Google Duo Ios


Google Duo is one of the best audio and video calling apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and web. It is free, easy to set up, and quick to use. One of the highlights of Google Duo is that it works well even on poor internet connections. In a rare move, Google recently unleashed its Duo video chat app simultaneously on Android and iOS. Duo is intended to make video chatting easier and more accessible than ever.

There was a time when making a video call used to be a tough job. Because of internet issues or undeveloped video calling platforms. With time improvement in this space has taken place several video calling platforms and s popular names like Facetime, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp messenger were used significantly by many peoples. But in this dynamic environment, people want something new and more refined always. Google grabs this opportunity and releases Google Duo for PC on a global level on 16th August 2016.

This platform brought a major change in the sphere of video calling facility because of its free of cost availability to every person, irrespective of what kind of operating system they have in their system. With Google Duo, you can enjoy video calling in the finest quality with excellent audio. In the initial phase, it was widely accessed on mobile phones only but now you can set-up Google Duo on your desktops as well.

Google Duo is working very hard to make its service better. In its latest update, it releases a new feature, where you can add up to 7 persons excluding you and also redesign its security policy to make your video calls safe and secured.

Exciting features of Google Duo for PC Windows

  • Use it anytime with any device :

This is one of the best features of Google duo. It runs well on android and ios platforms as well on the web. Thus, while placing a call via Google Duo for PC you don’t need to bother about other end’s available resources. If they have internet connectivity, then you can easily connect your call with them.

  • No more struggle with low light issue :

Proper lighting is the key ingredient to make your video calling experience worth remembering. But sometimes managing light levels is not in our hands. But if you are placing with Google Duo, then don’t worry dim light won’t make low light affect your video calling.
It has an advanced video capturing feature that keep video quality fine even in low light.

  • Secured privacy policy :

Google is always appreciated for maintaining a strong security policy for its users who are availing benefits of its different services. They maintain this legacy in providing service via Google Duo too and incorporated end-to-end encryption features to protect user’s calling being trace by any third party. This feature is most suitable for the people who meet through video apps for discussing their plans or ideas.

  • Option to leave a short video message :

Duo App Google

Google Duo for PC in its latest update releases a feature of sending a short video message of 30 seconds duration. You can send this video message even without placing a call to that person. Just open your calling home screen and long press on the contact, select an option of a video message to record your short video message, and forward them instantly.

  • Knock knock !! Feature :

This is Google Duo’s kind of advanced feature. This feature allows you to see who is on the other end, without actually receiving the call. This feature will show you the live streaming of that person on your device screen. I guess this feature will save many people from encountering any awkward situations.

  • Simple user interface :

The accessing process of Google Duo is uncomplicated. Anyone, even a person who is using internet services for the first time can able to place a call through Google Duo without any assistance. User is required just to click on the desired contact number to place a call. Here, you can type numbers manually also, which makes things more simple.

Besides this, you can block spam contact numbers, can do multitasking (if you have the latest version of the operating system installed in your device), capture video call moments and manage your data limit by making some changes in your profile settings.

How to Download Google Duo for PC Windows & MAC

Google Duo Ios Requirements

Accessing a Google Duo for PC is a very easy process. You don’t need to comply with too many formalities. All you need to verify your mobile number with an active Gmail account. Follow the below-written instruction, to enjoy Google Duo service on your computer system.

Steps are as follows :

  • STEP 1: Open an updated browser on your system and go to the Google Duo web version download page. You can reach to this page by clicking on
  • STEP 2: At this page, you will find the option ‘Try Duo for web’ in blue color box at the upper-right corner of your device screen. Click on this to move on to the next step.
    Make sure that, your Gmail account in the device in a sign-in state to save your time. If not then, Google will ask you to sign-in first, before taking you to the next step.
  • STEP 3: At this page, Google Duo for PC ask to provide your mobile number. Please enter a valid phone number with the correct country code to initiate a verification process. Wait for a minute, and you will receive a text containing a verification code. Enter this code in the specified field.
    (If you want to skip this verification step, then keep in mind you won’t be able to unlock all the features of Google duo.)
  • STEP 4: After completing the verification process. Now, its time to permit the website.
    This permission will allow the website to send you the notification regarding their new updates or features, access to your mobile phone microphone, and camera.
    Give all the required permissions to Google Duo.
  • STEP 5: After granting all the required permission. Now, you will able to see the home screen page of the Google Duo web version. Click on the Allow button given at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Step 7: Immediately you will see a pop-up written: “ wants to show notifications”. Choose the ‘Allow’ option.
  • STEP 8: Wait for a while, and let Google Duo for PC load all your contact’s profiles.
  • STEP 9: Within a few minutes your complete phone book will appear on your screen. Now, select the contact profile with whom you want to connect with Duo. Click on the number to place a call.

You can choose here, any mode of call with a duo that is Voice or video. Click on the icon accordingly, to initiate. If you pick the video call option, your video won’t be visible to the recipient unless your call is answered.
For ending a call click on the red button.