Google Drive File Stream Loading Your Files


If you’ve ever lost files on your University computer (due to a hard drive crash) or lost a USB flash drive with data on it, then Google File Stream can save you time and effort. Montclair State University has added Google Drive File Stream to the list of available services under the University’s G Suite for Education offering.

In order to use this service, download and install the desktop application on your PC or Mac. Google Drive File Stream allows you to access and work directly on files within Google Drive (and, if applicable, Team Drives) directly from your computer’s file browser (File Explorer on PC, Finder on Mac).

DriveRun google drive file stream

Instead of storing files on your computer, files are stored in the cloud, and any changes you make are automatically synced within the cloud for quick, easy access from anywhere you have an internet connection; no downloading and uploading required!

Key Features Include:

You are now able to download files from your Google Drive. To download, first you will need to find the ID of the file in your Google Drive. To get the file ID, go to the file in your Google Drive.

Uninstall Google Drive File Stream

  • The ability to free up hard drive disc space
  • Files are accessible anywhere via Google Services
  • A more secure location within the cloud to store your files rather than on your local hard drive
Google drive file stream sync

The name change from Drive File Stream to Drive for desktop will take place by default. There is no admin setting for this name change. The beta for the new unified Drive for desktop client will be available soon. Learn more and apply for the beta here. Visit our Help Center to learn about upcoming changes to Google Drive sync clients. Google Drive, the cloud storage service, is quite an exceptional tool.It lets you save various types of file in the cloud, and also share these files and folders with others. That means, you can. This app allows you to stream your video files stored in Google Drive to VLC player, Smart TV, TV box, Roku, etc. Directly from the cloud using an m3u playlist. There is no need to use Kodi or any kind of third-party software. The app will pop up a dialog asking you to choose the folder into which your video files are stored.

Run Google Drive File Stream

For more details and complete instructions, please visit How to Install and use Google Drive File Stream. Try it out today!