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Pokimane bot is officially coming back to life we are reviving her and bring her in to run as a 24/7 project now. She will be online 24/7 and might experience very little downtime. We plan to add features such as the following:. Brand new rebranding for logos, colors. Lijst van Discord-servers met de pokimane trefwoord. Vind hier een geweldige server om je bij aan te sluiten!



“Pokimane is a unique, fun, multi-purpose, and entertaining bot, the bot is completely family friendly and has loads of features to check out.”


Some of the cool features include:

  • Always online 24/7.
  • Free 2 day premium trial.
  • Voter rewards.
  • Achievements System unlike any other.
  • User profiles.
  • Image generation.
  • Meme generation.
  • Latest corona virus stats.
  • Images and facts of animals like, birds, cats, dogs, koalas, foxes, and pandas.
  • Tons of roasts to roast your friends with.
  • And more.

Data Storing:

  • Pokimane bot stores data such as your discord id, how many times you have used commands, how many messages you have sent, and more.
  • All data collected is stored in a secure file only developers have access to, and all data has a backup created for it.


  • Github: https://github.com/xXCaulDevsYT
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/PuddinArts
  • Premium: http://pokimanebot.glitch.me/premium.html
  • Website: http://home.pokimane.xyz
  • About: http://pokimanebot.glitch.me/about.html
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