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TS Galaxy have finally unveiled their squad and new-look technical team for the 2020/21 DStv Premiership season.

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The Mpumalanga province side are set for their debut campaign in the South African top-flight following the acquisition of Highlands Park's status.

Check out the TS Galaxy squad unveiling in the pictures above

On Sunday the club's president Tim Sukazi introduced his team to the media, supporters and the Ndebele Chieftaincy at King Mabhoko's Cluster Hall in Siyabuswa, KwaNdebele.

TS Galaxy squad for 2020/21

Goalkeepers - Wensten van der Linde, Marlon Heugh, Melusi Buthelezi

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Defenders - Marks Munyai, Tumelo Bodibe, Sefako Matlala, Ebrahim Seedat, Ricardo Williams, Bevan Fransman, Gerald Modisane, Given Msimango, MacBeth Mahlangu

Ts Teams

Ts Teamsystem

Midfielders - Mlungisi Mbunjana, Sihle Nduli, Bathusi Aubaas, Reneilwe Letsholonyane, Nation Ndlovu, Karabo Tshepe, Bulelo Wambi, Simphiwe Mahlangu, Sanele Barns, Shaune Mokgaila, Justice Figuareido, Tshegofatso Nyama, Khayelihle Shozi, Sibongiseni Shelembe, Ethan Brooks, Lindokuhle Mbatha, Scara Phohlongo

Strikers - Wayde Lekay, Ndumiso Xulu, Mxolisi Macuphu, Felix Badenhorst, Chitiya Mususu, Myer Bevan

Technical Team is lined up as follows:
Head Coach: Dan Malesela
Assistant Coach: Zipho Dlangalala
Assistant Coach: Esau Mtsweni
Goalkeeper Coach: Tyron Damons
Video Analyst: Phuphu Mohlaba #Siyadumuza#TheRockets#TSG#DStvPrem#We are here to stay pic.twitter.com/XiEoQ6QWni

— TS Galaxy FC (@TSGALAXYFC) October 18, 2020

Veteran defender Bevan Fransman and former Black Leopards midfielder Karabo Tshepe have been appointed as the two captains by head coach Dan Malesela, who is set to be assisted by Zipho Dlangalala and Esau Mtsweni.

Ts teamspeak

Sukazi told the media: 'Coach Dan is one coach that we come a long way with as TS Galaxy and we have rewritten the history with him. So, therefore, we looked at it and we said, 'What choices do we have?'

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'We didn't have much time to be looking and trying to find a new relationship elsewhere. Then we said perhaps the devil we know could just be better than the devil we don't know.

'We want a coach who understands this club, the history of this club, and most importantly who will play the kind of football that talks to the talent that this country has.

'As TS Galaxy I think our mandate is very clear to us, we have communicated amongst ourselves on what is it that we need to achieve, however, we know that our bar has been set very high.

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'We went to CAF and represented the club proudly as champions, not because we were runners-up [in the Nedbank Cup Final]. So therefore once you have that kind of accomplishment, fortunately or unfortunately the world expects nothing but excellence from you.

'So we are coming out there to compete or to meet that expectation or even to better it. We will come out there and redefine the landscape of South African football.'


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