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What is a Commercial Invoice?

A commercial invoice is an international shipping document provided by the supplier to the customer detailing the type and value of goods sold. The commercial invoice is used by customs to determine duties owed.

Create and Print Your Commercial Invoice

ShippingShipping Invoice is the easiest way to quickly complete a commercial invoice and print it directly from your browser.

Simply fill out the necessary highlighted fields in the form below and print.

Rely on to create your commercial invoices every time. The printable template allows you to save any information you type into the commercial invoice form so you do not have to retype the same information each time. Just click the “Save” button above the form. Information is saved in a cookie in your browser. Information may not be retained, depending on your browser’s settings, or if you clear you browsing history or cache. You can clear saved information yourself by selecting “Clear Saved” above the form.

  1. Follow the step-by-step form to help you complete a Commercial Invoice correctly. All fields marked with an asterisk (.) are mandatory. All dutiable shipments sent through DHL need to be accompanied by an invoice.
  2. Select Send invoice next to one of the items you’d like to include in the invoice. On the next page, we display all items purchased by that buyer. Remove the check from any items you don’t want to include in the invoice. Add shipping charges. Enter a message to the buyer (optional) and select the payment methods you accept.

Shipping Invoice Vs Commercial Invoice

The Commercial Invoice should also identify any and all products being shipped and potential hazards. Canadian Commercial Invoice – For the sole use of sending a package from outside of Canada and into the country. FedEx Commercial Invoice – When shipping a product internationally use this form when submitting a package to be shipped. Shipping invoices are great tools for tracking how and where you spend your money. Even better, you can use the information to improve your profit margin — if only you knew what it all meant.

International Shipping Resources

Need help completing your commercial invoice? Visit our How To page for more information and definitions.

Do you need a Proforma Invoice? Use our Proforma Invoice Template for this common import/export document.

International shipments may also require a certificate of origin and/or a bill of lading, depending on the destination. Complete a certificate of origin form at and complete a bill of lading form at Have an existing sea cargo shipment? Visit our Container Tracking resource page.

Shipping invoice template excel

Shipping Invoice Template Excel

Shipping within North America? A USMCA form form, the replacment to the NAFTA form, may be necessary. Visit to complete and print a USMCA form.

Shipping Invoice Excel

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