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  • Enjoy games, right? The type doesn't matter, what matters is the place to share your experiences. Here's your chance! Plasma Gaming's a gaming community like no other! Featuring: - Fun and Safe Community! Join Plasma Gaming today!. Join this Server. 7 days ago ( 1 review ) Minecraft Lounge. Sandbox Games 163.
  • Plasma Gaming Discord Server. Enjoy games, right? The type doesn't matter, what matters is the place to share your experiences. Here's your chance! Plasma Gaming's a gaming community like no other! Featuring: Fun and Safe Community!

Plasma is a multipurpose bot, giving you enterprise invite management and giveaway creation! T his past week, Discord announced a new feature which helps to bridge interactions between users and bots. For the website, just delete the links off Discord and announce the results. The support server for the Discord Bot, Plasma!

Make Web 3.0 Scalable</h1>n

Faster, Cheaper, and Interoperable Ethereum Compatible
Smart Contract Platform on Polkadot.</p>','phone':'

Make Web3.0
Plasma Scalable</h1>n

Faster, Cheaper, and Interoperable
Ethereum Compatible
nSmart Contract Platform on

Faster, Cheaper, and Interoperable Ethereum Compatible
Smart Contract Platform on Polkadot.


Develop your
decentralized applications
on Plasm Network.

Scalable From Day 1

Plasm Network is a multi-virtual machines scalable smart
contract platform on Polkadot supporting cutting edge
layer 2 like Rollups.


Polkadot Parachain

Polkadot Relaychain doesn’t support smart contracts by design. We are building a smart platform to support the Polkadot Relaychain.

Ethereum Compatibility

Plasm supports EVM, ECDSA, and Solidity. You can deploy Ethereum compatible smart contracts with Metamask and Remix.

Open Source

Plasm is a trust-free and decentralized open source product.

Smart Contract

Multi-Virtual Machine scalable smart contract platform.

DApps Reward

We provide a basic income to developers who make DApps on Plasm Network.

Decentralized Governance

On-Chain governance will be supported and we aim to make a DAO.

And more

We have a lot of additional features. Please check out our docs.

Plasm Mainnet Beta

This is where you can make production applications. The “Beta” suffix will be removed in the future.


Dusty Network is a testnet of Plasm Network. The native token is PLD. You can deploy your dApps here first.

Rococo Parachain Testnet

Rococo is a Polkadot’s testnet. You can test cross-chain messaging passing functions here. This network is under the active developments now.

  • Launch of the Plasm Network Minimum Testnet

    Launch of the Plasm Network minimum testnet (Miniplasm)

  • Launch of the Plasm Network Testnet v3

    Start of the Testnet Lockdrop. Implementation of Operator trading modules. Implementation of dApps Rewards modules.

  • Start of the Mainnet Lockdrop

    Start of the Mainnet Lockdrop (ETH only), March 15th.

  • Launch of the Plasm Network Mainnet

    Implementation of OVM Modules and Mainnet launch

  • Ethereum Compatibility and Layer 2 Solutions

    Support Solidity smart contracts and implementation of layer 2 solutions like Rollups

  • Governance and Staking

    Governance and nominated Proof of Stake

  • Polkadot Parachain

    Plasm Network becomes a Polkadot Parachain and supports various applications

  • Plasm Network 2.0

    Implementation of the Ethereum bridge and middleware protocols like DEX

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Plasm Documentations
Plasm Homepage


Substrate Builders Program
Web3 foundation Grants Program

However, do keep in mind what @PLASMA chicken pointed out: The limit of 100 is set with reasons. Jamie Bowen Jamie Bowen. Backup Interval. Prefix:-Server Count . In stead of using 5, 10 or 15+ different bots in your server. We’re here to help you grow & manage your Discord community. InviteLogger is a discord bot that tracks every invites from your discord server. Command Usage Example Requires auth; Summon!summon: Forces the bot to join or move to a channel. This will take you to the Poll Bot site, which hosts a Discord bot that can run polls within Discord. Blazing fast response . Invite Management; Message Management; MessageTop ; see who the most active people are in your guild! Add the new InviteLogger to your server! ... Is there a command to ADD levels to someone. Eli is a cute high quality multi purpose discord bot with over 200 commands. s/vote [Sends instructions on how to vote for the bot.]. Xenon Bot Discord Backups, Templates and More Premium Invite. Carl-bot Dashboard Carl-bot is a fully customizable and modular discord bot featuring reaction roles, automod, logging, custom commands suggestions, music, high uptime, autoroles, embeds, starboard, autofeeds, repeating messages, reminders, triggers and more! And if you use bot instead of client, simply rename client from @Shifu's code into bot. PLASMA chicken. Not Helpful 11 Helpful 17. buy - Purchase items and games with currency. Try out Eli Bot and replace most of them! Blackmarket. If you are still experiencing a problem, please join the Support Server and create a new ticket. client.command() is a function that returns a … Settings. Plus, they are free, and most of them come with a premium offer that gives you a whole set of other features to use along with the existing free features. And it's got a game that is proven to increase server engagements. Roleplay. Start a game of Uno. This command also reverts all the settings to the default values when you want to quickly reset them. Piggy the best discord levelling bot you can have! I think Poll Bot has a command to end the poll. You also can't bulk delete messages older than 2 weeks. Well, it does a bunch of stuff right now, the best way to figure out what it does is to try it out by adding it onto a testing server and see what it provides for yourself. Song does not resume, everything else … Simple to use but still fantastic! Pancake is an easy to use, high-quality, multi-purpose Discord music bot with moderation, fun, and more! Announcements. Join Plasma's discord server Report Add Plasma Upvote Plasma. 2. Pancake Pancake is a high quality, multipurpose bot for your Discord server. Plasma Bot. Around July 2020 my master created me as Multipurpose servant, the main purpose is focused on DotA 2 utilities, but over time we also have Mod, crypto, utils, economy and anime commands and a of course a bunch NSFW stuff to satisfied yer horny. Customizable. The best music bot for Discord. Other. Info. Eli has features ranging from welcome messages, autoroles & reaction roles to giveaways, starboard, economy & gambling. Home ... Only one command is needed for the setup of this bot, m!setup. You can search Discord servers by your interest like Gaming, Anime, Music, etc. Moderate your server with a set of powerful commands. Tips. InviteLogger is and will remain stable. !ghelp - shows the available commands!gcreate - creates a giveaway (interactive setup)!gstart

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