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The articles in this section help you upgrade an existing installation of Tableau Server on Windows. They describe the recommended steps of planning and testing before actually performing the upgrade. There's information about best practices, and when you're ready to actually perform your upgrade, steps for upgrading a single node server and a multi-node installation. Where possible, we call out possible pitfalls and help you to avoid these.

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  2. Tableau Prep Builder in the browser allows you to prep your data from wherever you have access to a browser, bringing the data prep process into one integrated platform on the web. No need to manage individual desktops, IT admins can now upgrade the server to get everyone in the organization on the latest version.
  3. Apr 06, 2017 Tableau has many versions, want to learn detailed information about each version of Tableau? Check here all the versions of Tableau software. Want to Enrich your Career Potential as a Tableau Developer then Enrol in our 'Tableau Online Certification' Course. Tableau Versions. 2019.2Released May 21, 2019; Tableau 2019.1.

Note: If you are looking for documentation about upgrading to a version earlier than 2018.2.0, go to the main Tableau Help web site(Link opens in a new window) and use the Version dropdown to select the version you are upgrading to, then click the help for that version.

Looking for Tableau Server on Linux? See Upgrade Tableau Server on Linux(Link opens in a new window).

Tableau eLearning is web-based training you can consume at your own pace. Courses are interactive and designed to help you learn Tableau, regardless of skill level. Once verified through our Tableau for Students program, you will receive a code and instructions on how to register at the Tableau. For Tableau Desktop, you can keep two release versions (for example, version 2020.4 and version 2021.1) installed on the same computer. Tableau Prep Builder generally releases a new version every month and upgrading to a newer version may overwrite the existing installed version on your computer.

Choose your upgrade path


Your upgrade steps depend on the version of Tableau Server on Windows you are upgrading from, the version you are upgrading to, and the install location of your existing version. Use the table below to find a link to the steps that apply to your upgrade situation.

Upgrade Type

Note: Special steps are required if you have a pre-TSM version installed in a non-default location and are upgrading to version 2019.4.0 through 2019.4.4 or 2020.1.0 through 2020.1.1.

Current versionUpgrading to versionInstall locationUpgrade procedure

What version are you upgrading from?

If you aren't sure how to find your version, see Determine your Tableau Server version below.

If you do not know where Tableau Server is installed, see Determine your Tableau Server install location below.

Upgrade steps to use

pre-TSM to TSM

10.0 through 2018.1.x

2018.2.0 through 2019.3.x

default location or non-default locationUpgrade from Tableau Server 2018.1.x or Earlier to 2019.3.x (Windows)(Link opens in a new window) (opens 2019.3 Server Help)

2019.4.0 or later

default location Upgrade from Tableau Server 2018.1.x or Earlier (Windows)

2019.4.0 through 2019.4.4
2020.1.0 through 2020.1.1

non-default locationUpgrade from Tableau Server 2018.1.x or Earlier in a Non-Default Location (Windows)

2019.4.5 or later
2020.1.2 or later

default or non-default locationUpgrade from Tableau Server 2018.1.x or Earlier (Windows)

2018.2.x or later

2018.2.x or later

default or non-default locationUpgrading from 2018.2 and Later (Windows)

Determine your Tableau Server version

Tableau Version In 2014

Tableau version download

To see what version of Tableau Server you are running, sign in to Tableau Server and click the information icon ( or ) at the upper right of the Tableau Server window, then click About Tableau Server. Your server version is listed in the About Tableau Server dialog.

Determine your Tableau Server install location

Knowing where your current version of Tableau Server is installed is a key aspect of choosing the right upgrade path. By default Tableau Server versions 2018.1.x or earlier install to C:Program FilesTableauTableau Server<version>. When you uninstall version 2018.1.x or earlier, a backup is automatically created and saved in the data directory. Non-default location installs of Tableau Server version 2018.1.x or earlier use the same location for both the install directory and the data directory. Locate the backup and you have identified both the data directory and the install directory.

Tableau Version Control Git

TableauTableau Version

Tableau Version Control

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