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TLDR: How much license of your code is worth when Squarepusher/twinaphex doesn’t like you or your project? Not much.

Wednesday, 2018-06-27

I guess this is the reason why there is no longer a reicast core. Hopefully after some time everyone can put aside the differences and work together. Reicast is making really good progress and its super convenient have a retroarch core. RetroArch is a frontend for emulators, game engines and media players. It enables you to run classic games on a wide range of computers and consoles through its slick graphical interface. Settings are also unified so configuration is done once and for all. In addition to this, you are able to run original game discs (CDs) from RetroArch. Emulation is generally prioritised as a RetroArch core first, then a stand alone Emulator second. RetroArch offers internal options across multiple systems, including Online Leaderboards, image filters, and save file paths to allow you to save to a Google Drive or Dropbox for cross-console play.


Reicast retroarch, To slightly change my question: I used the reicast-joyconfig program to configure a gamepad. After I configured it, all of its buttons worked in Reicast. I rebooted, and Reicast still remembered my gamepad config.

[No, Squarepusher/twinaphex holds personal grudge against MetalliC/p1pkin and MAME (examples below), so there was no mention of source, author or BSD-3-Clause license in the mentioned commit - retroarchleaks][15:54] Autechre: I love this comment
[15:54] Autechre: by KugelKurt
[15:54] Autechre:
[15:54] Autechre:
A 'MAME Developer' tag does not make you a professional game developer. Valve and Bathesda certainly disagree. Which games did you release that come close to Dota2, Doom, and Wolfenstein 2?
[15:54] Autechre: cue this guy going on about 'I did many AAA games back 10-20 years ago'
[15:54] Autechre: 'blablabla'
[15:54] Autechre: reliving old glory
[15:54] Autechre: LOL
[arbee37 response to KugelKurt: 'I don't like to talk about my day job, but I'll state that games I've worked on have sold well over 40 million copies across 16 platforms'. - retroarchleaks]
Reicast[So I asked Squarepusher/twinaphex why he did that? Answers, were of course amusing, autistic and not on topic...[...but it took only twenty hours for Squarepusher/twinaphex to notice that he was caught red-handed:

Reicast For Retroarch

Wednesday, 2018-10-03
15:25 <Autechre> mamedev is saying we violated their license
15:25 <Autechre>
15:25 <Autechre> this dude is a complete idiot
15:25 <Autechre> ```
We tried to explain how they were violating our license, even though they thought they had a clever loophole for the licensing issue. Either they didn't understand plain english or it was a lie. We could never figure it out, any discussions just disintegrated as they just got angry and really hateful.
In the end we re-licensed because our old license didn't protect us from them unless we sued them, but it prevented us from doing things we'd like to do. The situation taught us important lessons.
There is also the unresolved matter of the unauthorised use of trademark.
15:26 <Autechre> this is completely false and a lie
15:26 <Autechre> there was never a' license violation'
15:26 <Autechre> how can there be if MAME is GPL/BSD?
15:28 <Autechre> ```
There is also the unresolved matter of the unauthorised use of trademark.
15:29 <Autechre> you know what
15:29 <Autechre> let's do it
15:29 <Autechre> let's rename it
15:29 <Autechre> this is the final straw
15:29 <radius> uhhh
15:29 <radius> it's tru
15:29 <radius> true
15:29 <Autechre> WHAT is true?
15:29 <radius> we violate the non-comm license on **all static platforms**
15:29 <Autechre> Dude don't go saying this bullshit on public channels
15:29 <radius> but you're talking about it here?
[Deleted] <radius>, 'we violate the non-comm license on **all static platforms**'
15:29 <radius> do as I say not as I do?
[Deleted] <radius>, 'uhhh'
[Deleted] <radius>, 'it's tru'
[Deleted] <radius>, 'true'
15:30 <Autechre> this is complete fucking bullshit you pulled now
15:30 <radius> I said I don't care you keep dragging me into it
15:30 <Autechre> they never, ever changed their license
15:30 <Autechre> because of us
15:30 <Autechre> that is complete bullshit
15:30 <radius> what?
15:30 <Autechre> they changed their license because they wanted to monetize MAME
15:30 <Autechre> which they have not been particularly successful at
15:31 <radius> all the old mames are licensed under MAME license which is fundamentally incompatible with RA's license (GPL3)
15:31 <Autechre> hence all the hatred
15:31 <Autechre> @radius you don't have to use them
15:31 <Autechre> and they have revoked their own license anywa
15:31 <radius> you can't revoke licenses on old code
15:31 <radius> only going forward
15:31 <radius> anyway
15:31 <radius> as I said
15:31 <radius> I don't want to do anything with this stop dragging me into the argument
[Deleted] <Autechre>, 'mamedev is saying we violated their license'
15:32 <Autechre> I'm going to scrub the argument then
15:33 <hunterk> i wouldn't bother renaming it unless/until they send a C&D
15:34 <hunterk> otherwise, you'll just start another fight over trying to steal their thunder
15:34 <hunterk> at least if they send the C&D, you can post it and say 'this is why we're doing it'
[16 messages deleted - retroarchleaks]
15:35 <hunterk> down the memory hole!
[Deleted] <hunterk>, 'down the memory hole!'
[OK, MAME licensing IS complicated - older versions were under MAME non-commercial, newer are a mix of GPL/BSD. But, radius get it right, old license is STILL in effect for those older versions, which RetroArch still redistribute, and, when statically compiled with RetroArch (which is GPL) result binary is breaking both licenses - retroarchleaks]
[Month later this topic resurfaced on 4chan, with another example of breaking MAME license. But, I will start with Squarepusher/twinaphex opinion about /emugen/ - place where he spent last five years venting his autism - retroarchleaks][Code was commited by flyinghead, who at least added that code is 'Based on mame 315-5881_crypt.cpp and stvprot.cpp'. But, there is no mention of authors and license. Reicast/beetle-dc is on GPL, copied code is BSD, lack info about that could lead other developers to assume that this code is also GPL. Dangerous situation, but easy to fix so I informed Squarepusher/twinaphex. I was a little rude - retroarchleaks][Favorite Squarepusher's boogeyman - Nebula Model 2 source. Simply, MAME can't use code to which they don't have rights. ][But you are violating license on your buildbot, not on a game console. Second paragraph doesn't make any sense.]Retroarch

Retroarch Reicast Bios

'* Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
* Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.'
Copyright notice (credits) is mandatory in BSD license. (link)]
[Women...][About old, non-commercial MAME license. ]Reicast retroarch android[Flyinghead added license and copyright info next day, without autistic drama - retroarchleaks]

In a post on the official Libretro website, the team notes that open source Dreamcast emulation with Flycast (a fork of Reicast) has progress along tremendously.

Reicast For Windows 10

Thanks to all the work that has gone into it, you will no longer need an external Dreamcast BIOS which is a pretty big milestone for such an emulator and will make it a lot easier to setup and use with the RetroArch front-end.

Flyinghead, the main person working on Flycast plans to merge the regular and Windows CE versions into one version making things even easier to play with. They said that lots of the work done for the Windows CE version will benefit all of the games run through it.

To sum up what Flycast is able to do they mention it can run Sega Naomi games, Windows CE games, no limitations on savestates and internal resolutions, actual modem support, built-in zero configuration online multiplayer support, 32bit and 64bit support for x86 and ARM.

They ended it by noting that 'real CD-ROM support' may even come soon, to run 'CD-R based backup discs'.

Reicast Retroarch Core

You can read the full post here.

Reicast Windows Download

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