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The largest selection of dowsing tools: pendulums, dowsing rods, pyramids, energy generators, neutralizers, Atlantis rpoducts and vibrational jewelry. Sigil for Productivity. Before you begin your ritual, take some time for self-care that makes you feel good about yourself, your face and your body.

If you don’t know, a sigil is a magickal symbol that you create using a positive phrase written in the present tense. They can be used for any kind of magick, but they’re normally used for things like self-love, healing, and compassionate magick. I’ve talked about making sigils before, but did you know you can use templates to make sigils?

So, how do you use a spiral template for making a sigil? Let me tell you!

Step One: Write your positive phrase out in the present tense. Be as specific as possible! i.e. I have abundance and wealth to live comfortably and healthy with my family. (see? SUPER specific!)

Step Two: Cross out all vowels.
i.e. H-V-B-N-D-N-C-N-D-W-L-T-H-T-L-V-C-M-F-R-T-B-L-Y-N-D-H-L-T-H-Y-W-T-H-M-Y-F-M-L-Y (whew, that’s a lot of letters!)

Self Love Candle Magic

Step Three: Cross out any repeat letters.
i.e. H-V-B-N-D-C-W-L-T-M-F-R-Y

Step Four: Connect the letters in the spiral to form your sigil! You can do this in order or in any order you want. The design you create with the letters will be your sigil – or your sigil base. Feel free to customize it how you see fit!

Want a copy of this template for yourself? Click here to download a PDF for your own use!

You have your sigil. Now what? Well, use it! I talk all about how to use sigils in the video I’ve included below.

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