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The reason you see the Sigil in the sidebar of this site is because through my study of a large amount of texts and interactions with associates (those described listed above), I have determined that my aim, mindset, and beliefs are kindred to the ONA. Sure there are some variances and disagreements, but nothing that would warrant throwing the. 50 Sigils in Medieval and Renaissance Occult Texts.pdf 51 Sinister Dialectics, Aeonic Sorcery, Logos, and The Enigma of The O9A.pdf 52 Some Advice For Neophytes.pdf. The Order of the Nine Angles, O9A, is despised by the Satanic community. Any shop found selling their insignia is boycotted and publicly vilified until the O9A material is withdrawn. A prominent Luciferian philosopher, the 'left hand path ideologue' Michael Ford, has written books of magic about The Order of Nine Angles and written books for them. Jun 02, 2016 The chants and sigil which the O9A present for the conjuration of Noctulius do not appear anywhere in this article. The Nature of Noctulius Among the Dark Gods of the ONA are multiple aspects of the Devil: Satan, Lucifer, Shaitan, and Noctulius.

Required :
Civit perfume/oil
Black candles
Square parchment of woven paper
Silver pin
Quill – type pen
Petriochor incense

Time of Ritual :
Sunset at Full Moon

The Ritual :
Incense the room/Temple area or chosen locality with the incense and light the candles. Take a bath perfuming the water with the oil – if outdoors, bathe in a lake/stream and use the oil after this. Return to the Temple area.
Visualize for several minutes the following sigil:

then vibrate three times ‘ Noctulius. ‘ Chant or vibrate after this the following : ‘ Suscipe, Atazoth, munus quod tibi offerimus, memoriam recolentes Noctulius. ‘
Lightly prick your left thumb with the pin and with the pen, using the blood, inscribe the following sigil on the parchment :

Show this parchment first to the West, then South, East and North saying ‘ With this sign I seal my quest! ‘ Then burn part of the parchment in one of the candle flames, laying the partially burnt parchment between the candles.
Raise your arms above you and visualize the moon ( if outdoors and the sky is clear and the moon is visible, look directly at the moon ) and imagine energy flowing from the moon and into you. Draw the energy into yourself, then imagine it flowing gently away, drawn into the Earth by your feet.
After the visualization, extinguish the candles with your thumb and finger and leave the Temple area. As soon as possible thereafter, take the parchment as cast it into a fast flowing river or stream. The ritual is then complete.

O9a Sigil Of Fire

O9a Sigil

O9a Sigils

Note : If possible, arrange the ritual outdoors in the vicinity of a stream/river on a night when the full moon is visible.