Join Dataframe R

Join Dataframe R

Merge (dataframe1, dataframe2, by = 'ID') If they have identifiers but the name of the column is different (I used IDdfX) in each dataframe you should use: merge (dataframe1, dataframe2, by.x = 'IDdf1', by.y = 'IDdf2') With this, you'll have a dataframe where the same ID is in both dataframes. Inner join: merge (df1, df2) will work for these examples because R automatically joins the frames by common variable names, but you would most likely want to specify merge (df1, df2, by = 'CustomerId') to make sure that you were matching on only the fields you desired.

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The pages of StackOverflow are littered with questions about how to merge a regular data frame to aspatial data frame in R. The merge function from the sp package operates under a strict set ofassumptions, which if violated will break your data. This function wraps a couple StackOverflow answersI've seen that work in a friendlier syntax.




A spatial data frame to which you want to merge data.

A regular data frame that you want to merge to your spatial data.

The column name you'll use for the merge from your spatial data frame.

The column name you'll use for the merge from your regular data frame.

(optional) If a named argument is supplied to the by parameter, geo_join will assume that the join columns in the spatial data and data frame share the same name.

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R Left Join

The type of join you'd like to perform. The default, 'left', keeps all rows in the spatial data frame, and returns NA for unmatched rows. The alternative, 'inner', retains only those rows in the spatial data frame that match rows from the target data frame.

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a SpatialXxxDataFrame object

Join Dataframe In R