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A place to discuss all things libretro. Category Topics; Announcements. RetroArch is a frontend for emulators, game engines and media. Welcome to the Libretro/RetroArch Documentation!¶ RetroArch is the official reference frontend for libretro 'cores': applications that include emulators, game engines, and media players. Settings are also unified across cores with advanced features like shaders, netplay, rewinding, and more!

libretro (formerly libsnes) is an API designed mainly for games and emulators. It allows games and emulators to be compiled as dynamically linked libraries known as 'libretro cores', which can be used in a frontend that implements libretro, such as RetroArch.

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libretro Frontends[edit]

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RetroArch is the flagship project for libretro, however there are plenty of other available frontends.

Main article: Frontends#Libretro



SNEShiganNightlySeparate cores for each profile.

C++98 version is bsnes v085 Performance profile.

SNESbsnes-mercuryv094Fork of bsnes with modifications for speed. Separate cores for each profile
SNESMednafen bsnes0.9.26Fork of bsnes v059 with a few modifications.
SNESnSide Balancedv106Fork of higan v106 with additional hardware support. Good for slower computers that cannot run the Accuracy core-only releases from higan v098 onwards with full speed.
SNESSnes9x1.60Supports libretro in upstream.
SNESSnes9x 2002 (previously PocketSNES)1.39Snapshot of Snes9x for use on very slow platforms
SNESSnes9x 20051.43Snapshot of Snes9x useful for Mario World hacks that have broken custom music.
SNESSnes9x 2005 Plus1.43Snapshot of Snes9x 1.43 plus BLARRG APU.
SNESSnes9x 20101.52.4Fork of Snes9x 1.52 WIP focused on speed.
WonderSwan?Modified fork of Cygne.
PlayStationMednafen PSX0.9.39.2Fork has significant modifications for enhancements as well as Vulkan renderer support. Sometimes referred to as 'Beetle PSX.'
PlayStationMednafen PSX HWAlphaAdds an OpenGL renderer to Mednafen PSX based on the GPU renderer from Rustation. Sometimes referred to as 'Beetle PSX HW.' Still contains the software rendering mode as an option, so this core can effectively replace the 'Mednafen PSX' core listed above.
PlayStationPCSX-ReARMedr22ARM optimized fork of PCSX-Reloaded. Supports libretro in upstream.
PC Engine & PCE-CDMednafen PCE-Fast?
PC Engine SuperGrafxMednafen SuperGrafx?
PC-FXMednafen PC-FX?
Neo-Geo Pocket?Modified fork of NeoPop.
Virtual BoyMednafen VB?
Atari 2600Stella3.9.3
Atari 5200Atari8003.1.0
Atari 7800ProSystem1.3e
Atari LynxHandy0.95
Atari Lynx?Modified fork of Handy.
Atari JaguarVirtual Jaguar2.1.0Very low FPS.
NESFCEUmm98.13mm (SVN)
NESMesenGitSupports libretro in upstream.
NESNestopia1.46-WIPSupports libretro in upstream.
Game Boy/ColorGambatte0.5.0Has an option to disable color correction.
Game Boy/ColorGearboyGitOpen source, multi-platform, GB (DMG) / GBC (CGB) emulator written in C++.
Game Boy/ColorTGB Dual0.8.3Has a split-screen mode for game linking.
Game Boy/ColorSameBoyGitExtremely accurate GB (DMG) & GBC (CGB) emulator written in portable C. Latest core update in 2018.
Game Boy AdvanceVBA-Next1.0.2Fork of VBA-M focused on speed.
Game Boy AdvanceVBA-MSVNSupports libretro in upstream.
Game Boy AdvanceMeteor1.4Supports libretro in upstream.
Game Boy Advance0.9.33.3Fork of an old version of VBA.
Game Boy AdvanceTempGBAGitPSP-only fork of gpSP.
Game Boy AdvancegpSP0.91Dynarec available for ARM.
Game Boy Advance0.9.33.3Fork of an old version of VBA.
Game Boy Advance, Game Boy/ColormGBA0.8.3
