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Swiss Catholic diocese reportedly rejects Pope Francis’ candidates for new bishop (2020): The great religious orders have rules. The Legion of Mary has its handbook, and Opus Dei has 'constitutions'. These commanded (in articles 189,190 and 191) that membership must be hidden - a purely Masonic characteristic. The SSPX have their reservations about Opus Dei; I recall an issue of The Angelus some years ago (maybe 10) containing a very long article attacking Opus on several fronts, which, if I recall correctly, were mostly just a rehash of charges about recruiting methods and St Josemaria's temper made by ODAN and others, and the rather unfortunate.

But, I think the Opus Dei connection with Church Militant might give the SSPX a weapon to fight back with and uncover what the real schemes are with Church Millitant and we can infer the people who pull their strings. The 'personal prelature' could be a situation that has enormous potential power in it.

The Return to the 'Good Old Days of Tradition'

YetSome European Politicians Are Boldly Talking About it!
Brethren - Tradition IS NOTFascism!

Thepurpose of this document is to warn about the deadly error of equating'Tradition' with 'The Good Old Days' (of Hitler and Mussolini), and to showthat the unsuspecting Faithful, as well as average citizens, are falling into that trap.

Last July 4th, 2006, a very significant even took place in the EuropeanParliament when all pan-European political parties, except the PopularParty, condemned Spain's General Franco and hisdictatorship during a plenary debate.
Maciej Marian Giertych, a Polish non-attached MEP from the LeagueofPolish Families, a ruling coalition party in Poland, praised theSpanishright-wing powers and in particular general Francisco Franco forstopping the spread of communism to western Europe in the first half ofthe 20th century.
'The presence of such personalities as Franco, Salazar or DeValera inEuropean politics guaranteed Europe's perseverance of traditionalvalues. We lack such men of action these days,' said the Polishdeputy.
'Let's not forget that Nazism in Germany and fascism in Italy were alsospiced up by socialist and atheist taste,' Mr. Giertych added.
His speech was followed by a furious outcry from the German socialistleader Martin Schultz.
'What we have just heard is Mr. Franco's ghost. It was a fascist speechand such a statement has no place in the European Parliament,' said Mr.Schultz. (1)

INTRODUCTION byThe M+G+R Foundation
Weshared the news of that very disturbing event in the EuropeanParliament with some of ourreaders while adding a few pertinent commentaries to the effect such as:
Francowas a (subservient) ally of Hitler
Duringthe Spanish Civil War Nazi Germany'practiced' its air force fire power in Guernica, Spain-- astronghold ofthe opposition to Franco.
Opus Dei was a strong supporter ofthe fanatically Catholic FrancoRegime until Franco had to stop the Imperial Aspirations ofEscrivá.
But now, Opus Dei's Giertych invokesthe 'socialist and atheist'spicing of Germany and Italy under Hitler and Mussolini.Coherence? What coherence? 'Lie, lie and lie some more until people surrender andbelieve your lies.' We are seeing (and hearing!) this right now -every night - on the Spanish TV news.

Oneof the recipients of our mailing sent to us some research dataabout this issue. We, in turn, requested Mr. Lee Penn (2), author of FalseDawnand OpusDei and The DaVinci Code, an expert in thisarea,to correct, edit and enhance what we received so that we could share itwith others. The final result of his efforts follows: thefine work of said group so that we could shareit with our readership and others. It follows:


Conservative Catholic families aresearching for tradition andorthodoxy. Many land in the SSPX, Society of St. Pius the TenthChapels,Opus Dei, or Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) among others. Whilethere is much reverence and piety on display, there is a darker side tothe traditional and conservative movements. Unfortunately, some ofthese groups have become known for some un-American and non-Catholicideologies.
With the internet and numerous conferences,seminars and pilgrimages around the world, Catholicultra-Traditionalists – numbering as many as 100,000 in the UnitedStates alone – form a global network that is infested with religiousanti-Semites, Holocaust deniers, Old School fascists, whitenationalists, faith-based Third Positionists and anti-democraticclerics.

