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  • A sigil for a demon is one which envokes its power, a demonolator can either use a dedicated sigil to that demon, or make one themselves. From Imgur Enns are powerful demonic sentences used to call demons.
  • Vector icon with symbol of demon Kimaris Sigil of Demon Kimaris. Sigil of Lucifer- Symbol of Satanism. Wiccan symbols imaginary cross symbols, inspired by antichrist pentagram and witchcraft. Odin- The graphic is a symbol of the horns of Odin, a satanist symbol.
  • “CIMEJES, or CIMEIES, or KIMARIS. – The Sixtysixth Spirit is Cimejes, or Cimeies, or Kimaris. He is a Marquis, Mighty, Great, Strong and Powerful, appearing like a Valiant Warrior riding upon a goodly Black Horse. He ruleth over all Spirits in the parts of Africa.

As with Barbatos, it can be assumed that all Gundam Frames have sigils on their consoles upon activation, corresponding to the seal of the demon after whom the Gundam is named. A similar seal for Kimaris is also shown in its vacant hangar at Gjallarhorn's headquarters, reinforcing the likelihood of this being the case.

Kimahri sigil

Kimahri’s Spirit Lance

The Spirit Lance is Kimahri’s best weapon, allowing Kimahri to frequently use his wide array of Overdrives. The weapon is obtained at the Thunderplains.

To obtain the weapon, the player must first read the text regarding the Djose continent’s Qactuars at Rin’s Travel Agency at Thunder Plains. You will then need to pray at each of the three Qactuar stones scattered throughout the area. Doing so will make a ghostly Qactuar appear. Follow it to the broken tower. When you pray at the broken tower, a bolt of lightning will strike it, revealing a treasure chest. Watch the cutscene and you will obtain the Spirit Lance.

Kimaris sigil

The weapon’s base version is a poor choice in battle since it only has the No AP ability. You will need to upgrade it with the Saturn Crest and Saturn Sigil to bring out its full potential.

Saturn Crest

After defeating Seymour Flux at Mt. Gagazet, head to the passage lined with pillars past the boss area. The chest is cleverly hidden on the left between the middle pillars. Use the image above to know where it is.

Saturn Sigil

Kimaris Sigil

To obtain the Saturn Sigil, you must complete the bird-like creature’s butterfly hunt mini game in each of the two areas in Macalania Woods. This is only possible after you have gained access to the airship during the game’s main story. After you have cleared the challenges in each area, the chest containing the Saturn Sigil will appear.

Spirit Lance Abilities

Kimahri Sigil

Return to the shining path at Lake Macalania and offer the Saturn Crest and Saturn Sigil to enhance the Spirit Lance. Below are the abilities the weapon will have for each of its versions.

  • No AP: Prevents Kimahri from gaining AP in battle.
First Enhancement (Saturn Crest)
  • No AP: Prevents Kimahri from gaining AP in battle.
  • Double Overdrive: Charges Kimahri’s Overdrive at double the speed.
Second Enhancement (Saturn Sigil)
  • Break Damage Limit: Allows Kimahri to do more than 9,999 damage in an attack.
  • Triple Overdrive: Charges Kimahri’s Overdrive at triple the speed.
  • Double AP: Doubles the amount of AP Kimahri receives in battle.
  • Evade & Counter: Counters all physical attacks on Kimahri and has a chance to evade incoming damage.

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