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Here is the new version of our track Sigil Insidious, taken off of our EP that we released last year, Birthing Homunculi. This was featured on 'The Euphonic. The False Prophet Azazel - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read book online for free. Who is the False Prophet of the Book of Revelation? He is a fallen angel; he shall.

Under my own name, I self-published my novella Night Before Doomsday on Smashwords Friday night. It is not an easy process but I’m glad I took the time to do it. My son Simon designed the cover which is the fallen angel Azazel’s sigil. A free sample of the story can be downloaded. The book is about the Grigori, the angels sent to Earth to teach Man. Nine-tenths of them succumbed to lust and fell from grace. Night Before Doomsday (my son also gave me the title) is told in first person from the leader Azazel’s point of view. I’ love your comments on the effectiveness of the teaser!

Now, for our Sunday quote, from the Wilde:

Sigil AzazelAzazel

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.

What is evocation:

The art of presencing a spirit outside of yourself, in a form which you can either physically or psychically perceive.

What types of evocation are there?

Grimoire Tradition Evocation which relies on many physical tools and trinket in order to put the magickan in the right state of mind. This method is usually forceful, especially towards demons. This is a method I do not recommend. Ever. Period.

Modern/Post-modern Evocation which doesn’t rely too much on tools. This is the type of evocation EA Koetting, myself, and many other magickans perform. This method is a bit more difficult because you don’t rely on tools to put you in the right state of mind, it’s less theatrical. But, this method is more rewarding. For this method you need to learn how to enter a trance state, how to perceive spirits, how to communicate with them, and so on. Once this you master this method, evocation will be much more efficient and practical for you. You won’t have to put any fancy robes, fetch your sword, your bell, gong, or what have you.

Visible Evocation which is essentially presencing the spirit in a psychically perceivable form, having them appear to you in your mind’s eye only. Usually involves scrying.

Physical Evocation is presencing the spirit in a physical form, which you can physically perceive. Many magickans debate whether or not using evocation is considered a proper physical evocation (due to pareidollia). And, also, spirits are perfectly capable of manifesting in a physical body for your physical eyes to see, and speak in a voice for your physical ears to hear. Thus, I’m adding another category:

Multi-Modality Evocation – this is a method of presencing a spirit in physical vessel (e.g. the incense smoke) and have your psychic senses fill in the details. This is the method I’ll be covering in this guide.

Tools you’ll for the evocation:

  1. Sigil of the spirit(s)
  2. Incense (and the stuff you’ll use to put your incense in and burn it of course)
  3. Journal and a pen (writing down stuff you experience is important!)

That’s it. No need for fancy robes, wands, swords, and all that jazz.

How to perform the actual evocation?

Sigil azazel grimoire

In this guide, I’ll be discussing the Modern/Post-Modern Evocation method which is a method I recommend. Whether you want it to be visible, physical or multi-modality, it’s up to you. I will cover the basics here. And, it will have an LHP/Satanic spin to it, so if you’re a Grimoire tradition follower, this guide is not for you.

First, face north. Satanists, demonolators and black magickans in general, especially when performing demon magick, should face north. North is the direction of darkness.

Second, either draw an inverted pentagram or the following sigil (the ZD demonolatry sigil) with your hand middle and index finger, and visualize it filled with Infernal energy (it can be red, dark blue, black or whatever). As you are drawing the sigil, say out loud “Let this sigil represent the Infernal Divine/The ALL/Satan or whatever you prefer).

Next, visualize this energy from the ZD sigil beaming down on you from above, filling you with demonic energy. Visualize yourself radiating this energy; you can even visualize yourself growing horns and all that good stuff. As you are visualizing this energy coming down, vibrate “HSSSSSSSS” to raise energy. And then say, “I am the incarnation of the Infernal Divine, The ALL, Satan” whatever. You can even say “I am the ONLY incarnation” to make yourself feel more powerful. It’s important to be absolutely confident while you are performing evocation. Confidence and crucial.

Now, once you’ve filled yourself with the power of a source of your choice, proceed to make a large circle around your area. Make sure you turn COUNTER CLOCKSWISE. And let this circle be programmed to repel all spirits who wish to impersonate the spirit you want to summon and those who wish to fuck your ritual up. As you are walking around make sure you actually draw and visualize the circle around, all the while chanting:

“Let this circle block out spirits who want to impersonate [name of the spirit you want to summon] and those who wish to fuck my ritual up.” You can be less profane if you want to.

Ideally, you would want to make 9 or 11 circles around the general area you wish to summon. 9 is the number of Satan and the number of the Gatekeepers, 11 is the number of Azerate (the 11 headed dragon made of 11 Qliphothic deities).


Once you’ve done that, return to the north. Draw an inverted pentagram (visualize it burning brightly), and call forth a spirit of your choosing. For this guide, I’ll use the Four Emperors of Hell. So, once you’ve drawn the pentagram, say, “Beelzebub, come forth. Please over see this ritual. Protect me from spirits who wish to impersonate [name of the spirit you want to summon] and those who wish to ruin my ritual.”

As you are saying this, visualize Beelzebub’s sigil and him (in whatever form) coming out of it.

