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The rent invoice form is in Microsoft Excel format and is printable on standard A4 paper.

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Depending on your specific experiences as a property manager or landlord, it’s possible that you’ve never dealt with a rental invoice before. Rent invoices, also known as rent bills, are sometimes given to tenants before or after they have paid rent as a means of organizing and recording the payments.

While a rental invoice is not always needed, there are a few situations when using this type of statement can ensure timely and accurate payments. Have you ever felt the frustration of collecting rent, electric, and water from your tenant in three separate payments? Do you wish this could be simpler?

Of course you do! Using a rent invoice and bill can help you to organize your business, and organization can always lead to a better bottom line.

Today, we’ll talk about what a rent invoice or bill is and how you can use our sample documents to your advantage.

Browse our large collection of free invoice templates. Our selection ranges from invoices for service providers to billing statements and rent receipts for landlords. If you are looking for a simple low-cost solution for invoicing your clients, these invoice and billing templates are a great place to start. Invoice Ninja is a great budget invoicing option that’s a great fit for landlords who are just entering the rental market and only manage a small number of properties. It’s an open-source invoicing app that offers easy-to-use professional invoice templates and basic accounting tools for small businesses. Car Rental Invoice Template can be integrated into your invoicing process for a quick generation of the paperwork necessary to bill a Lessee for a vehicle’s use. Since this is a template, it can be filled out with basic information (in the header) then carried to any site where a vehicle delivery is necessary.

A Table of Contents for the Rental Invoice Template

Rent Statements & Invoices

To landlords who are used to using these documents, it might be surprising that many landlords have never used them before. Rent statements and invoices are useful documents, but they aren’t always necessary depending on the types of properties that you are managing.

Rent statements are a type of document that lets the tenant know how much money they owe for rent and when it must be paid by. While these type of statements are most common in business rentals where there are variable month-to-month costs, they can also be used in residential rental settings.

A rent statement or invoice might include the following charges:

  • Monthly rent
  • Additional, applicable monthly fees
  • Water share
  • Electricity share
  • Other utilities that the landlord pays for

The summary of all of these amounts is then given to the tenant to let them know how much they owe and when it must be paid by.

When to Use These Documents

There are a few different ways that rent statements and invoices are used. Let’s go through the two main scenarios that match with our templates to help you gain an understanding of how you can use these flexible documents to benefit your business.

Situation #1: Before Rent Is Paid

In this situation, you would fill out this rent statement with all of the applicable charges and then give the completed document to the tenant. Once the tenant receives the statement, they would be responsible for paying you the total amount due by the due date on the rental invoice.

Using the document in this way is great when you have a number of utilities that must be divided between different tenants. Rather than estimating the cost, you can let them know the exact utility cost and have them pay you once per month rather than multiple times.

This is also a great thing to do when your tenant has fees that they owe you such as late fees. You can add these fees into the statement so that the tenant can see the details of what they owe and why.

Situation #2: After Rent Is Paid

Some landlords use the rental invoice as a type of rent receipt. After you receive a rent payment, the details of when it was received and how much was received can be filled out on the rental invoice so that there is a paper trail.

Using the document in this way can be a little bit confusing at first, but the invoice can function in the same way as a standard receipt as long as you use it consistently.

How to Write a Rent Statement

Writing a rent bill can be confusing at first, but these documents are actually very simple once you break them down into their parts. We have put together two different sample types for the rent invoice example today.

This is our first sample:

Rent Statement

In this sample, there is space for you to detail the different charges that a tenant has incurred, how much they total, and when the total amount must be paid by. This rent invoice template is best for situations like Situation #1 above.

If you have a lot of smaller amounts that should be detailed to the tenant so that they know exactly what they owe for the month, this is the best template for you to use.

Our second rental invoice template looks like this:

Sample Invoice

Rental Invoice Software

This invoice is much more simple. It only includes the following information:

  • Date
  • Tenant name
  • Rent amount due
  • Rent due date
  • Rental period
  • Property address
  • Landlord name
  • Paid by

In many ways, this invoice resembles a receipt. And that’s because it is intended to be used as a type of invoice receipt! The document can be separated into two separate pieces, one for the tenant and one for your records.

This document is a great choice when the tenant has paid their rent, but you want to keep track of the payments with an invoice. If you have properties with only one set fee per month, this document makes more sense that the more extensive statement.

Organize the Details With a Rent Bill

Using a rent bill is a great way to organize your company’s incoming payments. It’s also a great way to let tenants know exactly what they owe you and why when you are managing properties that have variable fees for one reason or another.

Regardless of which template makes more sense for your rental properties, using documents like these rent bill templates will ensure that you have a clear record of what payments you should be receiving and why. And that record is essential for running a great business!



Invoices aid the business managers and accountants to track their inventory and transactions. Although this is an internal document, it is also used by shipping companies to export their goods and services which require a specific type of invoice, the Commercial Export Invoice.

Rental payments, purchase prices, and even service fees are aspects to be written on different kinds of invoices. In the case of assuring a down-payment for a renter’s stay, a landlord may prepare a pro forma invoice that states a committed agreement with the responsibility of the renter to provide the amount of the rent.

House Rent Invoice

Free Rent Invoice

Class Room Rent Invoice

Plant Rent Invoice

How is the Rent on my Invoice Worked Out?

The format of an invoice will depend on the business and preferences of the user. For rentals and tenancy invoices, the landlord or the property owner may indicate different sections in the form to show the clients of the rent breakdowns. Usually, the rental payment on an invoice will include:

Rental InvoiceRental
  • The bills for the power usage or the electricity used by the tenant.
  • Monthly insurance claim fees for the tenant’s safety.
  • Internet, cable, and gas stove fees.
  • The additional number of heads living on the premises.

Another type of invoice that involves a list of used materials and headcount for manpower is a Contractor Invoice Form. This form includes the hourly rates of the contractor and the quantity of supplies and materials that he used for the service.

How should a Tenant’s Rent be Listed on an Invoice?

A landlord should be able to prepare a Blank Invoice Form to cater his different tenants. The forms must have a uniform appearance to set a consistent branding with the landlord’s business. When listing the rent of a tenant, the description of the property should be indicated first, whether it is a single or two-story property. Then, the breakdown of the rental fee is to be stated inside a table with their accompanying amount beside them. Lastly, the total amount of rent is required to be placed at the bottom of the breakdown.

Inflatable Rent Invoice

Room Rental Agreement

Rental Registry Invoice

Rental Invoice Word

How to Create a Rent Invoice Form?

Creating your own rent invoice form might take up much time compared to using a Generic Invoice Form. However, a personal touch is most likely to be appreciated by the client since it sends out a message that you are prepared enough as you deal business with them. So, here’s the list of steps that you should follow to start making your own invoice form.

Car Rental Invoice

Step 1: Indicate the name of your business of maybe your full legal name as an enterprise
Step 2: Add a location and your business contact details.
Step 3: Write the name of the renter with his contact information.
Step 4: State the invoice number and the invoice due date.
Step 5: Include a number of payment rules, policies, responsibilities, and terms.
Step 6: Start making your table with rows and columns for the line items.
Step 7: Fill out the table with the rental fee breakdown.
Step 8: Compute the total amount due.
Step 9: Thank the renter.
Step 10: Send or print the form.

When deciding to send the document, it is preferable that you use Invoice Forms in PDF to omit in giving the client a chance to change the data you stated on the form.

Rental Invoices Examples

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