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Virgo (August 23 – September 23): Virgo is ruled by the wise and practical Mercury. The color with which Virgo is associated is blue and light blue. Virgo, although it is a sign of Earth, is almost always lost between responsibilities, always trying to discover how to serve and mainly meet the needs of others. Pepe gets his time on the 'big screen' while jealous Virgo is restrained by Miss C. We try to get him to perform for Mary, but he isn't that easy. Sigil for one of the sixteen geomantic figures, for which a multitude of variants (dots, stars, floral devices, etc.) is used in the same four-fold arrangement Albus is linked by AGRIPPA 1531 with the element Water, the planet Mercury, and the zodiacal sign Cancer. Angel Metatron is associated with the sign of “Virgo” and is also referred to as “Metraton’s Cube”. Metraton helps in clearing low energies and healing. It also aids people who are new to spirituality.

Virgo Sigil


Virgo Single 2020

This necklace is a double sided sigil of the zodiac. The virgo aka virginis, according to the alchemist Paracelsus (1493-1541) in the 2nd book of the Archidoxae Magicae. This is a pendant of 2.5cm This sigil of the virgo pendant is a pewter sculpture of my own creation, i create and work the metal.

Aries sigil

Primary Element
Jeweled Court Member: Lord Ruby

Virgo Singles Horoscope Today

Alcohol - Whiskey
Animals -Lizards, Snakes,
Astrology -Aries
Colors -Deep Red, Orange,
Crystals -Citrine, Ruby, Garnet
Emotions -Yearning
Flower -Spider Lily
Fruit -Pomegranate, Strawberries, Raspberries
Herbs -Cinnamon, Dragon’s Blood
Keywords - Hearth, Home, Passion
Meme - Haters Gunna Hate
Metal - Copper
Musical Expression - Saxaphone
Mythical Animal - Dragons
Paint Swatches (Sherwin Williams) -Heartthrob Sw6866
Physical Expression -Heart Beat, Body Heat
Sense - Taste
Symbol -Candle Flame, Torch, Flashlight

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*These are my personal associations for The Elements, I am not looking for critique. You are free to use this for your own stuff, you do not have to ask me if you can use it. YMMV.

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