Sigils Of The 7 Archangels


The Archangels, their Sigils & their Gemstones. Archangels - The word Archangel means ‘Chief Angel’, meaning to be first in rank or power. Archangels are the overseers of humankind & of the guardian angels. Each archangel represents an aspect of The Creator, and are extensions of Him.

Feb 7, 2014 - Seven sigils spell out the names of the seven archangels who govern the days of the week. Elegant, white, benevolent magic, perfect as a gift or personal talisman. Evoke their names as needed, or meditate on their unique blessings every day of the week. Michael- (Sunday) The warrior, the. Seal of the Seven Archangels Glyph of Luck - AGLA The Name of God - Tetragrammaton Name of the Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Haniel, Tzafqiel, Tzadkiel, Samael Protection that is always with you You can carry the card in your wallet, and it will always help you). Both of these cases, speak of a singular Archangel which could suggest that there is only one arch or ruler angel and that indeed is Michael. There is a strong Jewish tradition that says there are seven Archangels and many think that the seven angels mentioned in the book of Revelation could be seven Archangels.

Sigils of angels

The Archangel Sigils – The sigils are powerful symbols used in rituals of invocation of angels, demons and spiritual beings. The Sigils are mysterious symbols with huge power. And they can be used in numerous ways. These sigils are used in rituals, invocation and even prayers. Knowing an archangel’s sigil makes the communication easier. It keeps the angel close to you. So, the archangel can protect and guide you.

The Archangel Sigils – How to make an Archangel Sigil

Although it is extremely easy to find sigils on the internet. It is better to make your own archangel sigil. The too complicated looking sigils might be fake. The real Archangel Sigils are made with the Rose Wheel. Therefore, find a clean Rose Wheel. Then print it. Meanwhile find the Hebrew translation of the archangel that you want to communicate with. The symbols that you will find after translation are מיכאל as Michael,רפאל as Raphael,גבריאל as Gabriel andאוריאל as Uriel.

You start with putting a little point on every letter of the name. Then draw lines starting with the first letter. Therefore, draw a line between the first 2 letters. Then continue with a line between the second and the third letter. And so on. The last line leads to the last letter. And your sigil is done. In the photos you will see how the lines will look like.

The Archangel Sigils

The Archangel Michael Sigil

This Archangel Michael Sigil brings protection and courage. Use this sigil for protection for yourself, your family and your home. Also, this sign will help you to communicate with Archangel Michael. This powerful archangel helps you in moments of fear, worry and indecision. Invoke him when you’ve lost hope. And when you feel lost. He will bring you will-power and courage to face your life.

The Archangel Gabriel Sigil

This sigil will bring Archangel Gabriel, the divine messenger, closer to you. He helps you to express yourself. Invoke him when you find it hard to communicate with others. When you feel unheard. He also fills you with ambition. With his motivation, you will achieve all of your dreams.

The Archangel Raphael Sigil

Raphael is the angel of healing. Therefore, invoke him in case of illness, sickness and disease. He brings healing energy and comfort. He also reduces pain and accelerates healing. Archangel Raphael also protects you. He is the patron of those who travel. Therefore, invoke him with this sigil before a long journey. And he will protect you the whole road.


These Archangel Sigils are correct and functioning. But be careful how you use them. Because they are powerful and the results might be shocking. Archangels can be heard, seen or felt with these sigils. Which is a shocking encounter for many.

Talisman of The Seven Archangels

Individually handcrafted in stunning pure British solid sterling silver.

Sigils Of The Seven Archangels

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Ownership signifies its wearer is under the direct guardianship and protection of the Seven Archangels. Invite Seven powerful Angel friends into your life with the aid of this amazing Angelic talisman. The wearing or carrying of this special celestial invitation delights and brings pleasure to the seven Angels named on the pendant. In return its owners soon start experiencing beneficial waves of Angelic blessings and good-fortune in all the important areas of their life. These include the Angelic gifts of, an enhanced love life, enhanced financial security, enhanced career/work/business prospects and enhanced Angelic Protection.

Each talisman is supplied by our Master Adept fully activated and empowered. There is nothing whatsoever for you to do on receipt of your talisman.

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See below for a list of the Angelic gifts and blessings that each of the Seven Archangels will bestow on the owner of this special celestial talisman.

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Our talisman of the Seven Archangels is a supercharged spiritual prayer pendant written in the Angels’ own Celestial language inviting all the seven Angels named on the pendant into your life, respectfully requesting their friendship, protection and blessings. The wearing or carrying of this special celestial invitation delights and gives pleasure to the Angels. Angels are powerful and highly compassionate spiritual beings created for the sole purpose of watching over and, when necessary, directly supporting humankind to experience a happy and fulfilling Earthly life. However, they will not usually step into a person’s life without first having been invited to do so. By simply owning this powerful celestial pendant you are giving all the Angels named on it a direct invitation to surround your life with their love, friendship & protection.

