The Streamlabs Cloudbot requires no binary, no files are needed to install, and it preserves your CPU. Keep chat clean and protect your channel Protect your channel from chat abuse with filter options. Whether it's Glimesh, Mobcrush, Picarto, Piczel, Smashcast, Theta, Trovo, Twitch, and YouTube - Get notified on Discord of new content from your favorite creators, or notify your own community! Couchbot is the perfect replacement for your Discord server setup, and is the best Discord bot for stream alerts on the net today! Looking for a Discord Bot that can deliver Patch Notes and Game Updates to your channels? PatchBot makes it easy to keep your server updated with the latest changes to your favorite games. We support titles like PUBG, Fortnite, League of Legends, DOTA2, Starcraft II, Diablo III and many more.

Assign Admins¶


These commands are toggled, if you want to remove a person/group from the list, run the command again.

In order for people to manually add and remove content creators to the bot, they must be on the Approved Admin List.They can either be added by role or by individual user, see examples below on how to configure this;

admin!cbadmin@MattTheDev#0001Adds an individual to admin.
admin!cbadmin@DevelopersAdds a role to administrate the bot.
admin list!cbadminlistProvides a list of the configured bot admins

Allowed Settings¶

In order to run the bot effectively, you must tell it what you wish it to do.An example of this can be to announce published videos only or to greet people joining your server.Some of these settings are necessary for other areas to function such as the Allow Live/Published command.

Live & Published¶


If you fail to set either of these the bot will announce no-one.

Use the following commands to configure whether the bot should announce live and/or published content.If you choose not to enable either of these then the bot will in effect, not announce anything.


The following variables are available to use in the Live and Published messages.

allow live!cballowliveToggles allowing stream announces for live streamers.
message live!cbmessagelive'YourCustomLiveMessage'Changes your live message for the server.
allow published!cballowpublishedToggles allowing published videos to be announced.
message published!cbmessagepublished'YourCustomVODMessage'Changes your VOD message for the server.

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Greetings & Goodbyes¶

These commands allow you to enable the greeting/goodbye function of CouchBot, this will trigger when people join/leave your server.


The following variables are available to use in this location.

allow greetings!cballowgreetingsToggle allowing greetings when a member joins the server.
channel greetings!cbchannelgreetings#discord-channelSets the greeting channel.
message greeting!cbmessagegreeting'YourCustomGreetingMessage'Changes your greeting message for the server.
allow goodbyes!cballowgoodbyesToggle allowing goodbyes when a member leaves the server.
channel goodbyes!cbchannelgoodbyes#discord-channelSets the goodbye channel.
message goodbye!cbmessagegoodbye'YourCustomGoodbyeMessage'Changes your goodbye message for the server.

Miscellaneous Settings¶

There are a few other settings available within CouchBot to allow a more customised and cleaner setup.

The following settings change the apperance of the embed message;

Additional Embed Settings
allow thumbnails!cballowthumbnailsAdds an image to the bottom of the embed from the stream.

Dungeons and Dragons are taking the world to the top of the gaming experience. While the famous role-playing game has been around from the mid of 70s. Where DnD just recently experienced another big resurgence, and now hoards of the new players are banding together to learn how to play this unique game.

When it comes to Dungeons and Dragons, there is no other wrong way to play. Where few players enjoy the role-playing aspect of the D&D, while other players were more interested in raiding dungeons and fighting the bizarre creatures. This guide is for those who gravitate towards the combat of DND.

Build a Paladin

Paladin is the greatest soldier of faith. In the end, the paladin’s ability is to drive fear into the heart of their enemy or something worth your divine faith. They have a unique class, that can reach a quite impressive damage output.

Beyond that, a paladin is enough to sustain itself in the combat. They have an ability to protect their allies through a bevy of great spells, that really makes them separate from others.

Paladin build is going to be focused on the damage output, and in-combat spell utility. When it comes to the feats, all are dedicated to improving damage output and pressure against enemies engaged in melee with you.

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Paladin Spells – Hit Points:

  • Hit Dice at 1d10 per level.
  • Hit Points at 1st level with 10 + Con mod.
  • Hit Points at Higher Levels of 1d10 + Con mod per level above 1st.

Couchbot Commands

Final Words:

The above paladin guide shows you how to build a paladin and their hit point ratio. The paladin spells are united by their oaths and it stands against the force of evil. They have a variety of master weapons and armor. By casting the spells of the paladin, you can empower yourself with the legends.

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