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Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Your approximiate location is show below, share your exact location to see where you are right now. You can also click on the where am I now button to see your exact location, and display your current location on the map. Additionally you can click on the map or enter an address to find out information about that address.

When it's easy to locate my place from anywhere! This web tool gives you more than just directions! There are buttons to quickly share via text (SMS), Facebook, or any other apps installed on your phone your exact street address, or look up your current address in Google maps to get directions and more easily share with others. What is my address - Check your address right now. WHAT IS MY ADDRESS What is my address, the application allows you to check your current address. Not only that, but the application also gives you your coordinates points and your IP address.


What is FindMyLocation.org?

FindMyLocation.org is a simple location based website which detects your current location and displays it on Google Maps

Once you land on this website, your web browser will ask if you want to share your location with this website. Once you give permission, your current location will display as a red marker on the Google map.

How does it work?

FindMyLocation.org is a web app that uses Geolocation technology to detect your location (latitude and longitude). Geolocation can detect your gps position show your current location on Google Maps.


You can be anywhere in the World, somewhere high up in the mountains, or exploring on holidays, and use FindMyLocation.org to detect your current location.

All you need to do is allow your browser e.g. Chrome, Firefox, to detect your location and FindMyLocation.org will find your coordinates.

How accurate is Geolocation?

The accuracy of web browser geolocation, like the sample you see on this page, can depend of several things. The most common sources of location information are IP address, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MAC address, radio-frequency identification (RFID), Wi-Fi connection location, or device Global Positioning System (GPS) and GSM/CDMA cell IDs. The location is returned with a given accuracy depending on the best location information source available. Browser geolocation can vary based on the quality and stability of these technologies.

What Is My Location Right Now Google

Geolocation is much more accurate for devices with GPS, like iPhone. For information on how to drop a pin on your current location and share go to the iPhone section.

What Is My Address Right Now Google Maps

A browser's HTML5 Geolocation feature along with the Maps JavaScript API is used in our 'Where Am I Right Now' website to find your current location on a map. The latitude and longitude values are used in this API to fetch the details of your current location from HERE or Google maps.

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If you are accessing this website using a desktop computer with Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge, the Geolocation API uses the network routing addresses to estimate your current location. When you are accessing this website using your smart phone (iPhone or Android mobile), the Geolocation API uses the internal GPS device to find your current location on map and give you detailed information: your public IP address, full location address, town, suburb, city, country, district, state, county, zip code, timezone, sunrise, sunset, map coordinates and GPS coordinates. To know the nearby landmarks, hotels, motels, restaurants, parks, hospital, schools, stores, gas stations, malls, building, apartment, mile marker etc., please refer to the map. Your current location shown on this map is not the exact location, it's an estimated result of your location. The returned information for your location address shows how accurate the details of your current location are.

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