Then go the western part of your circle, facing west, draw the inverted pentagram and say, “Astaroth, come forth. Please oversee this ritual. Protect me from spirits who wish to impersonate [name of the spirit you want to summon] and those who wish to ruin my ritual.”

As you are saying this visualize Astaroth’s sigil and Astaroth (in whatever form) coming out of it.

Then go to the southern part of your circle, facing south, draw the inverted pentagram and say, “Azazel, come forth. Please oversee this ritual. Protect me from spirits who wish to impersonate [name of the spirit you want to summon] and those who wish to ruin my ritual.”

As you are saying this visualize Azazel’s sigil and Azazel (in whatever form) coming out of it.

Next, go to the eastern part of your circle, facing the east, draw the inverted pentagram, and say, “Satan, come forth. Please oversee this ritual. Protect me from spirits who wish to impersonate [name of the spirit you want to summon] and those who wish to ruin my ritual.”

As you are saying this visualize Satan’s sigil and Satan (in whatever form) coming out of it.

Return to the center of the circle, face the north again, and invoke either your guardian demon, your patron/matron, or Satan (if you’ve not called him forth at the edge of the circle already). Simply vibrate the enn of such demon, while visualizing their sigil on either your root and/or solar plexus chakra, and the demon’s energy entering you.

Now sit down on the ground, and proceed to gaze at the sigil of the spirit you wish to evoke. Use the E.A. Koetting sigil gazing method, basically. You’re gazing not staring intently. Your eyes should be relaxed. As you’re gazing at the sigil, chant the enn (if it’s a demon and you know it) or the name of the spirit, or vibrate the enn or the name. You can also chant “[name of the spirit], come.”

Once your the lines of the sigil start disappearing and reappearing, you’ve established contact with the spirit. You should feel its energy by this point as well. You can continue to gaze longer if you want to enter TGS or to presence more of its energy but if you can already talk to the spirit and feel enough of its energy once you’ve established contact then you can proceed to the next phase.

Burn the incense in front of you. See, here’s the thing, most magickans evoke demons OUTSIDE of the circle. You, as a black magickan, should evoke them WITHIN your circle. Because you are approaching them as friends, family, mentors. You are one of them, and they are one of you. There is no fear in this method, no distrust, but the development of a deeper bond between you and the demon. Now, if you’re evoking some unstable spirit, then I recommend evoking him outside of your circle. But since I’ve taken demons as an example and most people here work with demons, I’ll talk about demons primarily. So, if you approach the demons with love and respect, they’ll return the favor.

So, you’ll be evoking the demon inside of the circle where you are. Once you burn the incense and smoke starts coming out, say, “[name of the demon you want to evoke], manifest in this smoke before me in a beholdable form, and speak to me in a discernible voice I can understand.”

After that you can vibrate the name of the demon or its enn, or repeat “[name of the demon], manifest.” As you are doing this, and this is important. Stare THROUGH the smoke. Don’t stare AT the smoke, or start looking for the demon’s form in the smoke. Stare through it and allow yourself to slip into relaxation. The smoke will rearrange itself and your psychic sense will fill in the details.

At this point, you’ll be able to perceive the demon and speak to it telepathically. Ask the demon if it’s who it is supposed to; for example you want to evoke Lucifuge. Once Lucifuge appears, ask, “Are you Lucifuge?” If he says no, drive him away and start over, but this will happen incredibly rarely. You already have a protective circle and cardinal direction demons to protect you. If the demon says yes, ask for an astral signature (to sign its name somewhere you can see). There is a universal law that a spirit cannot write a name that’s not his. If your psychic sight isn’t the best, you can ask for a gematria number but you would need a calculator or some way to confirm it while you’re in a circle. Hence why developing your psychic senses is a MUST before entering evocation grounds, especially if you’re using this method I’m describing.


Testing spirits is important! The real deal will not get angry with you for testing it, only imposters get angry at this. The real spirits will be glad you tested them.

Azazel Demon Sigil

Ask it stuff, write it down, be respectful, and then dismiss it. deactivate the circle, dismiss the cardinal direction spirits as well. Put stuff back in its place, and do something that will take your mind off the ritual. Go workout, make a sandwich, wash your hands, whatever.

Important notes:

Sigil Of Azazel

  1. Evoking a spirit changes you. This is why you should not evoke any spirit. Once you’ve evoked a spirit, that spirit will be with you for a long time, if not forever. They’ll change you psychologically, spiritually, and in some instances physically. Be careful who you evoke.
  2. Develop your psychic senses first!
  3. Be absolutely confident while in the ritual.
  4. Testing spirits is a must!
  5. Ask for a personal sigil if you want to work more extensively with a particular spirit, so you can call them faster.
  6. Always treat spirits as equals. Do not treat them as lower beings, even if they’re low ranking, and don’t pedastalize them.
  7. Astral signature request is the best way to test spirits. If a spirit signs a fake name or refuses to sign it, it’s a fake one. I assure you. The real deal will always be glad that you’ve tested them.

Sigil Azazel

That’s it, I think I’ve covered everything you need to know. If I left something out let me know. I’m open to feedback.