Merge Two Excel Spreadsheets With Same Columns


How to merge two tables by matching a column in Excel?

Supposing you have two tables in two different sheets, one is main table, and the other is new data table. Now you want to merge these two tables by a matching column and update the data as below screenshot shown, how can you quickly solve it in Excel? In this article, I will introduce the tricks on combining two tables by a column quickly.

Merge two tables by a column with VLOOKUP
Merge two tables by a column with Tables Merge function
Merge multiple tables by column headers into one sheet with Kutools for Excel

Merge two tables by a column with VLOOKUP

To merge two tables by a column matching, you can apply VLOOUP function.

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1. Select a blank cell next to the main table you, C2 for instance. See screenshot:

Learn how to merge data from multiple worksheets based on a matching key column in Excel without using VLOOKUP function.#excel #data #merge #tutorial. Merge two tables by a column with VLOOKUP To merge two tables by a column matching, you can apply VLOOUP function. Select a blank cell next to the main table you, C2 for instance. If the rows in both tables match up, you can merge the columns of one table with another—by pasting them in the first empty cells to the right of the table. In this case also, the table will increase to accommodate the new columns.

2. Enter this formula =IFERROR(VLOOKUP($A2,Sheet2!$A$1:$C$6,COLUMN(A1),FALSE),') into it, then drag the autofill handle right until blank cell appears, and then drag the fill handle down to the cells needed this formula. See screenshot:

3. You can add the new column headers to the merged table. See screenshot:

Merge two tables by a column with Tables Merge function

The LOOKUP function will be little troublesome for you, but fortunately, there is a helpful function Tables Merge in Kutools for Excel which can quickly add and update new items in the main table based on another table.

with more than 300 handy functions, makes your jobs more easier.

1. Select the main table you want to use to update and merge with another, click Kutools Plus > Tables Merge.

2. Then in the Tables Merge wizard dialog, select the lookup table in Select the lookup table textbox, check the options if the tables have headers.

3. Click Next, in step 2 of the wizard, check the key column you want to merge based on.

4. Click Next, in step 3 of wizard, check the column(s) you want to update the data.

Merge 2 excel columns and keep data

5. Click Next to next step, check the new column(s) you want to add to the main data.

6. Click Next, in the last step, you need to set some options for the new items, such as highlighted the updated ones with background color.

7. Click Finish. The main table has been updated and added with new items.

Merge multiple tables by column headers into one sheet with Kutools for Excel

If you want to merge multiple tables across sheets or workbooks by column headers into a single sheet as below screenshot shown, you can apply the powerful Combine function of Kutools for Excel to quickly solve it.

After installing Kutools for Excel, please do as below:(Free Download Kutools for Excel Now!)

1. Enable Excel and click Kutools Plus > Combine, and in the popping dialog, check Combine multiple worksheets from workbooks into one worksheet. See screenshot:

2. Then click Next to go to Step 2 of 3 dialog, and add the workbooks by clicking Add button, then select the sheet names you want to merge from Worksheet list section. See screenshot:

Merge two excel spreadsheets with same columns using

Match And Merge Excel Spreadsheets

3. Click Next to go to Step 3 of 3 dialog. In the last step of the dialog, specify the title row number into it, here is one, also you can specify other setting options as you need. See screenshot:


4. Click Finish, a dialog pops out for choosing a folder to place the merged new workbook. And click Save to go to first one Kutools for Excel dialog which remind you whether open the combined workbook, click Yes to open it or no, and then the second Kutools for Excel dialog pops out for reminding you to save this combine scenario, click any options as you need.

Now the sheets have been merged into one single sheet based on column headers.

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    there is no option for table merge in kutools plus as i can see , ihave downloaded it just now yet there isnt any option like that, Lame explanation
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      Hello, satwik. The Merge Table function is released in KTE 17.00 and later version, you can free download one of them to have a try.
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    these directions are terrible. I am an engineer, and I have no DAMN clue how to use this tool. You leep and skip steps and explanations. Awful ability to train.
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      Sorry the tutorial is too complex for you to understand. For more detail on Tables Merge, you can visit this site:
      Hope it can help you.