For greater details Click HereSspx Opus Deito read an article byMike Reynolds, 'Faith-based fascistsbridging the waters.'
Anti-Semitism and Racism
Here's whatRichard Williamson, a bishop of theSociety of St. Pius X (SSPX) wrote last November in response to theMuslim riots in France:
Atthe risk of being called a racist, aNazi, an anti-Semite and Heavenknows what else, let me try to talk a bit of Catholic uncommon senseconcerning the troubles that have broken out in the last few weeks inseveral cities in France.... Thewill of God for men on earth is thatCatholic save Jew, that the man free look after the bondsman and thatthe man be head of the woman.So when the white men give up on saving Jews,looking after other races and leading their womenfolk, it is altogethernormal for them to be punished respectively by the domination of Jewishfinance, by the refusal to follow of the non-white races and by rampantfeminism… In chronological order, before Christ, nobody in their senseswould have dreamt of denying the inequality of different races, classesand sexes.

For greater details Click Hereto read Williamson'sessay, 'Denial of Christ Creates Chaos'
The SSPXaffinityfor fascism has led its followers to harbor fugitive a Nazi warcriminal - as mainstream churchmen had also done.
Paul Touvier the convicted Nazi wasdiscovered hiding in an SSPX monastery in Nice, France. It was revealedthat until his arrest, he received a monthly stipendfrom the Secours Catholique, a French Catholic charity.
A writer for anSSPX magazine in Canada offered this excuse for the movement's aid tothe fugitive:
'Despite the factthat most newspapers made a link between Mr. Touvier and the Society,there was in fact no connection. It is true he was taken prisoner atour priory, but he was merely let in by the prior as an act of charityto a homeless man. Since Archbishop Lefebvre's father died at the handsof the Nazis in a prison camp, that should be evidence enough that theSociety does not and has not ever condoned the practices of the Nazis.

On theother side of the question, I for one am tired of this Jewishconspiracy to wipe every living former Nazi off the face of the earth.Why don't they just leave them to die in peace? It's been about 45years since World War II and still they hunt them down, as if they wereguilty of ongoing crimes for all those years.'

To read the article, go to this site:TheAngelus - NewsBriefs (Arrest in Priory Reopens Debate on Catholic Aid to Nazis)
For more detailson this particular issue review:
(a) This 1992International HeraldTribune article: Archbishop'sPanel Finds Churchmen Hid War Criminal : French Clergy Aided Fugitive.
(b) article about Touvier, by ClickingHere.
(c) A French-language on-lineencyclopedia which ties the Chevaliers de NotreDame, a French integrist group, to Touvier at Ordredes chevaliers de Notre-Dame - Wikipédia; and
(d) The Order's ownweb page Ordre desChevaliers de Notre Dame.

A Dominican writer confirms the tiesofLefebvre and the SSPX to the extreme right:

Congar has shownLefebvre's links with Action Française.(54)Prominent among hissupporters andfounders have been members ofEurope's old families who feel betrayed by a democratizingChurch. Lefebvre had offered as models of the Catholic Church and stateFranco's Spain, Salazar's Portugal, Galtieri's Argentina and Pinochet'sChile. (55) The last hiding place of Paul Touvier, who was quite recently arrested(circa 1990) and committed to trial for crimes against humanity, was aLefebvrist monastery at Nice.

For greater details ClickHeretoread the article by Anthony Fisher, OP.
The Institute for Historical Review (IHR) - whosestock in trade is Holocaust denial - praised SSPX bishop Williamson inits 1989 newsletter It claimed that that after he spokeat an IHRconference in Quebec in the late 1980s, Williamson was harassed by theCanadian authorities and...

'Jewishgroups, abetted by 'interfaith groups' and the local Catholic hierarchy(Bishop Williamson [Sic] movement is considered schismatic by thecurrentCatholic hierarchy), [who] not merely denounced the bishop but set theRoyal Canadian Mounted Police on his trail, since the interfaith possedeemed the bishop to have violated Canada's 'hate laws' which havealready been applied against James Keegstra and others to good effect.'

For greater details ClickHere to read a June 1995 article from Fidelity Magazine, 'No Ordinary Bishop.'

Opus Deiappears to foster - or tolerate -racism, as well A college student reported what he saw whenhevisited an Opus Dei house on campus:
“The group wasmadeup of upper middleclass to affluent students whowere generally conservative in their politics. What we found sinister(especially since I am Oriental) was that the group included not asingle minority student. Several of the group's student leaders werecloset white-supremacists (several of us managed to get a good look attheir book shelves and were quite shocked to find books with titleslike 'The White Man's Way' and other racist literature right next toThe Way).”

