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Luke Jennings is the author of the memoir Blood Knots, shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson and William Hill prizes, and of several novels, including the Booker Prize-nominated Atlantic.His previous book Codename Villanelle is the basis for BBC America's TV series Killing Eve starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer. As a journalist he has written for the Observer, Vanity Fair, the New Yorker, and Time. Eve is attempting to rebuild her life having been shot and left for dead in Rome by Villanelle. Villanelle, believing Eve dead, is also moving on. That is, until she is approached by an old foe offering her a brand new opportunity. Carolyn is being undermined at work and Kenny can’t leave his own investigation into The Twelve alone.

Now that Killing Eve Season 3 is in full swing, newcomers to the show and longtime fans want to know how and where to watch the latest episodes. It’s especially pertinent information for anyone who might not have access to AMC or BBC America, which is where the drama airs new episodes every Sunday.

I loved these 2 very different cops from the first season of the Killing, even though neither of them solved that crime and sort of left us hanging. Season 2 finally cleared up the identity of Rosie Larsen's murderer and was darn good, but Season 3 was better when it introduced us to. Killing Eve is a story of two women, bound by a mutual obsession and one brutal act: Eve, an MI6 operative, and Villanelle, the beautiful, psychopathic assassin that she has been tasked to find. Watch Killing Eve - Series 2 Prime Video.

Killing Eve Amazon Prime

Here’s everything you need to know about when Killing Eve Season 3 will be available on Hulu and how you can watch online.

Killing Eve Season 3 came two weeks early this year, picking up six months after the Season 2 finale, when Villanelle shot Eve and left her for dead in Rome. As Season 3 kicks off, Eve must pick up the pieces of her life and move on. Villanelle resumes her duties as an assassin, assuming her former adversary and maybe-girlfriend was dead. But the stalemate could only go on for so long, and Eve was drawn back into the cat-and-mouse game after a tragic death set off a chain of events that brought her back into Villanelle's captivating orbit.

Is Killing Eve Season 3 on Hulu yet?


No, not yet. However, Season 1 and Season 2 are both available to stream on Hulu.

Historically, the spy thriller has debuted on Hulu at the end of every year. Season 1 premiered in April 2018 on AMC and BBC America and was then available to stream on Hulu in December that year. Meanwhile, Season 2 followed the same pattern and premiered on December 18, 2019 on Hulu.

According to IMDb, the Season 3 finale is scheduled to air on May 31 and is likely to debut on Hulu in December as well.

Killing Eve Amazon Prime

Can I watch Killing Eve Season 3 without cable?

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Yes, you can! You'll need the AMC app, which you can download through the app store. Right now, you can watch the Season 3 premiere on and for free, no login required.

Unfortunately, the rest of the episodes are only accessible through an authenticated TV provider account, like Comcast, Verizon, or Sling TV. That requires login information, which is typically the username and password associated with a TV provider account.

For those with cable subscriptions, AMC Premiere offers the option to watch Killing Eve without advertisements. Subscribers can pay a reduced annual fee (which is currently $29.49 for 12 months) or opt for the monthly option ($4.99) after a one-week free trial.

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Is Killing Eve Season 3 available to watch on Netflix or anywhere else?

No, the AMC series is not available to watch on Netflix and it’s doubtful that the drama will ever make it to the streaming service. All three seasons of Killing Eve are available on Amazon Prime, but you'll have to purchase individual episodes ($2.99 for HD) or pay for the entire season ($19.99 for HD).

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Killing Eve Season 3 airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC.