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Text variables are dynamic text content that can change with context. There are some standard text variables in InDesign that can be used for job-tracking, such as File Name and Modification Date. Custom variables can also be created by users. In this example, I'll create a variable based on a paragraph style to be used as a running footer.

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  • If you are looking to do multiple business cards you are actually better off using InDesign's data merge. I would only recommend using Illustrator's variables if you need to make variable graphs. Indesign's data merge is much more intuitive and user-friendly:
  • MyDataMerge is the missing interface for data merge Indesign users on Mac OSX (only) – user friendly and fast. Set up data merges in seconds from your Excel ® or CSV files. Create QR-Codes on the fly, style merged content, export to custom named files in several formats and more.

InDesign Data Merge for VDP. You can leverage the power of Adobe InDesign's Data Merge tool to create impactful, engaging variable data printed jobs. Following along with two sample projects, you'll learn all about the various levels of variable data printing (VDP), how to properly prepare, sort, and export raw data using Microsoft Excel, merge and update data in InDesign, and export PDFs for digital printing.

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  1. In the Type menu, go to Text Variables and choose Define.

  2. The dialog box shows the standard variables listed on the left. Click Running Header and then click New.

  3. Running Header is a variable that's already set up to be based on a paragraph style. In the next dialog box, it's simply a matter of naming the variable, selecting the paragraph style, and setting the options. Once you have done so, click OK.

  4. The new variable is now listed in the Text Variables dialog box. Click Done.

  5. To use the variable, I've created a text frame on a master page with the text cursor inserted. Go to the Type menu, scroll down to Text Variables, then to Insert Variable, and choose the custom variable.

  6. In the text frame on the master, only the variable name will appear.

  7. On document pages that have text with that paragraph style applied, that text content appears.