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Apple is preparing for a new age for its mobile operating systems and they have designed an out of this world operating system for iOS. It will no longer be the same operating system that is implemented in iPads but a version that is unique all on its own with improved versatility that will refine the workspace of many users.

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Forthcoming Apple's front running tablets will run on iPadOS whereas Apple's iPad will run on the usual. For inquisitive users, Apple has released the public beta version of the iPad OS but it would obviously mean potential bugs.

IPadOS 13 Features Apple announced a number of new features for iPadOS 13. Users can now have multiple windows per open application, in split views. There’s also new link previews when. While iOS 13 is still around, it is now only for iPhones and iPod touch devices. You can find our full list of compatible devices for iOS 13 here. However, for iPadOS, it focuses entirely on the experience on the iPad, which can be vastly different from that of an iPhone or iPod touch. Devices supporting iPadOS 13 include: iPad Air 2 iPad Air (3rd generation) iPad (5th generation) iPad (6th generation) iPad (7th generation) iPad Mini 4 iPad Mini (5th generation) All iPad Pro models.

One might say that the two systems are completely similar as the features are the same, therefore, what difference it makes; But the main point is with the all-new iPad OS, the devices would be much more powerful but not enough to replace the laptops.

But speaking on a scale of performance that is related to mobile devices, the new iPadOS 13 would make the devices flow with much better versatility. This will result in the improvement of the typical workflow of users who integrate their occupation and lifestyle with their mobile devices.

The new release will cater to many other superb new features such as native support for USB flash drives, multi-tasking interface with many navigation gesture options that will optimize device screen usage a lot. Multi-tasking interface will allow users to open several apps on the screen at the same time as well as have other several processes running at once as well.

The newly improved Homescreen of iPadOS 13 is designed for maximum optimization that matches the device's large screen. But what else does the new version offer their loyal customers? Let's explore.

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Ipados 13.3

Testing conducted by Apple in August 2020 using MotionMark 1.1 and Speedometer 2.0 performance benchmarks. Safari tested on production iPad Pro 12.9-inch (4th generation) with iPadOS 13.6.1 and pre-release iPadOS 14, with WPA2 Wi-Fi network connection. Performance will vary based on system configuration, network connection and other factors.

Download Cydia for iPadOS 13

The latest iPadOS 13 is supporting almost all iPads. It is time to update your iPad to this new Operating system and convert your existing iOS based iPad to real iPad. Even if there's no official method to jailbreak iPadOS 13, Cydia Cloud will directly install Cydia for iPadOS. Why wait? Just click below button.

Main Features of iPadOS 13

iPadOS 13 is coming with many advanced features. With iPad OS in your iPad you can clearly see the difference between earlier iOS based operating system and new Operating System. Apple has distinctly separated iPhones from iPads with this OS. Here are some significant features of iPadOS.


iPad has a wider screen than iPhones and with this wideness its users are having much more screen space than the iPhone device users. So multitasking is one of the most important features for iPads. Apple has introduced many extra features with this multitasking option.

  • Multiple Apps in Slide Over - You can keep collection of apps ready in Slide Over. You can quickly use them whenever you need by a swipe. You can access multiple apps in one instance by swiping along the bottom.

  • Slide Over Switcher - By Swipe up, you can see all apps in Slide Over. And you can bring Slide over app to top and make it fullscreen.

  • Close Slide Over Apps - You can instantly close an app by going to App Switcher and flicking up.

  • Multiple windows with same app - With new iPadOS 13 you can split the same app into different views.This feature will be perfect when working on documents with multiple pages or notes, using two maps at the same time or organizing files using file manager app.

  • Same App in multiple spaces - You can use same app in multiple spaces with iPad OS. With this feature is important when you are working on different things across your iPad.

  • Create Windows by Dragging - With this feature you can drag a link to open default web browser like safari or you can drag a location to open maps app or else you can drag an email address to open Mail app. By dragging content into its own space you can open relevant app which related to that content.

  • App Expose - you can see all windows for the particular app by tapping its icon.