This miraculous Angelic talisman of Celestial Angelic names and sacred words of creation was revealed to the Master Adept of the Circle of Raphael in a channelled message over 40 years ago, along with a promise that the Angels named on the talisman would view its ownership as a personal invitation to befriend its owner and bless their life with Angelic good fortune, guidance and divine protection. To fulfil their own spiritual destiny, Angels need to give of themselves and aid humankind to reach their highest potential. The moment you receive your talisman of the Seven Archangels you will have on your side seven compassionate Angelic allies whose sole aim is to secure your well-being and happiness by wrapping a blanket of divine Angelic love, protection and good-fortune around your life.

Holy Angelic words, our Adept was told, are the Cosmic glue that keeps the universe in harmony. All creation manifests from a single point and is animated by the same divine holy word. Man, Nature and the Cosmos are therefore interdependent, their relationship governed by the same natural law and the same creative sacred word that in the beginning brought about all creation. Holy Angelic words are the voice of the light and the light is the son of the Creator. All life comes from the union of the divine holy word and the mind. The holy Angelic names and sacred words embedded onto this amazing talisman are what give it the ability to create life enhancing Angelic blessings and good-fortune in the life path of its owner.

This sacred talismanic pendant is made up of seven individual celestial talismans combined into one powerful and highly beneficial Angelic talisman.

The outer circle of our talisman of the Seven Archangels contains the spiritual Cabbalistic holy words of life in the form of the eternal name of the Creator calling on all Seven Archangels to enter the life of the talisman’s owner and surround it with blanket of celestial love and peace.

The inner circle contains the sacred names of the Seven Archangels and respectfully requests all Seven Archangels named on the talisman to befriend its owner and bestow on them the Angelic gifts of good fortune, guidance, happiness, and divine protection.

Sigils Of The 7 Archangels

Each of the seven Archangels are associated with, and have authority over, one of the seven days of the week. Ownership of this miraculous talisman is known to help generate a different Angelic blessing every day of the week, with each Angel directing their positive influence over individual aspects of the owner’s daily life.

The Seven Archangels and their associated blessings and their special day

of the week when they will be most active in bestowing his Angelic blessings.

Starting at the top of the inner circle of your Seven Archangel talisman and working clockwise the names ש פ ך ה תּ כ ו and blessing of each Archangel are as follows:-

ש ZAPHAEL offers the Angelic gifts of True Knowledge, Inner Peace and Happiness. The Angel Zaphael is most active in bestowing his Angelic blessings on Saturday.

פ GABRIEL offers the Angelic gifts of Enhanced Intuition, Tranquillity of Mind and Safe Travel. The Angel Gabriel is most active in bestowing his Angelic blessings on Monday.

ך HANIEL offers the Angelic gifts of Success in all matters involving Love and matters of the Heart. The Angel Haniel is most active in bestowing his Angelic blessings on Friday.

ה RAPHAEL offers the Angelic gifts of Harmony and Peace, Physical and Emotional healing, Financial Security and Protection from all negative forces. The Angel Raphael is most active in bestowing his Angelic blessings on Sunday.

תּ CHAMAEL offers the Angelic gifts of Protection from acts of Violence and War. The Angel Chamael is most active in bestowing his Angelic blessings on Tuesday.

כ ZADKIEL offers the Angelic gifts of Good Fortune in life and in all matters involving Games of Chance. The Angel Zadkiel is most active in bestowing his Angelic blessings on Thursday.

ו MICHAEL offers the Angelic gifts of Success in all ventures involving one’s Career, Work, Business and Commerce, helps in release of fear and doubt, and offers direct support when making life changing decisions. The Angel Michael is most active in bestowing his Angelic blessings on Wednesday.

All our talismans are genuine holy items which have been created by our Adept to act as an Angelic spiritual suit of armour for the wellbeing, good fortune and protection of their owners.

Our Angelic talismans gain their powerful talismanic ability directly from the holy names of the Angelic beings and the highly spiritual Qabalah formulae of sacred celestial words embedded into the metal. It is a well-known truth that mystics, spiritualists and shamans have long regarded the simply act of coming into physical contact with Angelic holy words or any truly holy item, the person will instantly start experiencing beneficial waves of Angelic blessings and good-fortune as a result and will see important aspects of their life change for the better in the blink of an eye.

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We offer this special Angelic talisman in TWO different sizes

Small 16 mm size £33.95

Regular 25 mm size £43.95

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