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File sharing between a Windows 10 PC and a Mac (running Mac OS X or macOS) is more complex than you'd imagine. Here we show you how to share files between two networked computers - a Mac and a. Drive File Stream is an advanced piece of software that interacts with many low-level components of the operating system. Sometimes computer applications or updates can interfere with File Stream and cause issues. Fixing these issues is simple and should take under 10 minutes. Please note Drive File Stream is not available on Windows. Select the File Sharing checkbox, then click Options. Select “Share files and folders using SMB.” In the Windows File Sharing list, select the checkbox next to the user account that will be used to share files with Windows users, enter the password for that user, then click OK.

File Stream Mac
  • About

    • is Secure Download Manager and your Private Cloud Storage. It downloads torrents, magnets and media files for you from more than 900 sites within minutes into the secure cloud storage and makes them available for streaming or downloading to your local devices.

    • The only thing you need to use service is your browser. You do not need to install any additional software.

    • Please write any support requests to [email protected]

  • Downloading

    • You can download torrents, magnets, videos and music from more than 900 popular sites.

    • Log into your account, click load button and you will see a list of all supported Premium dowload services in the drop down window.

    • Just copy torrent, magnet or media link and paste it into field saying 'Paste a link to your file here...'. Also you can see this video.

    • We provide speeds up to 1000Gbps for both: downloading into the cloud and your local devices. Most of the files are downloaded into the cloud in less than 5 minutes.

    • No. uses own servers and high speed internet for downloading files into cloud storage. That is why you do not need to be connected to our service while files are downloaded.

    • Yes, we support private trackers. But for private trackers first you need to download torrent file to your local device and then add it to for downloading.

    • Yes. You can choose only files you need from an archive.

    • If torrent is not downloading, it means that we were not able to find any seeders for it. You can leave it and when seeders will appear, we will download it for you.

    • No. You can leave the site at any time you like. will download files for you and send email notification when it's finished.

      1. Ensure that you do not make any parallel downloads that take your Internet bandwidth.

      2. Check your actual Internet speed. You can do it with .

      3. If you are using FREE subscription, it can be that our shared servers are overloaded. Please be patient or buy Premium.

      4. If you are using PREMIUM subscription and still experiencing problems, please write to [email protected]

    • We are not seeding service, we do not seed or otherwise share downloaded files. But if you are downloading popular torrents, we ensure that your seed ratio at least stays the same.

  • Plans & Pricing

    • Yes. FREE subscription allows you to download files up to 50MB.

    • YES. For FREE subscription we allow 50MB, Bronze - 2,5GB, Silver - 25GB and Gold - 100GB per file. Please note that you can always choose some files to download from the archive.

    • Buy instant extra size or any of Premium subscriptions and use all the power of service.

    • For FREE subscription we provide 300GB, Bronze - 500GB and for Silver and Gold - 1TB.

    • You can download as many files as you like. We provide UNLIMITED traffic.

    • Depending on your subscription we keep files from 3 to 20 days.

    • You do not need to. Premium subscription will run out and you will be back on FREE subscription. We do not extend subscriptions automatically.

    • Yes. There are couple of ways how you can get FREE Premium:

      1. Participate in our referral program and get payed up to 10% for each transaction your friends make. You can use earned money for buying Premium subscriptions or if you collect $100 or more, you request a payout.

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    • Yes. We provide significant discounts for annual subscriptions and special discounts and promocodes for Premium services to our users and Facebook fans.

  • Streaming & Devices

    • Yes. You can get it on Google Play

    • Yes. You can get it on Chrome Web Store. How to use the extension you can see here.

    • Yes. You can stream videos and music on your PC directly in your browser.

    • Kodi add-on is in development and will come in the near future.

  • Privacy, Security and Content

    • We hide your IP address and nobody can see it. All downloads is making on your behalf. So for anybody from the outside it looks like our service is downloading, not you.

    • No. We encrypt connections between your device and service using SSL. Therefore nobody can see what files you are actually downloading.

    • No. Your cloud storage is private and only you have access to your files.

    • No. Account sharing is strictly prohibited. If we detect such behaviour we immediately block such accounts.

    • No. With SSL encryption you are well protected. We actually do not recommend using VPN with service. Due to additional encryption and istributed nature it can significantly slow down your download speed and negatively affect streaming quality.

