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Hallo all!

It's been a while since I've done anything here, but I figured this was as good a re-introduction as any. I'll make this post assuming that those who read it don't know what Discord is.

Discord is a service that is similar to Teamspeak (if you know that service):
For those who aren't familiar with Teamspeak, it allows a user to download and install the client, and connect to servers hosted by Teamspeak at a cost to the server owner. In these servers, users can text and voice chat in any of many channels, and users can have any of a number of different permissions, allowing them to kick, ban, mute, etc. However, Teamspeak can be difficult to use, and the cost of hosting can dissuade casual use. Discord is created by Hammer & Chisel, and like Teamspeak it allows users to create, join, and chat in servers and in the channels within those servers.

However, in my experience it is easier to use than Teamspeak, and creating servers is free. I've been using it for a while with friends in the place of Skype, because of its lighter CPU usage, and I figured I'd throw it out here to see if anyone would like to check it out. It works on mobile and computer, in browser and client, and as long as you remain logged in you can reopen the page without needing to reconnect to the server.

Register on Discord here :

Click this to join the server :
Enter this as an 'instant invite' : 0WRpqrJn6ugQN1Nj

Scp Discord

I might not remember to check this post too often, but I will likely check the server occasionally.

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Scp Roleplay Discord

Scp Discord

Area 02 Roblox Discord Server

E01: Probably would inherit IRC rules, and permissions would probably go to the same persons.