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One of the first steps to fully exploit the potential of the RG350 is to connect it to your computer. This is different from comparable devices with internal mass storage. The device is not recognized as a removable storage device via a USB connection, but establishes an FTP connection with a network devic. Hello world here is another video of the RG350M Arcade testing of games running on stock firmware.I have already done a Overview of the 350M and will be d. RetroArch 1.9.1 – shines brightly on OpenDingux; RetroArch 1.9.1 released! Recent Comments. Vague Rant on RetroArch 1.4.1 Major Changes Detailed! Tatsuya79 on RetroArch 1.4.1 Major Changes Detailed! Nucleoprotein on Mednafen/Beetle PSX – PGXP arrives! Barney the Dinosaur on RetroArch, Libretro core license violations by Hyperkin’s Retron5. I installed Retroarch, using the MashTec videos. My experience with retroarch emulation on the rg350 has been pretty awful. It is possible I am missing something, because the speed is so much worse than the regular emulators I have used on my rg350, but I just wondered what your experiences were. RetroArch on OpenDingux always outputs at the content resolution. RGUI is 320x240, so that's what you get when running the menu. If you run a GBA game, it will output at 240x160. If you run a GBA game with the Grid2x video filter, it will output at 480x320.

It seems like there’s a new retro console popping up every other day lately, and deciding which one is the one for you is harder than ever, with the sheer number of retro game consoles coming out in 2020 and beyond growing rapidly with every week, it can be quite a daunting task for the uninitiated to figure out which suits them best. That’s where we come in, we’re gonna do a breakdown of the top 5 retro game handhelds we could find and have tested, and do a complete breakdown on everything from screen size/quality, to price, to compatibility, to ergonomic design and feel when playing, all for you. Aren’t we nice?

We will endeavor to keep this list up to date as new consoles are released and old ones fade away into the ether. I have decided to focus purely on the consoles being released out of China for this list.


Best Retro Game Handhelds

The one you really want, the one you’re waiting for, then the PowKiddy RGB10, a clone of RK2020, should be what you expect. With the Rock chip’s RK3326 CPU, it supports PSP, Dreamcast, and N64 as well as RK2020. It has a better build quality and improved battery charging than RK2020. If your budget is limited, RK2020 is also a nice choice as you like.

If you want the best portable retro gaming handheld experience in 2020, Retroid Pocket 2, came to the market this month, can do it. The two analog sticks cater to different requirements in different emulations. A Quad-Core Cortex-A7 1.5GHZ CPU and ARM Mali400-MP2 graphics processor should ensure the Retroid Pocket V2 provides a fantastic full HD performance. It features an Android 6.0 dual boot operating system to bring a new experience on the recent retro handheld devices. The WiFi and Bluetooth function are appreciated to play games with your friend. What else do you expect if it isn’t what you looking for?

If you don’t care much about DC, N64, and PSP titles, there is another choice for you- the RG350P, a new product released after RG350, RG350M, and RG280. With dual analog support, the full suite of triggers and bumpers, the biggest screen of all these consoles, and nice firm tactile ABXY and d-pad buttons, the RG350P just cannot be beaten at the moment. The performance of the console is fantastic, running every game from every console at full speed without delaying and screen tearing, the good quality of plastic shell to make your hands get free from finger cramping, especially compared with RG350M.

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Affordable Retro Consoles

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All of these consoles have no trouble playing retro games, however, some, like the BittBoy and Pocket Go, are just not up to speed to play full-speed PlayStation 1 titles, anything less than that and every console can keep up fine. So what do you want out of the console? Are you just here for retro gaming and don’t care about PS1 that much? Then the answer of what’s best is probably what’s cheapest. And at that point, the new BittBoy or Pocket Go are both great options. For as low as 30 dollars USD, the new BittBoy can play any classic console you throw at it and play it superbly, with an absolutely gorgeous IPS display, the new BittBoy is a masterclass on how to make something with a certain level of quality, but for the right price. If you just want to play some older games and not spend a fortune, you can’t go wrong with either of these consoles, given their similar price range, the only major distinction is if you prefer the landscape Game Boy Advance stylings of the Pocket Go, or the more vertical, classic layout reminiscent of the original Game Boy lines, used by the new BittBoy.

So if you want something good and don’t want to spend a lot, buy the Bitt Boy or Pocket Go.

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If you want something a bit more premium but don’t want to break the bank completely, the LDK series is my recommendation. For around 55USD, these consoles have a slightly bigger screen than the 2.4-inch BittBoy and Pocket Go, clocking in at 2.7 inches, and with the addition of the analog stick on the landscape version, the LDK has a premium feel with more accessible button layouts, without costing an absolute fortune. Performance on most consoles is largely the same between the LDK and BittBoy / Pocket Go, however, the performance boost can really be felt on PS1 games, where the LDK usually has no trouble hitting 50 FPS easily on most games compared to the other consoles usually striving to hit 40 FPS. Its really up to you if that is worth the increased price though, but as far as mid-tier consoles go, the LDK is still worth the price, the LDK game in particular is smaller than my wallet, it makes for a great conversation starter if nothing else.