  • Reviews:AppSumo: 4 tacos (23) G2: 4.9 stars (14) Capterra: 4.5 stars (113)


Quick overview:

Amazingly, you can use Wave’s cloud-based accounting, invoicing, and receipts features for $0. Standard payment processing fees apply, and you can also add monthly payroll tax filing for an added fee as well.

Keep track of your finances with profit & loss (income statement), balance sheet, and cash flow statements from all your operating activities. You can hire a bookkeeper, tax preparer, or accounting coach right in the app.

Things to consider:

Wow, Wave is impressive. That said, some past users report some glitchiness and double-counting income/expenses, so just keep an eye out for that. Wave doesn’t allow you to reconcile the foreign currency amount with the local currency you receive, so if you’re invoicing in multiple currencies, then this may not be the software for you.

  • Great if you: have payroll, run a small business, enjoy free things, have vendors
  • Reviews:G2: 4.4 stars (183) Capterra: 4.5 (812) Trustpilot: 6.1 (8)



Quick overview:

Bonsai Time Tracker

AND.CO, owned by Fiverr, offers invoicing, proposals, contracts, expense tracking, time tracking, task management, payments, and reports. Invoice in over 200 currencies. Streamline the proposal-contract-invoice client management process.

Things to consider:

AND.CO partnered with the Freelancers Union to create an advanced contract including e-signing that is pretty awesome. Though they do offer reports, their dashboard doesn’t offer the depth of tracking and visualization that some of the bigger players offer. They do not have a client portal and though you can take deposit payments via proposals, you’ll have to manually add them on the invoice side.

  • Great if you: use Chrome all day, need contracts, only have one client (then it’s free!)
  • Reviews:AppSumo: 2.6 tacos (11) G2: 4.7 stars (14) Capterra: 5 stars (287) Trustpilot: 6.3 (3)


Quick (hah!) overview:

Quickbooks is owned by Intuit, one of the largest digital financial services companies in the U.S. (they also own Mint and TurboTax). They offer multiple subscriptions with varying tools for businesses and freelancers with different needs. Their data and reporting features are generally accountant-level good.

Things to consider:

As the legacy player in this space, they have a deep history in accounting software which gives most users peace of mind. They also have several different plans with various features that you can check out. If you do your U.S. taxes with TurboTax, QBO might be the easiest option.

  • Great if you: want to make your accountant’s life easier
  • Reviews:G2: 4 stars (2,208) Capterra: 4.5 stars (14,637) Trustpilot: 4 stars (1,420)


Quick overview:

Plutio is an all-in-one project management app. Seriously, check out their features page. Notably, Plutio currently supports 25 languages.

In addition to its invoicing tool, Plutio offers white-labeling and custom domain name capabilities, time tracking, timesheets, project management (simple list, kanban, and timeline views), proposals with video. You can also receive notifications when invoices are open or paid and create contracts. Plutio also offers other features including CRM, inbox, calendar, and a public API.

Phew, that was a mouthful.

The founder of Plutio, Leo Bassam, has an interesting story behind why he created his app. Leo started freelancing as a web designer at 15. He tried to scale his business after college, but couldn’t, and cited similar reasons as did the Bonsai founder mentioned above:

“It was sooooo hard to grow the business. Especially when it’s only you. You had to do the sales, you had to do the project management, you had to do the finance. The list goes on. I was like: ‘There must be an easier way to do this.’ I looked around and there was nothing designed for us freelancers. Everything was designed for teams.”

Bonsai Invoices

So, Leo decided to get to work on an app to solve all the problems that the solo freelancer has to deal with. If that’s you, you should definitely consider taking Plutio for a spin.

Things to consider:

Because it’s known as a project management tool, Plutio doesn’t offer the same financial management and data visualization capabilities as other options mentioned here. So this isn’t truly accounting software per se, but it’s really focused on easy-to-use invoicing features.

  • Great if you: you need a CRM/business operations all-in-one-tool with your invoicing app
  • Reviews:AppSumo: G2: 4.5 (14) Capterra: 4.5 (76) Trustpilot: N/A


Quick overview:

Freshbooks is a major player in the service business space, marketed toward self-employed pros, agencies, firms, and consultancies. Features include invoicing, project management, expenses, estimates (proposals), time tracking, payments, accounting, and reports.


As a cloud accounting software, one major feature is the portal which allows your clients and/or subcontractors to pay or request invoices from you. For instance, I’ve used this to bill a client, and it was incredibly user-friendly.

Things to consider:

Freshbooks has a really strong content and event game. Though I am not a paying customer I go to their biannual events in Austin religiously. Their CEO wrote a free ebook called Breaking the Time Barrier that I often recommend to other freelancers.

Due to their pricing model, Freshbooks gets more expensive the more clients you have. So if you keep a lot of live clients, prices will jump. People comment on the pricing in general. But you know what they say — you get what you pay for.

  • Great if you: need the old reliable, no surprises workhorse invoicing app, want client portals
  • Reviews: G2:4.6 (266) Capterra: 4.5 (3024) Trustpilot: 7.7 (276)

13.Hurdlr Pro


Quick overview:

Hurdlr Pro is mainly designed for freelancers, contractors, and small business owners that wear a ton of hats. It skips the complexity and accounting jargon and gets you fully set up in less than ten minutes: automated invoicing, credit card payments, and collections, the works. You can also customize it to fit your brand, which is always a plus.

Things to consider:

Hurdlr has over 10,000 reviews on the App Store and Google Play Store averaging 4.7 stars, and has helped users track over $8 billion in finances and save $300 million in taxes. Hurdlr also provides you with self-employed income tax estimates for all 50 states and D.C., so you know how much to set aside for tax payments.

  • Website:
  • Great if you: need fast and easy invoicing with automated payments, but don’t have staff to do this
  • Reviews: G2:4.8 (5) Capterra:4.0 (1) Trustpilot: N/A

Bonsai For Business


Remember, buying invoicing software isn’t like buying tacos. You can’t buy the whole menu just because all the ingredients sound incredible.

Bonsai Business Management

Now’s the hard part: picking the best invoicing tool for your business. Which invoicing app stood out to you most? Tell us in the comments!

Bonsai Invoice

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By Sarabeth Lewis