Tableau Log Viewer Download

Tableau Log Viewer Download

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Support for more dashboard extensions


The easiest and safest way to gather and view server log files is to create a log archive, which is a zipped collection of logs from all nodes in a cluster. If you think you may need old logs for any reason, for example, to compare with new logs after doing an upgrade, or to send to Tableau Support when troubleshooting a server issue, create a. With Tableau Reader. Tableau Viewer Looking for Tableau Viewer instead? Tableau Viewer is the new Tableau role designed to help scale analytics to all corners of your organisation. Learn about Tableau Viewer. Free to use and fully interactive.

Parameter Actions, Date Updater, Data-Driven Parameters, and Semiotic Hierarchy dashboard extensions are now supported on Tableau Public. See all of the extensions supported on Tableau Public in the Extension Gallery.


Web authoring on Tableau Public (beta)

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Tableau Log Files

Create new visualizations on Tableau Public right from a browser. With web authoring in beta on Tableau Public, you can connect to data in Excel and text-based files including CSV, JSON, PDF, Spatial files, Statistical files, Tableau Data Extracts, and Hyper Extracts.