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iOS 13 is a turning point in iOS versions. It came with many new features and improvements. So users can experience many new features and options with this iOS 13. Apple has also introduced iPadOS, a separate operating system for iPads. iPadOS also inherits many features from this iOS version.

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Surprisingly Apple is publishing the next minor version of iOS 13. iOS 13.1, the first minor version of iOS 13 series. Several features planned to come with iOS 13 version that missed from this initial release. So these features are coming with iOS 13.1 version. Apart from that, there will be some other feature improvements as well. Anyway, this is going to be a quick version release.

Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 13, hit the scene in September 2019. As usual, it was packed with Apple’s latest tweaks and enhancements, but it also introduced a host of new features. Apple’s iOS 13.1 is set to launch on September 24, just four short days after the launch of iOS 13 on September 19, and according to an Apple support page, Apple will add a processor throttling.

Rumors about iOS 13.1 latest iOS minor version release are circulating around the Apple community even before the major release. This is a strange thing and sometimes they might have planned this because of iPhone 11 release. iPhone 11 is initially coming with iOS 13. People who bought iPhone 11 can update their iOS version to iOS 13.1 now.

This software update also compatible with iPhone 6S or higher versions. There will be no update for iOS 6 Plus or lower versions.

Available iOS 13.1 Jailbreak Toolkits

  1. IOS 13.2 is the second major refinement of iOS 13 that Apple pushed out. (iOS 13.1 came out a few days after the initial release) At this point, iOS 13 should be safer and more reliable than the.
  2. It is the fourth iOS 13 update within a month of its initial release. This is not what we expected from Apple. The last update iOS 13.1.2 also has bugs and to fix the bugs Apples starts rolling the iOS 13.1.3 & iPadOS 13.1.3 update.
  3. Download iOS 13.7 Final for iPhone and iPad with COVID-19 Exposure Notifications Without App Download iPadOS / iOS 13.1 Over the Air Just like any other software update from Apple, you can.

Most Apple users are looking for new features comes with 13.1 update. Because this is the immediate minor version of the major version. And also Apple users are looking for an iOS 13.1 jailbreak. If you are an Apple device user you can amplify your device features by installing third-party external apps available for jailbroken devices. But still, Untethered and Semi Untethered jailbreaks are not available for iOS 13 or iOS 13.1.

But prominent mobile device security researchers like iBSparkes and Qwertyoruiop have teased iOS 13 beta version jailbreak very recently. Anyway, there are few reliable trusted tools that will be available for iOS 13.1 Jailbreak.


Pwn20wnd has published the latest unc0ver jailbreak version 3.7.x with A12-A12X compatibility. This jailbreak tool is now available up to iOS 12.4 based apple devices. But Pwn20wnd, the genius behind unc0ver jailbreak patched iOS 12.4.1 with his exploit. So we can expect iOS 13 and iOS 13.1 jailbreak from unc0ver soon. Apple has published A13 bionic chipset with its iPhone 11 version. And still, unc0ver supports up to A12-A12X based devices. So there will be some waiting time to get A13 device compatible jailbreak.


Electra team is the team behind Chimera jailbreak and still, Chimera Jailbreak supports iOS 12.4 and earlier iOS versions. And also this tool does not support A13 bionic chipset based devices like iPhone 11 series. Coolstar led the Electra team still working on their latest chimera version which will be compatible with iOS 13. So we can expect their tool in the near future.

Ios 13.113.1


This mobile security researcher is always the first person who teases about jailbreak tools which will be compatible with the latest iOS versions. He has already teased video with iOS 13 beta jailbreak. But this jailbreak tool is not available for the jailbreak community. So you can not get his jailbreak tool.

Cydia Cloud

Cydia Cloud is an online Jailbreak method enables jailbreaking almost all of the iOS versions including the latest iOS 13.1. Cydia Cloud team update Cydia Cloud App Store to compatible with every new iOS release. As of now, this tool supports every iOS version from iOS 6 to 13.1. You do not need to have additional tools and no need to connect your device to a computer to jailbreak.

Cydia Cloud uses a bypass jailbreaking method so, you do not need any prerequisites to this iOS 13.1 jailbreak method. Once the Cydia is installed, you can download most popular jailbreak apps, games, tweaks, games, themes, etc on into your Apple iDevice.

