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  1. May 13, 2008 I made a sigil to make me more money, specifically win the lottery. I read a few pages about making them and then followed the instructions exactly, and spent time 'powering it up' next to my lottery tickets, etc.
  2. A recent experience with sigils and the lottery. So in the past I researched sigils and obviously one of the first things that come to mind is trying to win the lottery. Now I knew up front that it would never usually be a sure win and what it would usually do is just increase your odds. Curious I tried a sigil out in May earlier this year and I made it so that I would buy a lottery ticket on the third day of the third week of the third month and that would be my chance at winning.

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SigilFor the last few years now I've been gearing my experiments in Sigil Magick towards winning the lottery. I've made significant research headway in 2015 with a series of 'successful misfires', whereby through trail and error I feel I'm actually close to a legitimate breakthrough. I've to a certain degree narrowed-down what specifically in Sigil Magick causes what/when/why to happen and for its various reasons. In short, as of the first week of March 2015 I created and charged a specific sigil targeting a specific machine used in number-ball selection, and I feel that when that specific machine which I targeted is used, I have a good chance of getting the jackpot produced by it. Problem is, they stopped using it and replaced it with another machine. They alternate periodically between machines, which means that I've been waiting for many weeks now and I'm getting impatient! I really do want to see if I got it correct, because if I did then I not only get the monies I need, but I'll have figured out some of the fundamental basic mysteries that still have yet to get answered by expert practitioners, which is what I geared my research towards when I began the experiments and study.
So now I need an assist, I need to get the machine I want to become used. That's it, get 'that specific lottery company' to use 'that specific machine' for its specific type of lottery drawing. After that, the rest of the magick which has already been inserted should automatically kick-in the moment its used. So I need a force/entity which can cause that specific machine to be used as soon as possible, preferably because now the lottery Jackpots are getting large in size and are within my desires for receiving and in-plans for monies required to do what I want to do/build.

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Jun 28, 2018 - Sigil to win the lottery requested by anonymous. Magic doesn't guarantee something happening. It just heavily increases the chance in your favor. If there is a 1 out of 100 million chance to win the lottery, and you cast a sigil to win the lottery, it might bring it down to 1 out of 1,000 or even 1 out of 100, but you're still much more likely to lose. Money Magick Sigil 'win the lotto'.

For this, I was thinking maybe Seere, however I am unable to do Solomonic Magick because I don't have the workspace, privacy, tools, nor understanding for it. In past, I found simply acknowledging the Sigils and 'mini-bios' through a prayer-type summons (literally I'd just print it up on paper and hang it on the wall!) seems to get their attention, and sometimes they do show-up in various ways as if to reply that they received the request. Problem of no-confidence is, most never did do anything other than parlor tricks, which simply show they have the power but not really the reason to assist. Not all of them however, some were pretty cool in ways which showed me something or communicated things, so I know they can be useful and able when they want to be. This is the issue of I want to do it by-the-books but I don't even have the books nor anything proper to it, so I've always winged-it while holding back because of various constraints. Naturally, what value would there be in them working with me if I have to hold back in inadequacy while they could do so much and I can't even facilitate it! At least, not until I get the win and can build a workshop to do these sorts of magicks in-full, hence all I have to offer is the potential future.
I've already tried getting assists from them at various times for various reasons, but nothing ever seemed to click-in with them. This is also why I geared the Sigil Magick I do for the most part to exclude using Entities/Forces outside of the designed experiments, of which I'd say I've been amused at doing half-successfully for some time now. It's like as if I built the gun, I figured out how to shoot it, I know and see what I want to shoot at, I just need a hunting dog to flush out the game!
Sigil To Win The LotteryTo that end, now that you've been briefed, anybody got any suggestions? I simply need an assist to get a specific lottery machine to get used, that's it! Everything else has been in place for weeks now, and I'm seriously getting bored here at how long I've been waiting on it!