For greater details Click Hereto read the student'saccount.
Distributism: (*)
Other Catholic rightist movementsareresurrecting Catholic-tinged corporatist and authoritarian ideologiesfrom the pre-World War II era.
Searchlight magazine reported in 2004:
“Weintend to pick up where theDistributist, the Solidarist, theCorporatist Catholics of all nations left off before the war, and, Godwilling, to deliver to the world once again the hope of a peaceful andfruitful existence, free from both the excessive power of the state andthe ruthless injustice of an untamed market.”
So stated the Catholic IHS Press onits website launch two years ago. The man behind this enterprise andthese words is John Sharpe, agraduate of the United States Naval Academy, former submarine officerand media spokesman for the Atlantic Fleet. He is also a radicalCatholic Third Position polemicist with ideological and business tiesto Roberto Fiore’s International Third Position/Forza Nuova network. ...
Sharpe’s parents, John, Sr. andJudith, founded in 1998 their ownTraditional Catholiceffort: “In the Spirit of Chartres” Committee, which sponsorstwo annual events in Phoenix: (a) a “Spirit of Chartres” Pilgrimage,modeledon the annual SSPX event in France; and (b) a Catholic RestorationConference.
These conferences have featured themost extreme of theTraditional Catholic movement: John Vennari, Christopher Ferrara, GerryMatatics, Marian Horvat, Atila Guimarães, Fr. Paul Kramer and,ofcourse, John Sharpe, Jr.
These individuals comprise a coreteam ofconspiracy-mongering proselytizers on a speaking circuit backed by: (a)SSPXadherents; (b) the St. Benedict’s Center in New Hampshire; (c) the USheadquarters for the followers of the late Fr. Francis Feeney, anotorious anti-Semite; and (d) the multimillion-dollar media outreachofFr. Nicholas Gruner, a renegade Canadian priest who runs The FatimaNetwork.
All sell an array of anti-Semitic,Judeo-Masonic Marxistconspiracy books plus the standard Distributist fare of Chesterton andBelloc.
Extremists Vennari, Ferrara,Horvat,the race-baiting E. Michael Jonesand anti-Semitic conspiracist Robert Sungenis are also frequentcontributors to the London Traditionalist Catholic monthly, ChristianOrder, founded by the late Fr. Paul Crane in 1960, a selfdescribed “militant antidote to the secular ‘live and let live’attitude which has brought the Church low”.

For greater details Click Hereto read the rest of theSearchlight story.
[ (*) Distributism:According to distributism, the ownership of the means of productionshould be spread as widely as possible among the populace, rather thanbeing centralized under the control of a few state bureaucrats (someforms of socialism) or a minority of resource-commanding individuals(capitalism).A summary of distributism is found in Chesterton's statement: 'Too muchcapitalism does not mean too many capitalists, but too few capitalists'('The Uses of Diversity', 1921).]

The following speaker's listconfirmsthe just mentioned network of mutual support among Catholic far rightactivists:

John Vennari is regularly speaking atthe 'St. Joseph's Forum', a kindof traveling conference group advertised by 'Catholic Family News' ofwhich he is editor and owned by Fr. Nicholas Gruner. Do note that thelist ofspeakers includes Fr. Gruner and John Sharpe.

For greater details Click Hereto see the list ofspeakers for the March 2006 'St. Joseph's Forum.'
Tradition,Family, and Property (TFP) is anotherextreme right Catholic group that is active worldwide. A criticofTFP's collaboration with the pre 1990 apartheid regime in South Africasays:
'It is in this light thatthe 'tradition' to which TFP payshomageshould be viewed… Above all, it is opposed to any form ofegalitarianism or democracy. It is a ‘tradition’ which is threatenednot only by critiques to the inequitable distribution of wealth, butalso by movements within the present day Church which seek to adaptevangelical work to the modern world.'

For greater details Click Hereto read a 1988 critiqueof TFP by researchers from the University of Natal, Durban, SouthAfrica.
A critic ofOpus Dei says that the founder of Opus Dei was sympathetic to fascism -including the Third Reich:
'Givenall the Fascist ideology in 'The Way', it will not come as asurprise to you to hear that he even had sympathy for Hitler: WladimirFelzmann, an ex-Opus Dei member tells about a talk with Escriva: afterhe (Escriva) insisted that with Hitler's help the Franco Government hassaved Christianity from Communism he added: 'Hitler against the Jews,Hitler against the Slavs, this means Hitler against communism'

For greater details Click Hereto read 'The UnofficialOpus Dei FAQ.'

