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Candle Sigils

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Candle Signs And Messages

Written by Kristin Lisenby, @eastandalchemy

If we had known from the start that practicing magick was assimple as connecting with pen and paper, we might have spent more time drawingsigils in our school notebooks instead of mindlessly doodling our crush’s name duringAlgebra. And perhaps paying attention in English class would have been easierif we knew that acronyms were actually magickal phrases in disguise. But, likeall things mystical and occult, the art of sigil making only appears when we’reready to accept and decipher its gifts. Gifts that have been hiding in plainsight for far too long.

What are Sigils?

In simple terms, a sigil is a magickally charged symbol thatwe write, paint, stamp, or engrave. It’s a complete spell in the form of aletter, shape, or design. Because crafting a sigil requires very few tools,it’s a ritual that we can carry with us whenever and wherever we’d like. Nomatter if we’re traveling, short on supplies, or still in the broom closet, allwe need is a piece of parchment, a pen, and an intention to practice the sacredart of sigil magick.

Who Uses Sigils?


The word sigil comes from the Latin word, ‘sigillum,’ whichtranslates to ‘sign.’ How to incorporate sigils into our craft varies greatlydepending on the practitioner, but we see evidence of these sacred symbols inRomany tradition, Norse mythology, Haitian Vodou, and nearly every other ancientand contemporary belief system. In the modern world, crafting sigils issometimes considered a form of chaos magick—a practice where we generate energyusing what’s stored within our ethereal body and that of the collectiveconsciousness.

The Witch’s Wheel

Sigil Magick

If we’re creating a sigil based on a single word, TheWitch’s Wheel produces a design to mirror that objective. It’s an uncomplicatedway to introduce ourselves to the power behind spelling out our desires.

Within the Witch’s Sigil Wheel are the 26 letters of thestandard English alphabet. At first glance, each letter’s placement appears tobe random. However, if we look closely at the three layers within the circle,we’ll see letters in alphabetical order spiraling clockwise toward the center. Atthe outer edge, the letter ‘A’ starts the wheel, and the letter ‘Z’ finishes inthe center.

To use the sigil wheel, you must first decide on a word. Placea small circle over the first letter within the wheel. Make a straight linethat connects the dot to the second letter. When you reach the second letter, stop,and make a straight line to the third letter. Continue until you reach thefinal letter. Complete the sigil the same way you started—with a small circleover the last letter.

Alchemy Sigil

Magickal Alphabets

In place of creating a symbol, some modern practitioners userunes, hieroglyphics, Phoenician script, or other arcane alphabets to craftsigils. By using sacred alphabets, we can create an acronym, a mantra, or spellout our intention in its entirety.

Intuitive Designs

For those of us who feel confident in our abilities or wishto test our magickal prowess, we can create sigils with help from oursenses—specifically the 6th sense, intuition. Depending on thenature of our practice, inspiration might stem from dreams, messages fromguides, or simply the things we see, sense, and experience in our daily life.

Magickal Inks

While not mandatory, using magickal inks for writing sigilsmay help empower and protect our creations. When using enchanted ink, we invokepower and wisdom from the alchemists that came before us. Dragon’s Blood ink,lampblack ink, invisible ink, or even consecrated oils can be used in place ofstandard inkwell pigment.

Using Sigilsin Ritual: Step-by-Step

Step 1: Intention

We know that sigils carry magickal power, but at their core,they serve as a form of sacred communication.

But, with who are we speaking? And what do wewant?

That will depend on our goal. Deities, spirits, people, andguides are all fair game. Like all magickal workings, we need to possess aclear vision of the desired outcome. So long as we believe in our intention, wecan transfer that energy into a sigil. Don’t worry about the message gettinglost in translation. Sigils are a form of communication understood on anenergetic level. If someone—spirits or humans alike—can’t decipher the sigil,it’s not meant for them.

Step 2: The Toolkit

After committing to an intention, we can secure our tools—awriting utensil, a surface to write upon, and a few minutes of quiet reflectionare all that we need.

Step 3: The Methodology

Candle sigils for sale

Now that we know who we’re speaking to and have secured ourtools, we need to decide on the best way to transmute an intangible desire intoa sigil. Will we use the Witch’s Wheel? Hermetic script? Runic symbols? Or didyou see a design during meditation that you can’t get out of your mind? There’sno wrong way to craft sigils, so long as you believe in their power.

Step 4: The Ritual

You have your intention, your tools, and you’ve designedyour sigil, now what?

Candle Sigils For Sale

Like there is no right or wrong way to practice magick, thereare no rules that tell us the most effective way to use sigils in ritual. Formost of us, pen and paper might be the easiest route. But, depending on thenature of the ritual, our strategies will shift.

If you need inspiration, here are a few simple yet valuableways to make magick with sigils:

If we’re invoking the element of fire, we might lean towardscandle magick. Anoint a candle with cinnamon oil before carving your sigil intothe soft wax. Sit in a darkened room and light the candle. Meditate on theflame for at least fifteen minutes.


To draw in the essence of air or speak to Spirit, instead ofmediation, we can generate energy using Breath of Fire. After several minutes, yourfingertips will begin to tingle with electricity. Focus all sensation into yourdominant hand and trace invisible sigils in the air with your finger or crystalwand.

For spells that involve water or moon magick, we can getinto a trance through dance, chanting, or ritual drumming. When intuitionnudges and you feel as if you are part of the rhythm, draw temporary sigils inthe sand and watch as the sea sends the message into her depths.

Sigil For Weight Loss

And for Earth rituals, the most organic way to amplify energyis through direct contact with the ground beneath our feet. Collect fallenleaves, flowers, seeds, or stones and use them to design a sigil outdoors thatwill remain for as long as Mother Nature allows. Press your bare feet and handsinto the earth to link up with the abundant lifeforce that flows beneath thesurface. As you become one with the energetic stream, the direction will shift andsurge into the sigil.

Candle Sigils Images

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