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Right click on start-tor-browser.desktop, open Properties and change the permission to Allow executing file as program by clicking the checkbox. Double-click the icon to start up Tor Browser for the first time. Alternatively, from inside the Tor Browser directory, you can also start from the command line by running. At the bottom of the page, next to the 'View the Tor logs' text, click the button 'View Logs.' Alternatively, on GNU/Linux, to view the logs right in the terminal, navigate to the Tor Browser directory and launch the Tor Browser from the command line by running. Open the Tor browser, and click on ‘connect.’ Voila, after a couple of seconds you’ll be on the Welcome to Tor browser page! Tor settings configuration that increase speed: The most well-known drawback that haunts the Tor browser is how excruciatingly slow the browser can get.

Open In Tor Browser
  1. Talking about the Tor Browser, it’s indeed a great browser that makes the user anonymous. However, Tor also has few drawbacks, like it considerably reduces your internet speed. That’s why users search for Tor Browser alternatives. Thankfully, there are a few best TOR browser available on the web which you can use to keep yourself anonymous.
  2. Set aside a distinct and clearly marked copy of Tor Browser then follow this guide to use Tor Browser with an upstream transproxy, this will make Tor Browser disable its own proxying and just connect directly. You can skip the bits about the control port and ignore the Tor Button errors since you're not using Tor at all.

You should be able to start browsing the web using Tor Browser shortly after running the program, and clicking the “Connect” button if you are using it for the first time.


If Tor Browser doesn’t connect, there may be a simple solution.Try each of the following:

  • Your computer’s system clock must be set correctly, or Tor will not be able to connect.
  • Make sure another Tor Browser or instance of 'Tor' is not already running on your system.If you’re not sure if Tor Browser is running, restart your computer.
  • Make sure that any antivirus program you have installed is not preventing Tor from running.You may need to consult the documentation for your antivirus software if you do not know how to do this.
  • Temporarily disable your firewall.
  • If Tor Browser was working before and is not working now your system may have been hibernating.A reboot of your system will solve the issue.
  • Delete Tor Browser and install it again.If updating, do not just overwrite your previous Tor Browser files; ensure they are fully deleted beforehand.


In most cases, taking a look at the Tor logs can be helpful in diagnosing the issue.If you’re having trouble connecting, an error message may appear and you can select the option to 'copy Tor log to clipboard'.Then paste the Tor log into a text file or other document.

If you don't see this option and you have Tor Browser open, you can navigate to the hamburger menu ('≡'), then click on 'Preferences', and finally on 'Tor' in the side bar.At the bottom of the page, next to the 'View the Tor logs' text, click the button 'View Logs...'.

Alternatively, on GNU/Linux, to view the logs right in the terminal, navigate to the Tor Browser directory and launch the Tor Browser from the command line by running:

./start-tor-browser.desktop --verbose

Or to save the logs to a file (default: tor-browser.log):

./start-tor-browser.desktop --log [file]

Tor Browser Open Source

More information on this can be found on the Support Portal.


If you still can’t connect, your Internet Service Provider might be censoring connections to the Tor network.Read the Circumvention section for possible solutions.


Tor Browser is under constant development, and some issues are known about but not yet fixed.Please check the Known Issues page to see if the problem you are experiencing is already listed there.

The popularity of the Tor Browser has risen very rapidly over the last period of time. It was originally developed by the US Naval Research Lab in the mid-1990s to allow government officials to communicate in an anonymous and secure manner.

Nowadays, most people tend to use the Tor Browser because it gives them the freedom to keep their privacy and anonymity on the internet.

What is Tor?

The Tor browser is also known by another name, the Onion router, and is a Flagship/significant product of the Tor project.

A team of developers and some of the Tor Browser volunteers have successfully managed to create a browser by modifying a version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser that allows users to browse the internet anonymously.

It involves a number of volunteer relays where Internet traffic bounces and guarantees that the user is not monitored. Once the user is done with surfing, the Tor Browser itself terminates the session by removing or disabling a range of confidential data such as user history, HTTP cookies, etc.

Tor browser is also very famous for its ability to give its user access to sites of the Deep Web and Dark Web, which users cannot use with common browsers like Firefox, Chrome.

Why is it required to disable JavaScript in the tor browser?

JavaScript is required to be disabled in the Tor browser for many security reasons. In 2013 it was discovered that many earlier versions of the Tor browser are vulnerable to JavaScript attacks as JavaScript provides the attacker/hacker a backdoor that tries to track the user by using their provided session details.

How to turn off JavaScript in the Tor browser?

To disable the JavaScript in the Tor Browser, follow the following steps:

1. Open the tor browser by double-clicking on its icon.

2. Now search for the menu symbol which is located mostly on the top-right side of the browser and click on it as shown below:

Open Tor Browser In Windows 10

3. Once the menu gets opened, look for the 'Options' in the following options and click on it to open the tor browser preferences.

4. When the settings tab gets opened, click on the 'Settings and Privacy' option located on the left side and search for the Security option in the given options.

5. Now to turn off JavaScript, click on the 'Safest' option and close the settings tab.

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The Onion Browser Tor

The Tor browser also has an alternative way to disable JavaScript, which is to use the 'NoScript' feature of the Tor browser to disable all scripts in the browser.

The Onion Project

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