The founders of IHS Press, a new Catholic publisher thatreprintsthe works of G. K. Chesterton are -- according to other Catholics --tied to far right organizations. An article by ChristopherBlosser,reprinted on the Spero News forum, alleges:
Sspx Opus Dei
InSeptember 2001, John Sharpe and Derek Holland founded IHS Press, itsstated mission 'to bring back into print the classics of last centuryon the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church.'Thefounders have been interviewed by by ZenitNews, and have been commended by the New Oxford for their publication of out-of-print books.In addition to its promotion of traditional Catholic works, IHS Presshas, through its 'Sheffield Hallam University Press' imprint, published several books on economic socialism, including study of the controversial publisher AlfredRichard Orange and Gary Taylor's Socialismand Christianity: The Politics of the Church Socialist League-- a study of late 19th, early 20th century Christian socialism inEngland which challenges the notion that 'socialism isanti-Christian'. ...
In December2005, journalist Matthew Anger launched a blog called Fringe Watch, its primary aim 'a study on the Third Positionist neo-fascistinfiltration of conservative/traditional Catholic circles.' Angerrecorded his investigations on his blog into such controversial figuresas Bishop Williamson (SSPX), Fr. Leonard Feeney (1897-1978), and IHSPress founders Sharpe and Holland. ...

Sharpe is a graduate of the UnitedStates Naval Academy, a formersubmarine officer and media spokesman for the Atlantic Fleet, and hasties to Legion of St. Louis. The Legion of St. Louis is atraditionalist website which peddles anti-Semitic/anti-Judaicliterature such as Henry Ford's InternationalJew, A.K. Chesterton's TheNew Unhappy Lords (whatAnger describes as 'the Mein Kampf ofBritish neo-fascism by A. K. Chesterton, founder the racialist NationalFront') and Judaism's Strange Godsby Holocaust-revisionist and'white-separatist' Michael Hoffman II.
Sharpe's IHS Pressco-founder is Derek Holland, who appears to be presently going by thename of Deric O'Huallachain. Holland is a former International ThirdPosition (ITP) leader with a sympathy for anti-American Arabgovernments, having traveled to Libya in 1988 in a field trip....
Sspx Opus Dei[A Wikipediaentry reports that... ]Hollandhas received considerable treatment in works on European extremistnationalism, including Fascism: AHistory by Roger Eatwell (1997) and Black Sun: Aryan Cults, EsotericNazism and the Politics of Identity byNicholas Goodrick-Clarke (2002). Holland’s writings on the PoliticalSoldier are also featured in Fascism:A Reader published by OxfordUniversity Press (1995).

[SSPX bishop
] Richard Williamson also has a history ofextremist views that mirror those of Sharpe and Derek Holland. While itappears that the publishers' description of Williamson, Chojnowski andMcCann could be construed as a willful attempt to conceal theircontroversial membership in the SSPX, we should also note that,according to Matt Anger, “whether one agrees with the SSPX or not, itis clear that Bishop Williamson has been an extremist and divisiveforce in Catholic tradition,” and that many within the SSPX remainseverely critical of Richard Williamson’s relationship with Sharpe,Holland, and their involvement in neo-fascism.
For greater detail ClickHereto read Blosser's entirearticle about the founders of IHS Press. Also, goHereto read Blosser'sfindings about the neo-fascist politics of SSPX bishop RichardWilliamson.
In conclusion, while afaçade ofholiness may last momentarily, further investigation should always beundertaken when dealing with non-mainstream Catholic organizations. Alabel of “Traditional or Conservative Catholic” is no guarantee of acommunity that holds true values, beliefs, and practices. Politics havebeen intertwined with the Faith as taught by Christ as far back asConstantine. Sadly, few of this generation understand this. Worseyet, many have been victims of revisionist history both within andoutside of the church. Few understand what fascism means - and itis even being touted by those who desire a 'Catholic'monarchy. These days due diligence is necessary before joining anygroup especially those making claims for the state and finaldisposition of your soul.


Opus Dei Pronunciation

Is Catholic social teachingleading to revolution?
Could thequest for Catholic order and therestoration of 'Christendom' lead to - or justify - a revolutionagainst the present international order of political and economicliberalism? Such might be the implication of CatholicSocial Ethics,a recently publicized series of lectures supposedly writtenin 1953-1954 by Karol Wojtyla, almost 25 years before he becamePopeJohn Paul II. As the National Catholic Reporter (NCR) summarizedthedocument:Opus
[From unpublished work by John PaulIIwe read that:] “In line with patristic traditions andthe centuries-old practice of monastic life, the church itselfacknowledges the ideal of communism. But it believes, given the currentstate of human nature, that the general implementation of this ideal --while protecting the human person's complete freedom -- facesinsurmountable difficulties.”
This does not, however, invalidatethe use of struggle to change the social and economic order, he writes.Since human beings are endowed with free will, they are able to “choosespiritual goodness.” Yetviolent upheavals can be ethicallyjustified as a means of resisting unjust rulers, and as “the supremepenalty for concrete guilt and crimes in the sphere of socioeconomiclife.”

