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Tableau Desktop 10.4

MicroStrategy Web2019


The MicroStrategy Dataset Connector is an out‑of‑the box feature that allows you to fetch data from reports or cubes that reside in MicroStrategy projects into Tableau Public (also known as Tableau Desktop). You can import datasets with up to four million rows and 30+ columns.

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Tableau 10.4

All users attempting to the Tableau connector in MicroStrategy 2019 Update 2 must be assigned the Use Application Tableau privilege, directly or as part of a User Group or Security Role. This privilege can be found in the Client-Application-Tableau privilege group.

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Tableau Public 10.4 or later is needed.


Tableau Desktop 10.4.11

10.2Tableau Desktop 10.4

Tableau Desktop 10.4 Download

  1. Open Tableau Desktop Public Edition. Under Connect, click Web Data Connector.

    If it is not there, click More > Web Data Connector.

  2. Enter the following URL: https://<MSTR Domain>/CommunityConnectors/mstr/

    If the connector does not automatically detect Tableau, add the query ?mode=tableau to the end of the URL and refresh your browser.

  3. Enter your API Server URL and environment credentials.

    Your REST API URL is your environment URL with /MicroStrategyLibrary/ added at the end.

    In versions before MicroStrategy 2019 Update 3, the Tableau connector automatically added ?mode=tableau at the end of the URL. It is no longer necessary.

  4. Click Connect
  5. Select the dataset you want to import.
  6. Select the attributes, metrics, and filters to include.
  7. Click Data Preview to preview your data.
  8. Click Submit.
  9. Click Update Now or Automatically Update to finish importing your dataset into Tableau.