Users of UW-Madison's institutional Tableau workbooks may need to pull data from one Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into another spreadsheet. This KB article explains how, by using an Excel formula called vLookup.

How does the vLookup formula work?

Merge Two Excel Spreadsheets With Same Columns Free

Excel's vLookup formula pulls data from one spreadsheet into another by matching on a unique identifier located in both spreadsheets. For example, we want to add a column for email address but that data exists on a separate spreadsheet. vLookup can pull email addresses from Spreadsheet 2 into Spreadsheet 1 by matching CampusID 555123123 in both spreadsheets.

  1. Locate where you want the data to go. Click that cell only once.

  2. At the top, go to the Formulas tab and click Lookup & Reference.

  3. Select vLookup

  4. Excel’s vLookup wizard will pop up. We’ll walk through each part of the formula.

  5. Lookup_value
    Find the Unique Identifier (lookup value). It is usually in the same row as the empty cell you selected.
    Click once on the Unique Identifier so that the cell position will automatically fill in. In this example it is cell B2.

  6. Go to the next field, Table_array (click in it once). In Spreadsheet 2 highlight the table containing the info you want, starting with the Unique ID.

    In this example, Excel looks up Campus ID 555123123 in the first highlighted column of Spreadsheet 2.
    Note: Make sure each Unique ID is listed only once in the table_array (on the second spreadsheet) so that vLookup retrieves the correct value. For example, if 555123123 is duplicated in the table_array, where Student [email protected] is the email in one row and Student [email protected] in the other, Excel will choose one of the emails for you.
  7. Go to Col_index_num (click in it once). This identifies which column contains the information you want from Spreadsheet 2.
    Type the number of columns your field is from the Unique ID, where the Unique ID is 1. Here, the Email field is the third column.
  8. Go to Range_lookup (click in it once). Type FALSE to search for exact matches. The result will look something like this:

  9. Finally, copy and paste the formula to pull emails for the rest of the column.
    (Note: if your table array is in the same Excel workbook, put $ signs around the cell values, similar to the example below. This ensures that you reference the correct cells in the table array, meaning that the table array does not shift down when you paste the formula down. See Advanced Tip below for more details.)
vLookup Shortcut
If you feel comfortable with the vLookup tool instructions above, you can type the formula directly in the cell instead of using the wizard.
  1. Type the beginning of the formula: =VLOOKUP(
    The formula guide will appear below.
    (Note: You may notice Excel displays the formula in 2 places: the formula bar above and directly in the cell. You can edit the formula in either place.)

  2. Follow the guide and enter each value. Remember to insert a comma between each value.
  3. Insert a closed parenthesis ) and hit Enter. The end result will look like something like this:
    =VLOOKUP(B2,'[Spreadsheet Name.xlsx]SheetName'!$B$1:$E$11,3,FALSE)
  4. Finally, copy and paste the formula to pull emails for the rest of the column. Keep relative references in mind and use $ signs where necessary. (See Advanced Tip below for more details.)
How to merge two excel sheets with same columnsAdvanced Tip on Relative References
The position of the lookup value (Unique ID) in relation to the vLookup formula is maintained when you copy and paste. If you paste the formula one cell down (to E3), it looks up the Unique ID that is also one cell down (B3). The same is true when copying right, left or up.

Excel Combine Two Tables With Same Columns

In other words, the formula will stay x number of columns and y number of rows away from the lookup value – no matter where you paste the formula. In our example, the formula is the fourth column from the CampusID and in the same row. No matter where you paste the formula (in this example), it will always look up the cell that is the fourth cell to the left in the same row.
However, it is possible to lock cells in place by inserting 1 or more $ signs. This means, no matter where you paste the formula, it will always reference the same cell.When copying and pasting the formula, use the $ sign to lock in cells.

How To Merge Two Excel Files With Same Columns

  • To lock in the lookup value in cell B1, insert $ signs before the column and the row:
  • To lock in the column only, insert a $ before B only.
  • To lock in the row only, insert a $ before 1 only.

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Combine Two Columns In Excel With Comma

ODMAS) at [email protected].
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