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How to create your own keyboard shortcuts on the iPhone. The handful of built-in shortcuts are handy, but the real power in the iOS keyboard comes from creating your shortcuts. 15 iPhone / iOS 13 shortcuts that you must have. Best shortcuts that you can get on iOS 13 that you will actually use on your iPhone.15 must have iOS 13 shor. To make room for that edge-to-edge display and in recognition that, a decade later, our training wheels can come off, Apple has replaced the Home button with a fluid, gesture-based navigation area. And it's magnificently fun. Here are some iPhone tricks that you should know about as you use your shiny new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro! IPhone Shortcuts makes it possible to build automated workflows. Shortcuts App is integrated with Siri, which allows you to execute task sequences on your device with basic voice commands. It sounds fancy, but it merely means that you can pair phrases with your apps' actions to achieve ultimate iPhone automation. 20 iPhone Tips and Tricks You Had No Idea Existed. Make the most of your Apple phone by finding out more about the top 20 tips and tricks, and customize your handset along the way.

I see that you have a question about creating a Shortcut for a VPN configuration you have. I'd be happy to provide you with some information that can help.

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You can create many Shortcuts, even custom ones as well. The following articles provide information about searching the gallery and creating new Shortcuts. This can help with trying to achieve the Shortcut you are wanting to create.

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