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  2. ????Discord - パンダの部屋 - →????詳細は以下のブログ記事を読んでね → ✅チャンネル登録はこちら????MHWのMOD導入手順????MHWのオススメ見た目変更MOD -.

Mhw Discord Emoji

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Here's the OBS log:
Here's sort of what I was doing while the log was capturing:
  1. Opened MHW in dx12
  2. Opened after crashing, where it launched in dx11 mode (no issue)
  3. Disabled Discord overlay
  4. Restarted the game in DX12 mode
  5. Game did not crash

If I try to hook the game during play, it crashes. If OBS is active while the game is booting up, I get the following error from MHW:

This issue only occurs when the game is running in DX12 mode.
The following settings are enabled in the game capture:

Mhw Modding Discord

  • Limit capture framerate
  • Capture Cursor
  • Use anti-cheat compatibility hook
If I do not have the anti-cheat compatibility hook, the game terminates abruptly without the fatal error pop-up.
If I disable the Discord Overlay, the game does not crash.
This probably isn't a high-priority issue since it's obviously a conflict with the Discord overlay/the anti-cheat MHW works, but I have not seen this issue mentioned when searching. I'm wondering if there is a way around this, because I do enjoy using both DX12 and the Discord overlay.