    • Your files are stored in servers located in European Union. European Union has very strict privacy laws which protect you well. Which means that without court decision nobody ever will get access to your data.

    • We do not provide any content! We provide storage for you and download manager. So you get what you download.

    • You decide and we provide tools to do it. Just be aware that downloading child pornography, classified materials or any terrorism related stuff will not be tolerated and will eventually bring you in trouble! Actually we will be more than happy to help law enforcement in all such cases.

  • Payments

    • Yes. We do not have any access to your payment details. We only initiate payment process and the rest is done by the bank. Bank is responsible for handling complete transaction. We only receive status if transaction was successful or not.

    • No. The complete payment process is managed by the bank and we do not have any access to your payment details except indication if transaction was successful or not.

    • Please be patient. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and its processing is slow. It might take couple of hours before we get confirmation that transaction was successful.

With Google Drive File Stream, the contents of your Google Drive appears on your Mac like a regular drive.Unlike Google Backup & Sync (and the old Google Drive app), the files are not all copied to your computer. This saves a lot of space on your drive and almost eliminates sync errors. File Stream is only available for Google Apps G-Suite users. For regular Google accounts (Gmail), use Google Backup & Sync.

Look for Google Drive File Stream in your Mac’s top menu bar. It’s a white triangle inside a dark square. If it’s there, skip to Accessing Files below.

Google file stream mac not working

Configuring Google Drive File Stream the first time

Google Drive File Stream may already be installed on your computer. Click Launchpad (rocket icon) and look for Google Drive File Stream. Or click the Finder desktop, click the Go menu at the top of the screen and choose Applications. The app must include the words File Stream. If you found it, open and skip to 3 below.

  1. Need to download Google Drive File Stream? Click this link to sign into your Google account and download.
  2. Follow the steps toinstall from a disk image download. You’ll open the installer icon that looks like a package.
  3. Open Google Drive File Stream from the Launchpad or Applications folder (see above).
  4. Was a system extension blocked? Click Open Security Preferences (or click the Apple menu, choose System Preferences and Security & Privacy). Click Allow. Now restart the computer and open Google Drive File Stream from the Launchpad or Applications folder again.
  5. Click the Google Drive File Stream icon in the top menu bar and sign into Google Drive with your email address and password.
  6. Google Drive is added to the desktop. You can also add it to the dock – just drag it from the desktop to the right side of the dock near the trash.

Uninstall Google File Stream Mac


Accessing files in your Google Drive

  1. Click the Google Drive icon in the menu bar, desktop or sidebar. Can’t find it? Click the Launcher (rocket icon), then open Google Drive File Stream (make sure it says File Stream). If you have trouble, see Configuring the first time above.
  2. Your files are inside My Drive, which is in the Google Drive icon. Copy files & folders to your Google Drive and they are uploaded. You can then delete the original copies. Create folders inside and organize just like any drive. You may also save files directly to Google Drive from any application – it’s a drive in the left side bar of open & save windows.
  3. Folders with a cloud icon are available as long as you’re online. Files will be automatically downloaded when you open them, and uploaded when you save.
  4. Need to access files when you don’t have internet? You can choose folders for offline-access. Hold the Control key and click a folder inside your Google Drive. Choose Drive File Stream and Available Offline. Any changes you (or others) make will not be updated until you’re connected to the internet again. Be selective about which files/folders you make available offline.
  5. Collaborate with Shared Folders. When you add items to a folder, they’re shared with other people. Be careful: removing items may delete them from other people’s computers & devices. You’ll need to sign into Google Drive on the web and add shared folders to your drive. Learn how to share folders.
  6. Google Drive Docs are special icons that open in a web browser so you can edit Google Docs, Sheets & Slides on the web.

File Stream Mac

Google Drive File Stream tips

Missing shared folders? If your Google Drive folder doesn’t show items other people have shared with you, you may need to log into Google Drive on the web and add them to your drive. See Google Drive collaboration for details.


Download Google File Stream Mac

There’s so much you can do with Google Drive. If you sometimes use Windows, install the Google Drive app on your PC. It’s also an easy way to share files between your computer, iPhone and iPad.

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Learn more about using Google apps with a Mac.