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As a Sorceress who Works a lot with Djinn (and their European shape-shifting counterparts, the Poukhas), I have learned some basic applications involving Planetary (a.k.a. Magick) Squares. One of the coolest uses of Planetary Squares is that they can be employed to generate sigils– shaped signs that invoke and hold energy. The fact is that sigils are not just for spirits and energies aligned with the Astral vibes of the Classical Planets of antiquity (i.e., Luna, Sol, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn), they can also be made for the name of any applicant for whom a Sorceress may draw or construct a talisman, as well as for the Magician her/him/self, as a ritual signet, or– as I have a personal Egyptian bias to my Magick– a magickal cartouche. Magickal Names, when carefully chosen, have a great deal of power and consecrating force– personal sigils can not only be used to mark ritual tools, they also make excellent Warding Marks that nicely key the energy of a consecrated space to the user of that space. They also can be used to personalize a talisman– by creating a sigil for the given name of the subject who is to receive the talisman, the energy of the talisman will focus on that person only.

What is a Jinn Djinn (singular jinn, plural djinn) are spirits that reside in deserts or other unclean places. They can take the forms of animals, people, and they can even turn invisible. In Arabic, the word Jinn comes from the verb Janna, which means conceal or hidden Not all djinn are sinister or malevolent spirits. They can be useful and even mean well when they interact with you.

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  • As a Sorceress who Works a lot with Djinn (and their European shape-shifting counterparts, the Poukhas), I have learned some basic applications involving Planetary (a.k.a. Magick) Squares. One of the coolest uses of Planetary Squares is that they can be employed to generate sigils– shaped signs that invoke and hold energy.
  • Metaphysical Sigil to invoke the powers of Archangel Uriel. Metaphysical LILITH Conjured Fortune Djinn Ancient Magic succubus Incubus spirit. LOVING FEMALE DJINN NECKLACE with CZ'S and CHAIN TANGIBLE ITEM. FAMILIAR,CREATURE,WITCHES,BLACK CAT, CONJURE.

I will not go into all the ins-and-outs of Magick Squares for each of the Planets (that will likely come in later posts), but instead, I will focus on the simplest and yet most powerful of all the Planetary Squares, the Square of Saturn. Thanks to my experiences with Djinn and other planet-related energies, I have a somewhat different view of all things Astral, and Saturnian energy in particular. I think Saturn gets very bad ‘magickal press’ because loads of occultists have projected their own Shadow-selves, personal fears and preconceived hierarchical notions onto the Planet for millenia, and have made a lead-plated mask and a dour, awful caricature of the energy the Planetary Spirits of Saturn actually modulate.

[I will also note here that I am way, way outside most standard magickal systems around today, and I think that what I understand of the Djinn tribes is as they were originally (and still are, despite attempted monotheistic ‘demotions’)– they are nothing less than the rulers, maintainers and distributors of planetary tides, forces, and yes, gifts, both spiritual and mundane. The angels– who are called messengers for the very good reason that this is usually the primary function they execute– often answer to, and perform tasks on behalf of, the Djinn Planetary Intelligences despite monotheist propaganda to the contrary. If this notion offends, dear reader, I will remind you of two things– 1) you may stop reading this post at any time, and ignore everything I am saying, as you have free will and may exercise it at your own volition, and 2) I have already stated that I am Pagan, so Working Magick and conversing directly with Astral energies and spirits is not forbidden for me. I will thus waste neither my time nor blog-space debating which Spiritual Win-Amp Skin is better, monotheist or pagan, especially when there is the most sublime Celestial Music playing on my Djinn-Powered Cosmic Win-Amp Player because I’ve actually learned how to work the Magick Buttons. Now back to the subject at hand–]

The key to understanding Saturnian energy is to be found in the Name of the Djinn-Lord of the Planet: Maymon Abba Nuch. If the name Maymon sounds vaguely familiar, it should– He is the biblical ‘Mammon’, intimately associated with the material plane. His energy was seen as ubiquitous in the world of the physical because Saturn/Maymon is the Lord of Structure. The planets of our solar system maintain the orbits they do in part because of the positions of Jupiter and Saturn relative to the Sun, and Saturn also manifests its own very beautifully organized miniature solar system of rings and moons. Both the organization and structure of physical life and the multiplicity of physical forms are manifestations of the Saturnian coalescing and organizing vibration.