Nintendo 64Mupen64Plus2.0-rc2Fork, has significant modifications.
Nintendo 64paraLLElpre-alphaNew fork/rewrite of the Mupen64Plus core with a port of the Angrylion video plugin (Multi-threaded version also exists) to Vulkan for massive speed improvements. Highly accurate on compatible games, extremely broken on incompatible games.
Sega Systems (SG-1000, Master System, Genesis, Sega CD, Game Gear)Genesis Plus GX1.7.4Exclusive to libretro on non-GC/Wii platforms. Supports libretro in upstream.
Sega Systems (Master System, Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, Game Gear, Pico)PicoDrive1.81Exclusive to libretro on PC platforms. Supports libretro in upstream.
Sega GenesisBlastEm?
Sega SaturnMednafen Saturn?Sometimes referred to as 'Beetle Saturn'
Sega SaturnYabause0.9.13Lacks dynarec and GL renderer. Heavily outdated.
Sega SaturnKronos2.1.52nd-degree Yabause fork. Has OpenGL ES 3.0 (for mobile) / 3.1 rendering & cached interpreter CPU core (Faster than Yabause's core). Supports STV arcade.
ArcadeFinalBurn Alpha0.2.97.24Older version for use on slower platforms.
ArcadeFinalBurn Alpha0.2.97.38
ArcadeMAME 20000.37b5Old version for use on very slow platforms.
ArcadeMAME 20030.78Old version for use on slow platforms. Core updated in 2018.
ArcadeMAME 2003 Plus0.78Updated 2018 version of MAME (0.78) for libretro, with added game support and improvements.
ArcadeMAME 20100.139Old but more recent version for mobile devices.
ArcadeMAME 20140.159Very recent version for PC and other fast devices.
Arcade (LaserDisc)DAPHNEGitWIP. Arcade LaserDisc emulatoradapted to a libretro core.
Arcade (Sega Model 3)SupermodelGitWIP. Sega Model 3 arcade emulator. OpenGL-only core for now.
EverythingMAME0.188 (Git)Based on bleeding edge Git. Official merge of MESS into MAME codebase.
Nintendo DSDeSmuME 2015SVNBased on DeSmuME 2015 SVN. Has options for single-screen fullscreen with swapping.
Nintendo DSDeSmuME (New)GitHas options for single-screen fullscreen with swapping. Latest coreupdate in 2018.
Nintendo DSmelonDSGitWIP. Different emulator that aims to be more accurate than DeSmuME.
Nintendo 3DSCitraGitHas an updated 2018 core.
PSPPPSSPPGit2018: Now has working Vulkan, OpenGL & Direct3D 11 renderers. 1st core to use D3D 11.
286 and 386DOSBoxSVN
Commodore 64vice-libretro3.0WIP.
AmigaPUAE2.8.0Very old, shallow fork; based on WinUAE.
Amigalibretro-fsuaeGitCross-platform Amiga emulator; newer than old PUAE core. Based on FS-UAE 2.8.1u5.
Atari ST/STE/TT/FalconHatari1.7
MSX/SVI/ColecoVision/SG-1000blueMSX2.8.2 (SVN)
3DO4DO1.3.2.4Also runs 3DO Arcade games.
Magnavox Odyssey²/VideopacO2EM1.18
ZX SpectrumFUSE1.11
Nintendo GameCube and WiiDolphinGit2018: Now has working Direct3D 11, OpenGL & Vulkan renderers. 2nd core to use D3D 11 after PPSSPP's core.
Nintendo GameCube and WiiDolphin (Ishiiruka builds)GitWIP. Based on a custom build version of Dolphin. OpenGL renderer works, Direct3D 11 & Vulkan renderers coming soon. Can have better frame pacing/performance than the Dolphin libretro core.
Game & Watchgw-libretroGitThis emulator is actually a simulator of Game & Watch systems. This core has code from MADrigal.
Amstrad CPCCap32GitWIP
Sega DreamcastFlycastGitGreatly enhanced core based on reicast. Also runs Naomi and Atomiswave games.
Sega Dreamcastredream?
Sinclair ZX81 (for now)EightyOneGitWIP
Mattel IntellivisionFreeIntvGitWIP. Mattel Intellivision emulator. Designed for SNES era and later joypads.
Sharp X68000px68k-libretroGitPortable Sharp X68000 Emulator for PSP, Android and other platforms.
Thomson TO8/TO8DTheodoreGitLibretro core for Thomson TO8/TO8D emulation, based on Daniel Coulom's DCTO8D emulator.

