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If you’re a fan of cutting-edge animation, chances are you’ve already watched Amazon Prime Video’s first animated show Undone from the writers behind Bojack Horseman. Now, fans will be pleased to hear that Undone's writer and co-producer, Lee Sung Jin, is involved in a brand new Amazon comedy series called Troll. Real trolls may very well be creating fake accounts to bash unions, whether they’re fans of Amazon as a non-union workplace, or just fans of messing with people on the internet.

‘Trolls’ is an American computer-animated musical comedy movie. It is a testament to how far animated films have come thanks to the advancement in technology. ‘Trolls’ effortlessly combines a gripping narrative with stunning visuals as we see two trolls set out on a journey to save their village from the destruction brought on by Bergens, creatures who eat trolls to remain happy. The movie is based on the Troll dolls created by Thomas Dam.

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Upon release, ‘Trolls’ did particularly well, earning critical acclaim and commercial success. It went on to win an Oscar for the Best Original Song. A sequel to the movie, titled ‘Trolls World Tour‘, is slated to be released in 2020. Naturally, this makes it the perfect time to watch or re-watch ‘Trolls’ and you must be wondering where you can stream the film. We are here to tell you that, but first, let us walk you through the plot of the film.

What is Trolls About?

When we are introduced to the Trolls, we see that they are peace-loving creatures who live in a state of perpetual contentment, dancing, singing and hugging all day long. Unfortunately, they get discovered by the Bergens, large and miserable creatures who are able to feel happiness only after eating a Troll. The Bergens decide to imprison the Trolls, in order to eat them every year on a special occasion called the Trollstice. Led by King Peppy and his daughter, Princess Poppy, the Trolls manage to escape through underground tunnels on the day of the Trollstice. This was the day Prince Gristle Jr. was going to eat his first troll. The prince’s father is enraged and banishes Chef, who promises to hunt down the Trolls herself.

The film moves forward by 20 years and we see Poppy throwing a party to celebrate the escape of the Trolls, ignoring the warning of an egotistical and over-cautious troll called Branch. Branch warns her that a loud party might draw the attention of the Bergens. Branch’s fears come true when Chef sees the fireworks and captures some Trolls. She intends to take them to Bergen Town and overthrow the monarchy as revenge for her banishment. Poppy undertakes a mission to free the kidnapped Trolls on her own, but when she gets into trouble herself, Branch rescues her.

Poppy and Branch witness Creek, Poppy’s crush, being eaten by Gristle Jr., who is now the king. However, Poppy remains hopeful that he is alive. She and Branch reconcile and come up with a plan to not only free the other kidnapped trolls but Creek as well, who turns out to have survived. However, their best-laid plans are wasted when Creek sells them out to the Bergens to avoid being eaten himself. Chef and the other Bergens capture all the Trolls that Creek lures out of hiding. They are put into a pot, meant to be eaten. The Trolls all lose hope, along with Poppy, and turn gray. Branch, who is also dejected, tries to sing for Poppy in order to cheer her up. He also expresses affection towards her. As a result, Poppy gets back her colors and she returns Branch’s affection, as he gets his color back as well. Soon, the two go about helping all the Trolls regain their colors.

Bridget, the scullery maid in charge of guarding the Trolls, bravely tries to sacrifice her own life trying to save them. Poppy notices this and instead of abandoning her, she shows the Bergens that they do not need to eat Trolls in order to be happy. They can find happiness within themselves. Despite there being temporary peace between the Bergens and the Trolls, Chef plans to upset it all. However, she is sent out of town on a serving cart, along with Creek, who happened to be in her pouch. Both Bergens and the Trolls celebrate, with the latter declaring Poppy as their queen. At the end of the movie, we see Chef preparing to eat Creek, but they seem to be on top of a monster who eats them both, instead. ‘Trolls’ is a thoroughly interesting and inspiring movie about finding happiness within ourselves. Now, without further ado, let us tell you where you can watch the movie.

Is Trolls on Netflix?

Netflix has an amazing collection of movies and television shows which sets it apart as a premier content provider. While ‘Trolls’ is not on Netflix, you can check out ‘Trolls: The Beat Goes On!‘, the series, where Queen Poppy tries to keep the peace with the Bergens by inviting them to parties, playing sports and preventing crimes together. It is indeed the next best thing that takes you into the fun-filled world of the Trolls.

