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Being unfamiliar with practical magic – yet very familiar with energies and spirit energies – I decided to try out Sigil Magic for the very first time. This will be a long going project for me, and I will test different methods and tweak the basic sigil representing the Lust Current. So this is the first results of it, and this is what I achieved:

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I based the sigil of the basic and primal connection between the male (Mars) and female (Venus), using these symbols:

Well, first of all, creating a sigil for yourself is a great way to make your intentions and desires clear and to ensure that, thanks to the law of magical attraction, the universe and energy conspire so that you can achieve them.

When putting these two signs together as a complete sign, the result was this:


A version of the symbol of Lucifer, used by some modern Satanists. The first Dota 2 marketplace, in which anyone can not only buy Dota 2 items he likes, but also automatically put their Dota 2 items on sale and get real money on an online wallet.

Putting these individual symbols together, represents the connection and bond between the male and the female, hence, creating the basics of attraction. As a sigil, it’s very powerful, but it doesn’t have an actual target to lock on. Even if it picks up attraction from the opposite sex, it doesn’t have a “fishing rod” and a “bait” to catch with. So it basically act as a “radar” to pick up attraction, nothing more. It’s still an important foundation, but I tweaked and enhanced it with Pagan/Wiccan symbols within an added and extended ring around the basic circle. These are the symbols I used:

On the top of the sigil, I used the sign for Woman’s Body Fluids; Milk, Blood and Secretion. I found that symbol appropriate. The sign looks like an expanded version of the letter “M”.

On the right side of the sigil, I used the sign for Magic Arrow; Issuing Forth, which is determination towards any target the basic sigil picks up.

On the bottom right side of the sigil, I used the Triple Goddess sign of the Maiden, Mother and Crone. Another magical enhancement for influential purposes.

On the bottom left side of the sigil, I used the sign for Physical And Magical Strength to enhance my own connection to the sigil.


And the last symbol I used, was the Cord, which is on the top left side. The cord that binds the target towards me.

This is how the final sigil looks like:

My First Impression Of The “Basic” Sigil

My first impression of the “basic” sigil was that it wasn’t as effective as I hoped it would be. But, because it was charged, it did come with functionality to it. A properly charged sigil seems to come with some kind of energetic responsiveness to it, depending on how you perceive energies. In my case, the “basic” sigil had the functionality to pick up subconscious attraction from women around and near me. Since I’ve had my sigil in my wallet, which I had in my right front pocket. When the sigil picked up the emotional response of attraction, my right pocket got very hot, indicated that someone nearby had some kind of interest and attraction towards me. But the flaw of that particular sigil was that it didn’t target the specific woman who was attracted/interested in me. That’s a real bummer, huh? But since the sigil responded towards the “signal of interest”, makes it a perfect foundation to tweak and making it more effective. And if your self confidence is low when it comes to the opposite sex, the response from the sigil can work as a nice boost there. You know, through that sigil, that there are women that find you attractive.

But What About The Enhanced Sigil?

I’m not satisfied with the new, personal, sigil. It’s not as responsive as the basic sigil, even though I feel vibration and heat from it. Maybe the smaller sigils within the ring wasn’t charged enough? Or maybe it was wrong sigils to find and bind a target towards me? Or maybe the sigil couldn’t find anyone responsive enough?

Considering that this was my first attempt at these kind of magic, I still consider this a mildly successful approach to it. It’s interesting, and it sure put my creative side to test. More will come, for sure.

To consume is natural, to create is sacred - st. Mars

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Personal sigil

Sacredism is my philosophy.

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All art is sacred. All art is devine. Man is the art of God. Man is also the paintbrush of God. The creations of men are the creations of God. Art is spiritual. - sacredism

All art is sacred. Art is not natural; art is supernatural. The arts are distinctly human.

People are our planet's greatest commodity. As an artist, I see all of human's greatest achievements as products of ingenuity & creativity.

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All humans have equal divine worth. Divine? Yes! Even an atheist has to agree that a beautiful person is the most amazing art! We were designed; even if you don't believe in a God, we are interconnected with some kind of creative force. Even when we create, our art is divine.


Creating A Personal Sigil

You are sacred! What you create is as unique as your fingerprint. Now, turn on your divine imagination, and go create something!

Luv, st. Mars

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