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Google does offer quite a few customization options in Drive File Stream. By default, the File Drive Stream app is represented by a G letter in the File manager. You can change it to X or some. On your computer, go to In the box marked 'Search Drive,' click the Down arrow. In the box marked 'Type,' click Videos. There is a way to play videos in drive itself without downloading them to PC. When you hit the play button of the video in the drive sometimes it plays and sometimes.

Drive for desktop comes packaged with Google Update (Windows) or Google Software Update (Mac) to auto-update Drive for desktop on your users’ computers. To turn off auto-updates, depending on your user's device and system, follow the steps at Configure auto-updates (Windows) or Manage Chrome updates (CBCM). If you have problems installing Drive for desktop, restart the computer where you're.

For fans of ZDancer Liz: as much as you may enjoy her live zoom classes and/or recordings on your devices, doing them on a large TV screen whenever you want is awesome! 10 video files for $10 a month is a great offer and I am very thankful to have known about this deal from its first month of March which is now no longer available to new subscribers. I recommend downloading the monthly files from Liz's Google drive before they are replaced at the end of each month.

If you are using a laptop to play a video and do not have a mobile device like a smart phone, the easiest method to stream a video to your dumb HDTV is with an HDMI cable. There are several devices that will enable wireless options, 2 of which I own. You can cast video files and videos on streaming sites, including Google Drive from a laptop to a Chromecast or even mirror your laptop screen but results will depend on many factors. The ROKU can play some downloaded media files with its media player (still cannot figure out why some files show up and others do not). I do not like the results of mirroring on a ROKU and do not like using servers like Play On or Plex to host video files

To access videos stored on Google Drive and stream them to a dumb TV from an android mobile device without a cable, I use either a ROKU or a Chromecast. I strongly recommend getting the Web Video Caster app on the mobile device. Most videos just seem to stream better from my android phone with Web Video Caster to either the Chromecast or the ROKU.

I open the Google Drive app on the mobile device to access the video folder and copy its link using the drop down menu in the upper right corner. Then for Chromecast, I open either the Web Video Caster browser app or Chrome browser ( the video plays better on the Web Video Caster app). If using a ROKU, I open the Web Video Caster app. Then I paste the link address into the url address bar of the browser by pressing the url address area till paste comes up as an option. You can then save the folder or any videos to your home screen or bookmark them for future access. (I did pay $3.99 to Web Video Caster to have more options and no ads.)

Alternative method:

If you have the link in an email, open the emailed link on your mobile device and copy that link and paste it using the appropriate browser.

If you want to be independent of Google Drive and have your own downloaded copy of a video file, you can download any file to your mobile device or pc from Google Drive. You can play or stream the file from your pc or you can download the file to a laptop and transfer the file to a phone to stream the file. For ROKU, you can use the ROKU phone app to play the file. For Chrome, I prefer playing the video on my phone with VLC and under playback, render it with Chromecast. (I also prefer this method when playing a file on my laptop). Web Video Caster can also play video files stored on your phone with either of the devices. WVC enables downloading of streamed video into a ts file

I have a sd card on my android phone and download the files to it because my phone has limited internal storage. .

The above post is to help others who have subscribed to the monthly ZDancerLiz ZOOM recordings which are my favorite current source of MUving. liz



Streaming video google drive link easy and unlimited. Get link stream for google drive link unlimited views with Stream3s api. Embed or get direct link video and play in your website.

Google Drive File Stream Desktop


Short code:
[STREAM3S_EMBED url=”YOUR_GOOGLE_DRIVE_LINK” width=”100%” height=”300px”]

Get link functions:
stream3s_get_embed_stream($video_url) : Get embed link your video
stream3s_get_direct_stream($video_url) : Get direct link your video (multi qualities)


  • Upload or download from plugin to your blog, activate it.
  • Register and get api key.
  • Add api key to you website.
  • Using short code or function get embed or driect link your videos.


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