The rest of Maymon’s Name, Abba Nuch, means Father of Rest. The Name references both the long, slow orbital period of Saturn as well as the Seventh Day of the Week– Saturday, the traditional Day of Rest, originally in honor of Maymon the Patient One, who moves deliberately and carefully through the heavens. Saturn was considered the Seventh (and highest) Planet of the Celestial Realm– Saturn’s sphere was the literal Seventh Heaven, which was raised above all others in sublime splendor, and this brings us to another main Saturnian energy– that of the Treasury, the Storehouse, and the Library. Saturnian energy amasses and stores, with providential Wisdom, and releases slowly and with regulation– it is the energy that enables the saving of abundance, over time, to meet future needs. It is the energy of patience, orderly regulation, and the collection of great wealth, both physical and spiritual.

38th Infernal Djinn Sigil

Looking at Saturnian energy in this more respectful way (rather than as a dreary dumping-ground and mirror-of-projection for human fears and neuroses) makes plain the distinct need for Saturnian energy in every aspect of life, from healing to the management of physical, emotional and spiritual resources. It is no accident that the Djinn of Maymon’s Tribe were often petitioned by seekers after hidden or lost treasure, occult knowledge, or worldly power, as Maymon rules all these things as well as their withholding or bestowal.

Because of this structuring function of Saturnian energy, it was often invoked by Magick-users– the Square of Saturn has more recorded magickal uses than any of the other Planetary Squares. Besides the stabilizing function the Square brings with it, it is also the simplest to draw and use, as it is comprised of only nine blocks, laid out in a 3 x 3 grid. What I will demonstrate in this exercise is how to create a personal name-sigil, using a Square of Saturn. To do this, you will need pencil and paper, a Square of Saturn template and an alphabet/number chart:

The Alphabet Number Values are standard present-day numerological ones; other systems may be used, of course. The numbers in the Saturn Square itself are always placed in the same positions within the grid each time the square is drawn.

It’s always a good idea to practice– that’s another thing Saturnian energy is all about– and so I find it useful to keep a notebook handy, as there are many ways to draw any given sigil. I have found that sometimes I have to plot out a sigil more than once before I get the best, most energy-resonant shape for it. I definitely let my intuition guide me in this, and I do let the shape evolve through multiple sketches.

The drawing rules for the sigils are very simple– one starts by drawing a small circle in the box within the Saturn Square grid that corresponds to the first letter of the name or word being “sigil-ized”. If I were doing a sigil for my Magickal Name, Thorn, I would start by drawing a small circle in the upper right-hand square of the Saturn-grid, as the letter T corresponds to the number 2 in the Number Values chart. The next step would be to draw a line, either straight or curved, from the small beginning-point circle to the lower left-hand square of the grid, as the second letter of the name corresponds to the number 8. To indicate the sequence of numbers/letters in the sigil, an angled break is made in the line as it is drawn– thus, the angled points along the line indicate the numbered squares corresponding to the letters of the name. When one reaches the last letter of the name, a crescent or sickle-shape is drawn, indicating the “cutting” of the line at the end. I do a separate sigil for each element of the name, so if I were making a sigil for a person using their birth-name, I would actually do 3 individual sigils, for their first, middle and last names. Here are two diagrams of sigils for the names Thorn and Harefoot, with arrows indicating the angles that mark the letter-sequence of each–

It is alright for lines to cross in a sigil-- a crossed line is a bit of extra binding or protective force in the sigil.

It's no accident this sigil looks like a rabbit-- by the second drawing, I was starting to see the possibility of an ear-shape, but it took four tries for me to figure it all out.


Once I get the basic form of the sigils sorted out, then it’s time to think about any embellishments to them that I might want to add–

I turned the sickle at the end of the line into a Crescent Moon, and I added an extra circle to represent the rings of Saturn. I also included the Saturn-glyph, depending from the beginning circle, and the three dots reference the 3x3 Saturn grid.

Again, the rings of Saturn are referenced by an extra circle, the sickle-stop is now a Crescent Moon, and the Hare has an Eye.

