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Welcome to the Genshin Impact Modern AU! Genshin Impact Modern AU is a new and upcoming server, with so many things to offer! Our server provides for you to have an opportunity to immerse yourself into the Genshin Impact world, as well as an opportunity to give the you to meet other members of the Genshin Impact fandom. The Sound of Discord Genshin Impact video. This video shows how to complete The Sound of Discord quest in Genshin Impact game. Here you can see The Sound of. The Sound of Discord Genshin Impact. How to do The Sound of Discord Genshin Impact quest. You can complete Genshin Impact The Sound of Discord mission follow.

The Energy Amplification Initiation event in Genshin Impact enters its second stage. The tasks that you’ll undertake during Act 2 follow what you’ve seen when the event initially went live a few days ago. This time around, the places of interest are Cuijue Slope, Dadaupa Gorge, and Nantianmen. A domain called Where Shadows Writhe can also be visited, giving hints as to what you can expect when you do tackle the Domain of Furious Thunder in the Twisted Realm. Likewise, you’ll have more crystals with additional effects. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you out with Act 2 of the Energy Amplifier Initiation event, as well as the new crystals and domains.

Note: For more information about the game, check out our Genshin Impactguides and features hub. You may also check our version 1.5 overview, as well as our main guide for the Energy Amplifier Initiation event.

Genshin Impact: Energy Amplifier Initiation Act 2 event guide

While you’re not required to visit all three places of interest to head to Where Shadows Writhe, I would still advise you to go to those locations. There are 12 Irminsul Fruit Fragments for you to activate, which means an additional 12 Energy Amplifier Crystals. Anyway, you can refer to the pages below for the parts that you need help with:

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  • Twisted Realm: Domain of Furious Thunder enemies, modifiers, and tips