Game Engine[edit]

Cave StoryNXEngine1.0.0.4
ChaiLovelibretro-chailove0.20.0Open-source framework for making 2D games in C++ with ChaiScript (eg. Floppy Bird).
FlashbackREminiscenceGitPort of the game engine recreation of the spiritual successor to Another World/Out of this World.
Lua Engine (Lutro)libretro-lutrov1WIP. Experimental lua game framework that follows the LÖVE API. Sample games include Snake, Tetris and Pong.
LucasArt Game EnginesScummVM1.6.0Requires loading games inside its own GUI, does not load games from RetroArch's Load Content option.
OutRunCannonBall0.3Complete rewrite of the Outrun arcade game into portable C++ written in 2014 by Chris White. Has many enhancements. The libretro version has analog axis and triggers support alongside a new 120Hz mode.
Quake IIvitaQuakeII2.2
Rick Dangerousxrick-libretro1.0.0.6Open-source implementation of the game Rick Dangerous. Core based on BigOrno's work.
RPG Maker 2000/2003EasyRPG0.4.1
Tomb Raider #1-5OpenLara2017-04-24WIP. Available for 32bit/64bit Windows & Linux. Has many enhancements over the original games.

Standalone Game[edit]

Libretro Github Program

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Github Libretro Reicast

FFmpegMedia Player
Modelviewer3D Tech Demo
SceneWalker3D Tech Demo
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External Links[edit]

  • - Main website of the libretro project.
  • libretro GitHub organization - Source code for RetroArch and the various cores maintained by the libretro project.
  • Online libretro database (RetroArch uses the same database for scanning your game collection)
  • Various donation sources (Not just Patreon only)
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In an announcement, the Libretro / RetroArch mentioned how the Libretro / RetroArch organization on GitHub was attacked by hackers and they managed to do quite a bit of damage.

While restoration is ongoing, some of it is going to be more difficult. In the announcement, they mentioned the scale of the damage that was done comes down to:

  • He accessed our buildbot server and crippled the nightly/stable buildbot services, and the netplay lobby service. Right now, the Core Updater won’t work. The websites for these have also been rendered inaccessible for the moment
  • He gained access to our Libretro organization on Github impersonating a very trusted member of the team and force-pushed a blank initial commit to a fair percentage of our repositories, effectively wiping them. He managed to do damage to 3 out of 9 pages of repositories. RetroArch and everything preceding it on page 3 has been left intact before his access got curtailed.

GitHub themselves have replied (source) to mentioned they can't help, so they're now relying on local backups and Git history from their developers to get it back to where it was online.

Some good news though: for users they said no Cores or RetroArch installs should be considered compromised, as the attacker was too busy with wiping things and being a nuisance. However, thanks to it the Core installer is offline as are the 'Update Assets', 'Update Overlays', 'Update Shaders' functions.

Also mentioned is how they didn't have automated backups of their buildbot, a service which helps to automate building the application and testing. Something that's generally vital for larger projects. They said it's due to funding, as they don't have enough for it with a note about supporting them on Patreon to help.

This is another reminder of: backups, backups—backups! More than that though, it's also an example of why two factor authentication is also vitally important. This little detail was left out of their announcement, but they didn't force 2FA which appears to be how the attacker actually got in. Speaking on Twitter, they mentioned how some developers felt it was 'too much of a pain' and they didn't want to lose those contributors. Well, was it worth it? Let's hope proper security will be implemented now.

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