Once anything extra has been added to the two sigils, I then combine them. I decided that this pair of sigils would go together vertically quite well, and so I set about turning them into a sort of “occult cartouche” that I could use in lieu of writing out my Magickal Name in runes or what-have-you. As I mentioned earlier in this post, I’ve got an Egyptian thread running through my Magick, so the cartouche-idea seemed like a good one. Since I also like to do collage-type artwork, I did an e-collage to show how the sigils could be combined with other things to make a talismanic signature–

I collaged Mars into the picture, as with my natal Moon in Aries (Ist Lunar Mansion/Ashvini) and a Scorpio Ascendant, Martian vigor is definitely a part of my energy. I also added the wavy-energy-lines below the Harefoot-sigil to reference the Egyptian hieroglyph, wn-t (wenet), which means 'to exist' or 'to be'.

As I am sure is obvious by now, there are lots of possibilities to be explored with this kind of sigil construction. Besides using a Saturn Square, I have also done some sigils using a Mars Square, which is a 5 x 5 grid.

For anyone interested in more information on either Magick Squares, Arabic Magick traditions, or Working with the Djinn, I would highly recommend the book Magic That Works: Practical Training For The Children Of Light, by Frances Harrison and Nineveh Shadrach. I have, of course, adapted certain things in that book to my own style of Working, but the thing that can never be stressed too much is that is that ritual repetition is of key importance…

Which brings us full circle and back to patient Saturn and Maymon Abba Nuch, who will happily explain all sorts of wonderful things to one– such as how to make sigils “from scratch”– but only if persistence and ritual dedication are shown. The tendency these days is for people to expect everything to be instantly delivered to them, including magickal understanding, and as Saturnian energy is so disrespected and scapegoated even in parts of the occult community, I am not really surprised that “One-Spell-One-Shot-Quick-Fix” magickal theory is the predominant flavor at the moment. I also think that this is the reason why lots of so-called Magick doesn’t work all that well for people– patient Saturnian repetition is required to make a lot of magick work, but folks can’t be bothered, or they’re busy scaring the poop out of themselves worrying about an immanent Saturn Return, because Saturn is the Astrological equivalent of the boogeyman. At any rate, my sigils do work– I’ve used them successfully a number of times– but they take time and patience to create and refine. If you like the idea of using sigils in your Magickal Work, please feel free to adapt what is presented here, and if you don’t– well, you’ll notice those Saturnian Moons I drew at the back of my Hare-sigil could also double as Cosmic Rabbit-Droppings…

Fire King Djinn Sigil

Djinn Sigils

“Ah… the djinn… a long and curious history,” said Gabriel. “Like angels and humans they have intelligence, but they also have free will. Unlike the angels. The Qu’ran says they are made of smokeless fire so, although they are elusive, they are physical and can interact with our dimension. They can be good, evil or neutral. Most stories focus on those tricky characters who baton on to energy created by misguided humans, bent on mischief-making.” – Extract, Sigil I: The Book of Raziel. Gabriel is an astrologer Beth meets in Glastonbury.

The cranky stolen Volvo was belching smoke. Noah was not aware that one particularly ferocious ghul was hitching a hot ride on the exhaust pipe. – Extract, Sigil I: The Book of Raziel. Noah is the assumed name of Petter Eriksen.

Throughout The Angel of Secrets, you will notice allusions to these tricksy, invisible characters. The djinn, ifrit and ghuls accumulate their power from the negative emotions of humans when they are seething with anger, resentment or ideological fervour. These energetic entities do not have agency of their own, but encourage extreme tension and anxiety, which in turn provokes human reactions, thus leading to negative, sometimes catastrophic outcomes. In The Angel of Secrets, the human characters are not aware that their own malevolence is energetic food for these greedy creatures.

Ice Djinn Sigil

Ifrit and ghuls are classes of jinni found in Arabic mythology – plural jinn or djinn. The jinn are supernatural spirits below the level of angels and devils. Ghuls are treacherous spirits who can change shape. Ifrit are diabolic and evil. The Quran mentions djinn and ifrit, and Iblis, who falls from God’s grace because of his hubris, is usually described as a djinni by modern scholars, unlike Lucifer in Milton’s Paradise Lost, who was originally an angel.