Is Trolls on Hulu?

Hulu has a fantastic collection of animated movies and shows. In fact, the platform is always making smart additions to their library, in order to stay ahead of the competition. While ‘Trolls’ is not on Hulu, you can check out ‘Shrek‘, another incredibly adventurous and exciting movie.

Is Trolls on Amazon Prime?


Amazon Prime has an enviable collection of movies and television shows, that is perhaps only bested by Netflix. Although Prime subscribers cannot watch ‘Trolls’ as is, you can purchase and watch the movie on the platform. It costs $9.99. Check it out here.

Where Can I Stream Trolls Online?

No subscriptions to the major platforms? No worries. You can still watch ‘Trolls’. Head over to YouTube or Vudu. It costs $3.99 to rent the movie on both sites. On Vudu, you can buy it for $9.99 while on YouTube you can buy the SD version for $12.99 and the HD version for $14.99. We recommend renting, but if you do want to purchase it, head over to Vudu.

Where Can I Watch Trolls Online For Free?

Sorry freeloaders, but there is no way to stream ‘Trolls’ legally online for free. Moreover, we would like to urge all our readers to pay for all the art that they consume.

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‘Trolls World Tour‘ is the sequel to the popular 2016 film, ‘Trolls.’ The movie comes from DreamWorks Animation and tells us the story of the fantastic discovery, Queen Poppy and Branch make. They find out there are other trolls beyond their tribe. However, the differences must be put aside to present a united front when danger comes knocking. Combining heartfelt storytelling with vibrant visuals, ‘Trolls World Tour’ is a film you simply don’t want to miss. Naturally, you might be wondering where to stream the movie. We have got you covered in that regard. However, let us first walk you through the movie’s plot in brief.

What is Trolls World Tour About?

Poppy and Branch find out there are trolls scattered across the land. They perform different music, mainly Pop, Funk, Classical, Techno, Country, and Rock. Barb, the evil Queen, aided by her father, Thrash, wants to destroy other genres and let rock reign supreme. The idea is to turn everybody into rock zombies. Poppy tries to organize the trolls against the attack, while Branch tries to communicate how he feels about her.

Is Trolls World Tour on Netflix?

Netflix has a fantastic collection of movies and television shows that cater to the tastes of various viewers. While ‘Trolls World Tour’ is not on the platform, you can check out ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,’ which is also about uniting against a common enemy.


Is Trolls World Tour on Hulu?

Hulu stays ahead of the curve with its well-curated content. Naturally, the platform has something for everyone. While ‘Trolls World Tour’ is not Hulu, you can check out ‘Antz‘ a beautiful tale of a neurotic worker who changes place with a soldier, within his colony, to realize his destiny.

Is Trolls World Tour on Disney Plus?

Disney Plus might be a new streaming platform, but the House of Mouse is not short on content. Disney is primarily known for its animated content, so you might be wondering whether ‘Trolls World Tour’ is available on the platform. Unfortunately, since the film is a Universal Pictures production, it can’t be streamed on the Disney platform. But worry not, you can check out a heart-touching tale of adventure ‘Up.’

Is Trolls World Tour on Amazon Prime?

Prime Video Trolls World Tour

Amazon Prime has a vast collection of movies and shows, sourced from all over the world. While Trolls World Tour is not available for free to Amazon Prime members, it available for rent. You can watch by renting the film right here.

Where to Stream Trolls World Tour Online on VOD?

Dreamworks Trolls Games online, free

Prime video trolls world tour

Since ‘Trolls World Tour’ didn’t get a theatrical release due to the Covad-10 crisis, Universal Pictures decided to release it on several video rental or VOD platforms. You can rent and stream ‘Trolls World Tour’ on Amazon Prime, Vudu, FandangoNow, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube and Xfinity. HD and Ultra HD options are available on all these platforms.

Is Trolls World Tour Out on DVD and BluRay?

Unfortunately, ‘Trolls World Tour’ isn’t out on DVD or BluRay yet. One can expect it to release sometime in June 2020.

Where to Stream Trolls World Tour Online For Free?

Unfortunately, you cannot stream ‘Trolls World Tour’ for free. You have to wait till it arrives on a platform with a trial period. Moreover, we encourage you to pay for all the art you consume.

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