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MS Teams still seem extremely sluggish, mainly when on video or voice calls. That's the #1 complaint in my organization. There has been this uservoice issue open for sometime with 4k upvotes with very little movement. To help us build the best version of Word ever, we have partnered with UserVoice, a third-party service, to create this site to hear your ideas and suggestions. The teams working on Word across all platforms regularly review the ideas and incorporate them into product planning discussions. Microsoft 365 subscriptions include Calling for Microsoft Teams from one Teams app to another Teams app. Making and receiving calls to and from landlines and mobile phones on the public switch telephone network (PSTN) in Teams is available with an add-on like Microsoft 365 Business Voice or is included in Microsoft 365 E5. The engineering team is continuing to work on adding support for multiple accounts on desktop clients. We will first launch support for 1 work/school account and 1 personal account so users can enjoy Teams for work and personal side-by-side. Windows and MacOS. Support for multiple work accounts is still being worked on and will come at a later. But the integration with Teams does not include my flagged emails from outlook - which appear in ToDo, but not in Teams Planner/Tasks. so i still need to open 2 or 3 separate apps to follow up on my tasks instead of doing them all from Teams. so it's not in place. Would be great if this could be fixed.


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UserVoice ( is an online company started in 2007 that many businesses utilize to interact with customers. Microsoft considers UserVoice one of their primary tools to measure customer feedback on different apps and services. Consumers can go to the unique UserVoice pages for Microsoft products, make suggestions for new features, and vote for the ones proposed by others. The internal Microsoft development teams often prioritize the features or recommendations of customers with the highest votes for further development.

When it comes to consumer-facing services, apps and platforms, these are the most useful for Microsoft customers to engage in with the company.

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Teams Uservoice

Teams Uservoice

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