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Have you used Mee6 Discord bot yet? Here is a really good how-to / setup guide for the Mee6 discord bot that helps you out to get it working. Discord content on DEV.

This guide will show you how to create a simple bot that posts tweets to discord as soon as they are posted.


  1. We need to start off by creating a new discord text channel on your server by clicking the plus sign close to your server name.

  2. Make sure text channel is selected and give it a name and then click Create channel.

  3. Create a webhook for that channel by clicking the settings wheel of your new text channel and then webhooks. Click Create Webhook

  4. Scroll down to the bottom and copy the webhook url and then Save.


Youtube Webhook Ift Discord

  1. Create an account @ https://www.ifttt.com and login.

  2. Once logged in, click Get more in the top right corner.

  3. Search for twitter in the search field and then click Services and then Twitter.

  4. Click Connect and then Authorize app.

  5. Click on your profile picture in the top left corner and then Create.

  6. Click on the big black and white plus sign between IF and THEN.

  7. Scroll down/Search and select the Twitter Icon.

  8. Select New tweet by a specific user and input the name of the user you want to get notifications from.

  9. Click Create trigger.

  10. Click on the big black and white plus sign between THEN and THAT.

  11. Search and select Webhooks and then click Connect.

  12. Select Make a web request as the action.

  13. Paste the webhook you created earlier into the URL

  14. For Method select POST.

  15. Content Type select application/json.

  16. For the code below, replace @username with the handle you are getting notifications from and paste the code into the Body.

  17. Click Create Action.

  18. Disable Recieve notifications when this Applets runs and then click Finish.

  19. You’re done! You will now be notified on discord when you (or the twitter handle you picked) posts a new tweet.

Aug 8th, 2019
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  1. Copy and paste only the stuff below the dashed line (the stuff on line #13), everything up here is extra information to help you!
  2. 1) You can remove 'username':'YouTube' and 'avatar_url':'https://blog.eu.playstation.com/files/avatars/avatar_4364447.jpg'if you want to use the Username and Icon you setfor the webhook in Discord.
  3. 2) The string (text between quotes) after 'username' can be changed to anything you want. It will be the name of the 'User' that posts the message to your channel
  4. 3) The string (text between quotes) after 'avatar_url' can be replaced with a link to an image. Forthis example, I searched up the YouTube logo, right-clicked it, and clicked 'Copy Image URL'.
  5. 4) The string (text between quotes) after 'content' can be changed to anything you want. Its the message that will show up in Discord. If you accidentally delete the **{{Title}}** and/or {{Url}} elements, you can get them back or add different ones from IFTTT by clicking 'Add Ingredient'. This part is what passes the information about your video (Title, URL, Upload Date& Time, etc...) to Discord and puts it in the message.
  6. This code was written by me, Admiral Moo.
  7. {'username':'YouTube','avatar_url':'https://blog.eu.playstation.com/files/avatars/avatar_4364447.jpg','content':'@everyone [YOUR NAME HERE] has uploaded a new video! **{{Title}}**: {{Url}}'}
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