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  1. Gamer's getaway discord server! Discord Nitro Giveaway at 350 Members!!!! We are a brand new server looking to build a gaming community! We encourage you to stay and be apart of the growing community! From gaming to memes, we have it so join now!!!
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DiscordHello farmers, We are very excited to introduce the newest addition to our subreddit. Discord is a text and VoIP application that is available as a web interface, desktop client, and a mobile app.

By default, the bot is set to send posts to your Discord server immediately after you set your reddit, so you can stop it by using the stopreddit command. Tip: If you wish to change the channel where subreddit posts must be sent to, use the setchannel command in the new channel. If you encounter issues, be sure to use the issue command.

Reddit Discord
Discord is super easy to join! We’ll have a forever link in the sidebar that anyone can use. Join us using this link, We recommend that you use your farm name or reddit name as your discord nickname, followed by your neighborhood name. For example, I’m AlmostaFarm (Woot Valley). You can change this later when you need to. When you get there, please check the announcements channel for the rules.
We have added various channels to our Hay Day server to help farmers recruit new neighbors, trade with each other, share tips and strategies and to socialize with one another.
  • Recruitment- For those of you who like to talk to your potential recruits it very easy to share the link and you can pm/dm as much as you need.
  • Trade- Post on the subreddit saying what you need and what you have to trade and work out the details with a real time conversation.
  • Sharing tips and strategies- Share your tips or work out strategies with the community.
  • Goofing off- Show off your farm, your derby tasks or anything else. Just have a nice chat.
Reddit Discord


Here is a link to help you get all settled in, Discord Help Center.

Reddit Discord Bots

A big thank you to all of the people who came over to help us try it out; Rocking G Ranch, George, Goldo Torres, J3w3ly, Karen, Lottgarden, Melodie, Ser, Smithranch, WillowCreek, and ZMBI.

Reddit Discord Chegg Bot

And thanks u/KillerKrew for getting the server all set up and running for us!