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All cash flow starts with an invoice, and this invoice template is one of the most basic you can find. Just customize with your company name, date, recipient, and product or service description and cost, and this simple invoice template will calculate the total automatically. Use the included sample invoice to. Simple Service Invoice Create a professional invoice or receipt for your small business using this template provided by Designed for the service industry, this template lets you enter quantity and unit costs for labor or sales. At the bottom of the Skype for Business window, click the Call Forwarding button drop-down, and choose Simultaneously Ring. On the Simultaneously Ring peek, select either: Work to ring both Skype for Business on your computer (through VoIP) and your work phone when a call comes in.


Login - Skype Manager - Skype.

How to download skype

Communications Credits are a convenient way to pay for Phone System and Calling Plans in Microsoft 365 or Office 365. Communication Credits helps ensure that you and your users are never caught without being able to:

  • Dial in to Audio Conferencing meetings using toll-free dial-in phone numbers.

  • Dial out from an Audio Conferencing meeting to add someone else from anywhere in the world.

  • Dial out from an Audio Conferencing meeting to your mobile phone with the Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams app installed.

  • Dial any international phone number when you have a Domestic Calling Plan.

  • Dial out and pay per minute once you have exhausted your monthly minute allotment.


If you're wondering how much it is and the rates, see the rates table on the Calling Plans page.

As admin, you can add funds manually or you can set up auto-recharge, which we recommend.

Skype Billing History

Auto-recharge automatically tops off your balance when it falls below the trigger amount you set. We recommend using auto-recharge so you don't have to remember to add funds manually. When your balance hits the trigger amount, funds are added automatically. If you don't choose auto-recharge, you run the risk of your balance falling below zero. At that point, you and your users won't be able to make toll-free calls or international calls.

You can update your payment options at any time. On the Subscriptions page, select Communications Credits, and make your updates.

Funds will be applied only to Communications Credits at Microsoft's published rates when the services are used. Any funds not used within twelve (12) months of the purchase date will expire and be forfeited.


We'll send you email notifications when funds are added via auto-recharge, when auto-recharge fails (for example, when a credit card expires), and when your balance falls below zero.

For more information, see What are Communications Credits?

Want to know about plans and pricing

You can see the plans and pricing by visiting one of the following links:

You can also see information by signing in to the Microsoft 365 admin center and going to Billing > Subscriptions > Add subscriptions.


To see a table with the license or licenses you will need for each feature, see Microsoft Teams add-on licensing.

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Skype Login Invoices

Tax invoices are not available in real-time and typically take anywhere from 48 hours up to 5 days before they are available for download from the Order detail page.

Skype Invoice

If your region requires tax breakdowns, registration numbers, and invoices or purchase receipts, you'll find them in your Order history.

Sign in to Order history with your Microsoft account. If you have more than one Microsoft account, be sure to sign in to the one used for the order in question.

  1. Find the order in the list and select Order detail. If you don't see your order, select a different time period in the Ordered within dropdown list.

  2. Select Tax invoice.

Skype Vat Invoice

Note: You will only see VAT invoices in countries/regions where the VAT is applied to purchases.