New Updated Homescreen

With new Operating System you can get revamped home screen which will suited with iPad. This new home screen has the best user experience approaches.

  • New updated layout - New Homescreen has been revamped to suite with iPad Screen and icons are placed in a tighter grid. This layout gives users free spaces for apps and information.

  • Pin widgets - You can pin widgets to Home Screen.

  • Favorite Widgets - By using widget editor you can select your most used and favorite widgets according to your preference. These widgets will appear on your Home Screen. You have to swipe up to see all other widgets.

Apple Pencil

iPad OS has improved usability of apple pencil. With new Operating System you can experience many features when you are using an apple pencil.

  • Minimum Latency - Due to latest advanced prediction algorithms latency in Apple pencil has been reduced to 9 milliseconds with iPad OS. So you will feel it like writing on paper.

  • Revamped tool palette - Tool palette has been redesigned with the best user experience approaches. You can drag this palette to any side of the screen or else you can minimize it. So you can keep more space.

  • New Tools - Pixel eraser is now there to erase what you need to remove. And also you can have a ruler to draw straight lines. These are new tools which will come with iPad OS.

  • Full-Page Screenshots - With iPad OS, when you take screenshots you can cover whole document, email or web page and mark it up.


  • Extended Desktop - If you need additional screen space, now you can use your iPad as secondary screen. You can connect it as a secondary screen to your Mac. You can preview your presentation from iPad Screen while you edit the presentation on your Mac.

  • Mirrored Desktop - You can mirror your Mac screen to iPad Screen. This feature will be very useful if you are presenting something or if you are sharing content with others.

  • Wired or Wireless - You can either connect your iPad with Mac using wired cable or wirelessly. You can use the above mentioned features in wireless mode as well. But distance between Mac and iPad should be less than 10 meters.

Other Significant Features

Ipados 13 Review


You can shrink your keyboard and move it anywhere on the screen you need.

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Dark Mode
Ipados 13

Ipados 13 Download

New Darkmode is coming with iPadOS. So you can enable dark mode and whenever you need. And also you can schedule when to enable the dark mode and when to disable it. Or else you can do this manually by going to dark mode control center inside settings section. Wallpapers are also changing when you change modes. And this dark mode has been integrated with other apps perfectly. So you can feel darkmode in any app which supports the dark mode.

Privacy and Security
  • If any location based app on your iPad uses your location in the background, You will receive notification about that usage and you have the option to accept it or prevent that usage.

  • iPadOS will prevent apps to use your location when you are connected with Wifi or Bluetooth without your consent.

  • When you take a photo normally system will store photo took location within your photo. So with new operating system you can remove the location when you are sharing photos in social media.

Sign in with Apple
  • Sign In with apple will enable facility for you when you are signed in to apps. So you do not need to fill lengthy forms or anything. You can just sign-in using Face ID or Touch ID.

  • Sometimes it is a hassle to sign in with your personal email. With this Sign in with Apple option, you can hide your personal email address and this process will generate unique random email address. And When this generated unique email address receive any email, it can be forwarded to your actual email address with this Sign in with Apple system.

  • This option will work everywhere. This option is working on any web, mobile apps on android or windows.

  • This Sign in with Apple has built in security option.


Ipados 13 Ipsw

  • Apps will launch up to twice faster than earlier with iPadOS.

  • App download size is also reduced by 50%. So now you can download apps very quickly and you can save device storage.

  • App updates has been reduced by 60%. So this will save your data as well as your device storage.

Ipados 13 Release Date


This is still only the tip of the iceberg of what iPadOS offers in its new version. In addition to those features that are highlighted here, there is a lot more that's to come. Features that are convenient for Professionals, as well as the average user alike, will be in the new release. There's also the addition of a better real-sounding Siri which I am sure all users will most likely like a whole lot.

This only means the beginning of a new page for Apple as they seem to have already laid a magnificent foundation for the future of iPad devices. It will be great to see the revolution their devices will cause in the near future and see how other competitive counterparts retaliate to this.