Catholicism cannot “agree withmaterialism” orthe “primacy of economics,” Wojtyla writes. But it recognizes that“various facts and historical processes” are economically determined.“In a well organized society, orientated to the common good, classconflicts are solved peacefully through reforms. But statesthat base their order on individualistic liberalism are not suchsocieties. So when an exploited class fails to receive in a peacefulway the share of the common good to which it has a right, it has tofollow a different path.”
“Classstruggle should gain strength inproportion to the resistance it faces from economically privilegedclasses, so the systemic social situation will mature under thispressure to the appropriate forms and transitions,” Wojtyla continues.
“Guidedby a just evaluation of historical events, the church should view thecause of revolution with an awareness of the ethical evil in factors ofthe economic and social regime, and in the political system, thatgenerates the need for a radical reaction. It can be accepted that themajority of people who took part in revolutions -- even bloody ones --were acting on the basis of internal convictions, and thus inaccordance with conscience.”

For greater detail ClickHere to read the National Catholic Reporter article.


This above analysiscould be used as a Catholic basis for anti-capitalist uprisings. Suchrisings could be communist - or they could be fascist, given fascists'hatred of individualism, political liberalism, and unrestrictedcapitalism.
The Opus Dei priest Fr. JohnMcCloskeyprovided a view of why a Catholic-inspired revolution might occur, inhis futuristic look back from 2030:

In retrospect, thegreat battles over thelast 30 years over the fundamental issues of the sanctity of marriage,the rights of parents, and the sacredness of human life have been ofenormous help in renewing the Church and to some extent, society. Wefinally received as a gift from God what had been missing from ourecclesial experience these 250 years in North America -- a strongpersecution that was a true purification for our 'sick society.' Thetens of thousands of martyrs and confessors for the Faith in NorthAmerica were indeed the 'seed of the Church' as they were in pre-Edictof Milan Christianity. The final short and relatively bloodlessconflict produced our Regional States of North America. The outcome wasby no means an ideal solution but it does allow Christians to live instates that recognize the natural law and divine Revelation, the rightof free practice of religion, and laws on marriage, family, and lifethat reflect the primacy of our Faith. With time and the reality of theever-decreasing population of the states that worship at the altar of'the culture of death,' perhaps we will be able to reunite and fulfillthe Founding Fathers of the old United States dream to be 'a shiningcity on a hill.'
Read McCloskey's entire story at this site: 2030:Looking Backwards. And note that as McCloskey explained to the Boston Globe in 2003, hethinks that violence may be inevitable to put America back onthe righttrack. As the Globe's writer Charles Pierce reported:
[McCloskey] is talkingabout a futuristic essay he wrote that rosily describes the aftermathof a 'relatively bloodless' civil war that resulted in a CatholicChurch purified of all dissent and the religious dismemberment of theUnited States of America.

'There's two questions there,' says the Rev.C. John McCloskey 3d, smiling. He's something of a ringer for HowardDean -- a comparison he resists, also with a smile -- a little moreslender than the presidential candidate, perhaps, but no less fervent.'One is, Do I think it would be better that way? No. Do I think it'spossible? Do I think it's possible for someone who believes inthe sanctity of marriage, the sanctity of life, the sanctity of family,over a period of time to choose to survive with people who think it'sOK to kill women and children or for -- quote -- homosexual couples toexist and be recognized?

'No, I don't think that's possible,'he says. 'I don't know how it's going to work itself out, but I knowit's not possible, and my hope and prayer is that it does not end inviolence. But, unfortunately, in the past, these types of things havetended to end this way.

'If American Catholics feel that's troubling, let them. I don'tfeel it's troubling at all.'

Such is the polite face of Catholicneo-fascism in the 21st century.

May God have Mercy on His Elect- we pray!

(1) A NewsReportof Event
(2) A biographical sketch ofMr. Lee Penn

Published on July 22, 2006- Feast of Mary, Mother ofMercy - EuropeanUnion
Copyright 2006 by The M+G+R Foundation. Allrights reserved.


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