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If you want flexibility for new worksheet, you'll probably want to create a procedure to loop through your sheets and add any new country names to your master (merged) sheet. Once you get your merged sheets, you can use Excel's extensive formulas to grab the data you want from each sheet. On the Excel ribbon, go to the Ablebits tab, Merge group, click Copy Sheets, and choose one of the following options: Copy sheets in each workbook to one sheet and put the resulting sheets to one workbook. Merge the identically named sheets to one. Copy the selected sheets to one workbook.

To combine multiple Excel workbooks, you need to use a code that can either let you choose the files that you want to combine or you can refer to a particular path location and combine all Excel files there in the current workbook.

VBA Combine Multiple Workbooks

You can use the following code where it uses the location that I have mentioned in the path variable (a folder from my system’s desktop).

Merge two worksheets in excel c#

Steps to Combine Excel Files using VBA

  1. Open the visual basic editor (make sure to activate the developer tab if you have it on the ribbon already on the ribbon).
  2. After that, locate the current workbook from the project window (control + r) and insert a new module there.
  3. You’ll have a code window in the module (double click on it) where you need to paste the code that you have (as it is).
  4. From here, you need to change the value for the path variable with the folder location where you have all the Excel files that you want to combine.
  5. In the end, run the code and you get all the worksheets from the workbook in the current file.

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Merge Two Worksheets In Excel

This code opens each file one by one and copies each worksheet from it one by one and pastes it to the current file with the same name. Following is the same code but with the screen updating false at the starting to perform everything at the backend.

Merge Two Worksheets In Excel Vba

Note: If you want to learn to combine data from multiple workbooks into a single table make sure to check out this guide.

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1. Open Excel 2010 and locate the workbook containing the worksheets that will be merged. Click the 'File' tab and select the 'Open' icon. Find the workbook and double-click it.
2. Click in the next blank worksheet in the workbook. Select the 'Data' tab. Click 'Consolidate.' The Consolidate dialog box opens.
3. Select the function you will use to merge the data. If you are adding the merged values, select 'Sum.' Click the red box in the reference section.

Merge Spreadsheets In Excel 2010

4. Click the worksheet that contains the first set of data that will be merged. Highlight the range and click the 'Add' button. Select the worksheet containing the second set of data that will be merged. Highlight the range and click the 'Add' button.
5. Select the option that displays the location of the row or column headers in this merged data. Select either 'Top Row,' 'Left Column' or both. Click 'OK.' The data is merged in the new worksheet.

How To Merge Two Worksheets In Excel 2016

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