Cydia Cloud tool will support A13 bionic chipset based devices as well. So if you have an iPhone 11 series device or 13.1 installed device, you can jailbreak with this tool. Just visit Cydia Cloud official website from Safari browser and follow the instructions there.

Download Cydia on iOS 13.1 with Cydia Cloud

Undoubtedly Cydia ranks as the top third-party app store for iOS. After the jailbreaking the device, you need to have at least one third-party app store to install third-party apps. As mentioned Cydia is the most popular and reliable app store with multiple functionalities. So you can download Cydia on iOS 13.1 with Cydia Cloud. Follow below mentioned instructions to get iOS 13.1 compatible Cydia.

  • Visit website using the Safari web browser in your device. Then tap on the “Cydia Download” button.

  • Now there will be compatibility test and the system will check for your iOS version.

  • After this compatibility test, you can see the “Install Cydia” button along with your device iOS version and device version. Click that button.

  • Now there will be another installation process and after that, there will be “Add to Home Screen” on the next screen.

  • Tap that button. After that, there will be a popup message with a “Profile Downloaded” message. Close that message and Navigate to your device settings app. Then you can see the downloaded profile section on the top of the settings list. Click that section.

  • Now you can see the Cydia installation profile. Click the “Install” button on the top right side of the screen.

  • Then sometimes you have to enter your passcode. Please enter the passcode and Tap the “Install” button and then “Done” button.

  • Finally, now you can access the Cydia app from your Home Screen.

Features Coming with iOS 13.1

These are some major functionality improvements and features coming with this latest iOS version.

Ios 13.1.3 Jailbreak

Shortcuts Automations

There is a huge upgrade on shortcut automation with 13.1. Some shortcuts may run when certain conditions are met in your device. From this feature, Apple users can get a totally new experience.

You can play workout playlists when you start a workout from your apple watch. And with this automatic shortcut feature, you can turn on all lights in your home when you are coming home by using Home kit. There are many more automatic features enabling with this awesome option.

Share ETA in Maps

When you following maps directions, you can share your estimated arrival time with your contacts who are expecting your arrival.

Ios 13.1 Iphone 6

Dynamic Wallpapers

Ios 13.1.2 Release Date

In iOS 13.1 you can experience newly tweaked dynamic wallpapers with new colors and designs.

Volume Slider icons

Ios 13.1

There is a new volume slider available with iOS 13.1 and this will be customized according to the connected devices such as AirPods, Powerbeats Pro or HomePod, etc.

Download Ios 13.1 Iphone

Homekit icons

There are more detailed and specific icons for Homekit devices in the Home app coming for the Apple device.

Processor throttling feature

iOS 13.1 will come with processor throttling feature for iPhone XR and iPhone XS. This feature came with an earlier version of iOS back in 2017. At that time this feature has been there to limit iPhone performance to avoid random shutdown issue that happened because of older batteries. But there were some complaints about this feature at that time.

Processor throttling feature

13.1 version will come with processor throttling feature for iPhone XR and iPhone XS. This feature came with an earlier version of iOS back in 2017. At that time this feature has been there to limit iPhone performance to avoid random shutdown issue that happened because of older batteries. But there were some complaints about this feature at that time.

These are some of the major features coming with 13.1. Along with the above-mentioned features, you can experience some more features like General Improvements on Mouse support and HEVC Video encoding improvements. You can have many more other features. Along with feature improvements, there are some exploit and bug fixes coming with this latest update.

Bug Fixes and Minor Issues

  • Apple has fixed lock screen bypass exploit which came with iOS 13 with new version.

  • There was an issue in the Music App. Most apple earlier version users complained about this issue. The music stopped playing when the app is in the background. Apple has fixed this issue.

  • There was an issue with three-finger gestures. When a user uses this gesture, there will be a popup toolbox coming up with copy-paste options. Apple has fixed this issue. Initially, this three-finger gestures will only work when there is an input field. Also, Apple has given permission for app developers to override this option within their apps.

Along with these fixed, there will be security patches and performance improvements as well. Normally apple iOS minor version updates fix their major version bugs and security exploits. So You can get this latest iOS 13.1 version into your device and get more improved iOS 13 version into your device.