Merge Columns In Tableau


In this article we are briefly going to cover how to add more columns to Tableau. As you are probably finding out that once you add more than 6.

Right-click or Ctrl-click (MacOS) a selected field and if the merge is valid, the Merge Fields menu option appears. If you see No options available when you right-click the field, this is because the fields are not eligible to merge. For example trying to merge two fields from the same input. Click Merge Fields to merge the selected fields. You can use Tableau’s inbuilt pivot method as below, without reshaping in source. CTRL Select all 3 dimensions you want to merge, and click on pivot. You will get your new reshaped data as below, delete other columns: Finally build your view. I hope this answers.

Tableau starts concatenating the columns after, which might not be what you are trying to show on your dashboard. If your view looks similar to the image below, where Country & Category are showing as one column. Then follow the steps listed below to fix this issue

In order to show more columns, All you would need to do is go to

Analysis > Table Layout > Advanced

Afterwards change the Value of default 6 from Rows (Maximum level of row labels & Maximum levels of horizontal row labels ) as shown below to 16, which is the max amount of columns Tableau allows, as of now.

There is a trick where we can show more than 16 which we will cover in a video.


Once you entire the desired amount of columns you need (max 16) click Apply. Your data would look more like below now

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Thats it!!!