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Using Microsoft Teams for RealWear. RealWear is a rugged, head-mounted device designed to keep your hands free while you’re using it. Microsoft Teams for RealWear lets you speak voice commands in Teams to launch a video call with a remote engineer to help troubleshoot and resolve issues. The Realwear headset is an Android device running a modified version of the Teams client, the device can participate in one to one adhoc MS Teams calls, can join scheduled meetings and Channel. This Part 2 in series Microsoft Teams on RealWear DIY video will get you acquainted with getting started with Microsoft Teams on RealWear (Public Preview) on.

This article covers the Microsoft Teams client for RealWear head-mounted wearables. Frontline Workers using RealWear HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 can now collaborate with a remote expert using video calling on Teams. Through a voice-controlled user interface, Teams for RealWear allows field workers to remain 100% hands-free while maintaining situational awareness in loud and hazardous environments. By showing what they see in real-time, field workers can accelerate the time to resolve issues and reduce the risk of an expensive downtime.

Create rich Teams experiences across multiple industries on the ground without sacrificing performance or time using hardware integrations with the the RealWear headset. Shop RealWear headset Teams Devices as a Service. Teams GA is here for RealWear. Safely empower and connect your Firstline Workforce. Teams GA for RealWear enables Improved Video experience and Join Meetings. Communicate in real-time for both planned and unplanned collaboration.

How to deploy Microsoft Teams for RealWear

  • RealWear devices updated to release 11.2 or above. More information here.
  • Access to RealWear Foresight for distributing the Microsoft Teams client for Realwear.

Required Licenses

Realwear Teams Commands

Microsoft Teams licenses are part of Microsoft 365 and Office 365 subscriptions. No additional licensing is required to use Teams for RealWear. For more information about getting Teams, check out How do I get access to Microsoft Teams.

Managing RealWear devices

Microsoft Endpoint Manager

RealWear devices can be managed using Android Device Administrator mode. Support for management via Android Enterprise is limited, as the devices currently don't have Google Mobile Services (GMS) available.

Realwear Teams Demo

  • To learn more about managing RealWear devices on Microsoft Endpoint Manager, see Android device administrator enrollment in Intune.
  • For more details on policies, see How to use Intune in environments without Google Mobile Services.

Third-party Enterprise Mobility Managers (EMMs)

For guidance on third-party EMMs, see Supported Enterprise Mobility Management Providers.

End-user content

For further reading on this from an end-user perspective, please check out Using Microsoft Teams for RealWear.