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In this section I’ll walk you through how to publish your viz from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Public.

Tableau Public is a free platform that allows the Tableau Community to connect and grow, empowering people of all skill levels across disciplines and geographies to create, share, and discover the most important public data stories of our time. With over 1 million authors and the world’s largest repository of interactive data visualizations. How-to videos on the Tableau Public website. Tableau eLearning, web-based, interactive training where you can learn at your own pace. In this unit we go over the basics of building a viz and what you can do with it. After opening either version of the Tableau Desktop app, the first step is to connect to your data.

Once you’ve completed your dashboard, follow these steps:

- Server, Tableau Public, Save to Tableau Public As


*You may be prompted to log into your Tableau Public profile first if this is your first time publishing.

Next, fill out the title you want your viz to have and click “save”. Next you may see a message like this:

This message means that your connection to the Sample-Superstore data set is a live connection. Tableau Public cannot host live connections, so you’ll need to convert your connection to an extract (like a frozen screenshot of your data).

Go to one of your worksheets and follow these steps:

Tableau public live database

- Right click “Sample-Superstore” at the top left corner and select Extract Data

Hit extract again and return to your dashboard to follow the steps to publishing it again. Once you hit Save, you’ll be taken to your Tableau Public page.


Here you see that my dashboard has been published. It is greyed out because I automatically set my vizzes to “hidden”. You can choose to do this or not by going to your settings page. I do this because if your viz isn’t hidden it will appear on your follower’s activity feed even if you delete it later. If you set it to automatically hide itself, you can edit it in the browser until you’re ready to unhide it by clicking the little eye icon.

Tableau Public Live Data


The ability to add a time stamp to a view in a dashboard to show when the extract was created or refreshed can be done, but the Data Update Time value depends on the type of connection:
  • Extract-based connections display the last time the extract was refreshed.
  • Live file-based and live database connections display the last time the data source was refreshed in Tableau.
  • When using data blending, the timestamp reflects the update time of the primary data source.
DataNote: The worksheet being used to display the data refresh time will display 'Unknown Update Time' unless there is at least one dimension or measure in the view.

Tableau Public Live Data Download

That being said, here are a couple of suggestions on how to add a time of the last data refresh (a time stamp) to a view in a dashboard.